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Tue Jan 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Noah Cappe

Wife : Keri West
Noah Cappe married Keri West in 2017.

Noah Cappe is a famous Canadian versatile actor and TV host. He is well known for his work in the Comedy-drama Good Witch and food reality TV show Carnival Eats.

He was born on 27 December 1977 in Toronto, Canada. He is very famous for his other role in The Bachelorette Canada. He played a very famous role as Otis in the comedy movie How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.

Parents Details 

Talking about Cappe's family, his father is Leslie Cappe and his mother is Vivian Chappe.

He is very close to his family, especially with his father Leslie Cappe who loves to cook and is a professional cook in a restaurant. He was inspired by his father to act in the food reality TV shows.

Moreover, he has not revealed any sort of information regarding his mother and her profession as well. 

Physical Appearance

Noah Cappe is a 6 feet 4-inch(192cm) tall guy and his weight is about 77kg. He looks very handsome with his blue eye and brown hair.

A picture of Noah Cappe during morning time(Source: Noah Cappe's Instagram)

He looks very fit and goes to the gym regularly. He is very health conscious. Being an actor he cares a lot about her looks and physical appearance.

About Siblings

Good Witch actor Cappe is from a big family. He has a total of seven siblings, four brothers, and three sisters. Including himself, there are ten members in his family.

Star, Noah was born and raised in Toronto with his seven siblings in Canada which is one of the most developed countries in the present context.

All of his brothers and sisters including him grew up with the love and affection of his parents.

Marital Status

Noah Cappe's marital status is married and he is currently living in a married relationship with his co-actress, Keri West who is also a successful actress. It has been reported that she is also his long-time girlfriend. The beautiful couple meets each other on a trip called Birthright Israel.

Noah Cappe with his wife and daughter (Source: Noah Cappe's Instagram)

Their married journey is very interesting to hear and one of the interesting facts is that they married three times. The first marriage was not actually a marriage rather it was a commitment ceremony. There were only fifty people who attended that wedlock at an art gallery in Toronto.

Moreover, the second marriage was completed in Scotland where they exchanged their vows. The third time they got married officially was on 10 September 2017 and they signed the marriage paper.

Good Witch

Good Witch is a very famous Comedy-drama series acted by Noah as Deputy Derek. He got big fame from this series.

The drama has a total of seven seasons and seventy-five episodes. The first episode of the drama Good Witch is released on 28 February 2015. The series is basically about supernatural power with a lot of comedy.

Catherine Bell, James Denton, Bailee Madison, Kylee Evans, Sarah Power, Marc Bendavid, and Dan Jeannotte are some main stars cast in the drama Good Witch.

About Noah's Wife

Noah Cappe's wife Keri West is also a very famous American series and movie actress well known for the movie Broken Tulips. She worked for a long time as a co-actress with Noah before marriage.

She is very famous for her role as Hannah Geist in the movie Broken Tulips. She played a lot of roles in different movies and some popular movies are August Rush, We Were Soldiers, Free State of Jones, Waitress, and Mission: Impossible III in which she performed a great role. 

A picture of Noah Cappe with his wife Keri West (Source: Noah Cappe's Instagram)

Talking about her social media presence, like her husband Noah she is also quite active on her social media accounts. She has only an Instagram account with more than 2k followers.

Similarly, she frequently posts photos with her cute baby girl. She also posts some pictures and videos related to her profession.

Net Worth

Noah Cappe is earning a decent amount of money from his career as an actor and TV host. But he has not revealed his salary on any social media platforms or media. 

Knowing his career and working profession, his total net worth can be estimated at about $2 million. Knowing his net worth he seems to live in a luxury house and rides an expensive car.

Additionally, we also know about the net worth of his wife Keri West who is also a successful actress. She also earns a lot of money from her profession like her husband. Her total net worth is estimated at about $700 thousand.


The beautiful couple Cappe and West spends more than seventeen years of relationship together. They have not given birth to any children. Although they do not have their own children they adopted a cute girl as their daughter.

Noah Cappe's daughter Wolfie was captured in a photo while eating. (Source: Noah Cappe's Instagram)

The couple adopted their daughter in 2017 and named her Wolfie in 2021. She looks very cute with her dark black eye and cute smile. The couple gives a lot of love and care to her.

Educational Qualifications

Talking about Noah's educational background, he is a very hardworking, well-educated, and well-trained guy. He is very talented in his study since his childhood. 

However his high school information is unknown, he completed his graduation from Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. After completing his graduation, he completed his training and started his professional life.

Carnival Eats

Carnival Eats is a very famous TV series in Canada that is about various eating establishments. Noah is the host of this series and became very famous for this series.

The series has a total of nine seasons and 156 episodes. It is very popular with massive followers. Similarly, the series was first released on 18 August 2018, and still, it is very famous. 

Deep-Fried Snickers, Pizza Cone, Cannoli Dessert Nachos, Deep Fried PB&J Corn in a Cup, Turkey Legs, Deep Fried Cheese Curds, and Cookie Fries are some of the famous food items that are cooked in that series by the contestant.

The Bachelorette Canada

The Bachelorette Canada is a reality television dating game show in Canada which is another top-rated TV show hosted by Cappe. The series is produced by Good Human Productions and the series is basically based on an American series of the same name.

The series has only one season and ten episodes. The first episode of the series was released on 13 September 2016 and the series ended on 22 November 2016. 

Jasmine Lorimer, Kevin Wendt, Mike Ogilvie, Mikhel Sickand, and Chris Kotelmach are the main star cast of the show The Bachelorette Canada.

Social Media

Talking about Noah Cappe's social media presence, he is quite active on his official Instagram account and Twitter account like other celebrities. He frequently posts about his daily life and pictures and videos about her profession. 

Noah Cappe with his daughter Wolfie (Source: Noah Cappe's Instagram)

He has a big mass of followers on his social media. He has more than 24k followers on his Instagram account and more than 6.5k followers on his Twitter account.

Also Active On Facebook

The American TV host Cappe has also an official Facebook page with a big mass of followers. He has more than 9.5k followers on his Facebook page.

Being a TV host he has also a channel on youtube. Although he has a channel, but he is not active on his channel and he has around 1K subscribers and ten videos on his channel.


Noah Cappe has never been in any kind of rumors or controversies. He likes to keep himself away from all the unnecessary attention which is why there are no rumors about him yet. 

He also keeps his personal life private and doesn't share many details about his family and personal life. He is also very humble by nature which makes him a rumor-free personality.

Interesting Facts

  • Cappe is from a big family with seven siblings, four brothers, and three sisters.
  • Talking about his married life, he is married to his co-actress Keri West three times.
  • Cappe has graduated from Forest Hill Collegiate Institute.
  • Carnival Eats, Good Witch, and The Bachelorette Canada are some of Noah's famous TV series and dramas.

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