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Wed Jul 05 2023
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Oliver Mustafa Oz is the only son of retired Cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz. As the son of a renowned personality, Oliver has always been in the spotlight.

So, what does Dr Oz son do? This is one of the most asked questions by people on the Internet about Oliver. So, let's know about the intriguing life of the celebrity son.

Oliver Mustafa Oz Age & Early Life Details

Oliver Mustafa Oz is now in his mid-20s in terms of age. The celebrity son was born on July 2, 1999, in the United States. Oz was raised alongside three siblings by their celebrity parents Dr Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz, an author.

Dr. Oz and his son Oliver Oz riding a bike
Dr. Oz and his son Oliver Oz riding a bike. Source: Instagram @ ooh_liver

Growing up, Oliver did make a lot of memorable experiences with his parents, especially his father. The father-son duo spent time fishing, surfing, and so on. Some of these memories have been captured and shared on Oz's Instagram.

Since childhood, Oliver is fond of fish and loves fishing. Dr Oz son has been fishing since his childhood and has posted the fish he caught on Instagram.

Oliver's Parents Love Life

Olive Mustafa Oz's parents Dr. Mehment Oz and Lisa Oz were high school sweethearts. The romantic partner initially met via their fathers and dated for some time. Lisa and Mehmet got married after their graduation.

Oliver Mustafa Oz's parents Dr Oz and Lisa Oz.
Oliver Mustafa Oz's parents Dr Oz and Lisa Oz. Source: pinterest

Later in 1985, Dr. Oz married his love of life, Lisa. Since then, the husband and wife duo has formed a special bond. Together, the couple has done several works for social welfare.

Oliver Mustafa Oz Education: Following The Footsteps Of Father

Oliver Mustafa Oz is currently a med student at Columbian University. He studies at Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and has pursued medicine. 

Like most sons, Oliver Mustafa has followed in the footsteps of his father. Since childhood, he was fascinated by the work Dr. Oz does. Moreover, Oz wanted to be famous as his father and one day he might achieve this dream.

Oliver Mustafa Oz Relationship Status: Dr. Oz Son Married Or Engaged?

Dr. Oz son is soon to be married. You heard that right! Oliver Mustafa Oz is already engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Katie Flinn. It is only a matter of time before the love birds will walk down the aisle in September 2023.

As eager as the romantic couple, their well-wishers are also awaiting their marriage. Katie and Oliver have been together for many years now and people want to see this beautiful couple in their wedding dress.

Oliver Mustafa Oz and his long-time girlfriend Katie Flinn got engaged in september 2022.
Oliver Mustafa Oz and his long-time girlfriend Katie Flinn got engaged in September 2022. Source: Instagram @ooh_liver

Dr. Oz got engaged with Flinn in a private manner. Only close friends and family were invited to the engagement ceremony. Oliver was wearing a light pink shirt and khaki pants while Katie was in a beautiful white dress.

Although the love birds have not yet disclosed their initial meet, Oliver and Katie are not shy to flaunt their dating life on social media platforms. They have shared glimpses of love life on Instagram.

Oliver Mustafa Oz Net Worth: What Does Dr. Oz Son Do?

Oz is currently a med student and has not dabbled in professional work yet. Oz has mentioned that he is a novice fisherman and farmer in his Instagram bio. 

Oliver Mustafa Oz in his medical uniform. Source: Instagram @ooh_liver

Additionally, there are pictures of Oliver's farm on his Instagram alongside a glimpse of him fishing on Instagram. As there is no clear information on his occupation, Oliver Mustafa Oz's net worth is still under review.

However, the celebrity son is living a comfortable lifestyle with his parent's fortunes. His father, Dr Oz net worth is estimated at around jaw-dropping $200 Million. Yes, Oz belongs to a rich family and one day some of the amount will be inherited by him too.

Dr. Oz Real Estates 

Speaking of real estate, Dr. Oz and his wife owns several properties around the world. The couple is said to own ten houses as well as some land. Most of them are worth millions.

Properties  Worth
New Jersy Mansion  $3 Million
Florida Mansion  $25 Million
Okeechobee County land   $6.5 Million
Two Residental Estates in Turkey  $750k combined

Oliver Mustafa Oz Siblings: Know Dr. Oz Children

As mentioned earlier, Oliver is the only son of the renowned surgeon and TV personality Dr. Oz. But, he is definitely not the only child. In fact, Oliver Mustafa Oz is the youngest of Dr. Oz's four children.

Oliver Mustafa has three sisters named Daphne Oz, Zoe Yasemine Oz, and Abarelle Sezen Oz. Being the only brother Oz has received love from all his three sisters. All of the Oz siblings are well-known due to their family background.

Oliver Mustafa Oz with his three sisters. Source: Instagram @ooh_liver

Daphne Oz is the oldest child of Dr. Oz born on February 17, 1986. She is an American TV Host and chef by profession. Daphne is married to John Jovanovic since 2010 and the married couple has four children together. She usually posts about different recipes on Instagram.

Zoe Yasemin Oz is the chief marketing officer and co-founder at Kairos. She is good at arts and has displayed it on Instagram. She is currently engaged to her long-time boyfriend James Shecter.

Oliver Mustafa Oz kissing his nephew on the cheek
Oliver Mustafa Oz kissing his nephew on the cheek. Source: Instagram @ooh_liver

Similarly, Oliver's other sister Arabella Sezen Oz was born on November 15, 1990. She currently works as a therapist and additionally has 10 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. Inspired by her mother, Arabella also has 4 credits as a writer.

Unlike any of her siblings, Arabella is single and not engaged with anyone. Maybe, she is waiting for a true soul mate who can win her heart. Besides his siblings, Oz also has a special bond with his nieces and nephews.



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