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Fitness Coach and Influencer (1991)

Relationship Timeline Of Olivia Amato

Husband : Daniel Waldron
Olivia Amato married Daniel Waldron in 2022.

Olivia Amato is an American fitness coach who is a top instructor at Peloton Instructor. She is very much in demand by her trainees in Peloton as their toughest trainer. The gorgeous brunette is often called "the cheerful beast" due to her sweet demeanor and challenging routines.

Olivia was born on August 8, 1991, and has always been a New York girl. She thrived in such a multicultural city and has always been athletic. A team player from a young age, Olivia was ever so eager to enjoy the camaraderie and togetherness that came from doing things as a group, so she was involved in teams and played hockey and lacrosse.

Family Background  

Olivia is a Christian, along with her family, who are actually Italian Americans. While she keeps her family details hidden, her parents are alive and well. They are typical New Yorkers and doting parents who have lived in the Manhasset area.

An old photo Of Olivia Amato with her mother and a recent picture of Olivia Amato and her father at her wedding.
An old photo Of Olivia Amato with her mother and a recent picture of Olivia Amato and her father at her wedding. (Source: Facebook and BRIDES)

Olivia's parents are active community members and have been happily married for over thirty years. They prefer to lead a private life and follow their religion. They were very active in her wedding celebrations, and her father walked her down the aisle.

Olivia Amato Had A Grand Ireland Wedding

Olivia Amato married her longtime beau Daniel Waldron in a stunning July wedding at the Adare Manor Hotel in Ireland. The wedding ceremony was held on July 16, 2022, in the presence of friends, family, and her extended Peleton family. 

Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron's Irish wedding.
Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron's Irish wedding. (Source: BRIDES)

At the time of the wedding, Olivia was thirty years of age.  The couple was very transparent about the ceremony and even featured wedding photos in the acclaimed BRIDES magazine, with more to follow on her Facebook. Their celebrations involved Irish traditions and visiting pubs.

The wedding was shot by one of the top American wedding photographers, Sarah Falugo, and planned by the Olivia Buckley International team. Olivia and Daniel's wedding was on a gorgeously decorated church altar, with the theme of New York Glamour meets Charming Galway, Ireland. 

Olivia's Wedding Party Actually Wore White Dresses

In stark contrast to many other brides, Olivia selected Ivory white for her bridal party, which perfectly matched her wedding ring. The bridesmaids and maids of honor all got to pick stunning Ivory dresses for the ceremony. The bride herself wore a one-of-a-kind Mark Ingram custom design white gown.

Olivia Amato with her bridal party.
Olivia Amato with her bridal party. (Source: Facebook)

On the other hand, the groom's party wore white shirts and black tuxedos, with the groom, Daniel, wearing a midnight blue velvet blazer with a shawl collar and black tuxedo pants from his own brand, Alexander Nash.

As a nod to Olivia's group-loving mentality, she did her dress reveal to her bridal party. They and her dog Tobi were very appreciative of her custom white gown. Keeping with the theme, the floral bouquets were white flowers.

Who Is Olivia's Husband, Daniel Waldron?

Olivia Amato is now a married lady, and she goes by the name Olivia Amato Waldron as her husband is Mr. Daniel Waldron. Her husband is an entrepreneur who cofounded his own suit brand, Alexander Nash, in 2010, similar to brand owner Rick Owens. He is currently a finance bro in Wall Street, where Olivia used to work, and is currently a broker.

Daniel was born in Galway, Ireland, with two older brothers, Michael Waldron and Eoin Waldron. He graduated from the University of Galway in 2005 with a degree in  Civil Engineering. He would later get an education in general finance from Baruch College in New York in 2008.

Newlyweds, Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron in Ireland.
Newlyweds Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron, in Ireland. (Source: BRIDES)

Waldron started his career in County Galway, Ireland, as a Graduate Civil Engineer in the construction company SISK Group. After coming to New York in 2006, he worked as a manager in the nightclub Marquee for about three years. 

After getting a finance degree, Daniel joined ICAP and worked as a broker in 2008. Three years later, he job hopped to Tradition Securities and Futures and has been working there for over a decade.

How Did Olivia And Daniel Get Together? Relationship History

The romantic couple Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron met in 2015 through mutual friends and were friends before even dating. At the meeting time, they were with other people and did not really get to know each other. Later the same year, they kept running into each other at parties and events but lost touch for years.

Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron in Ireland.
Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron in Ireland. Source: Facebook

The couple, Daniel and Olivia, were definitely meant to be. They later reconnected as singles and met up for drinks. The pair managed to get engaged in 2021 after dating for a while.  After their fairy tale glamorous wedding in Ireland, they continue their happy life in New York.

What Is Olivia's Net Worth? Salary and Brands

Olivia Amato is reportedly worth $1 million and has an annual salary of more than $500,000 from Peloton, similar to another Peloton instructor, Cody Rigsby. She makes more money from her own external sponsorships.

Olivia Amato during a workout.
Olivia Amato during a workout. (Source: Facebook)

In the past, Olivia has partnered with brands such as Under Armour, Spotify, Reebok, and Pop Sugar, to name a few. She is very much in demand as a senior Peloton instructor and has a very high positive rating in her audience.

Further, Amato has modeled many sporting clothes and gear for brands such as Puma and Spanx. While she often models Peloton gear, she is also available for other brand collaborations.

Educational Qualifications

Olivia went to school at Manhasset High School in New York. This was a top-tier public school district that focused on academics and sports. She later attended Fordham University, a private catholic college, where she graduated with a degree in business and finance in 2014.

Olivia was super active in her school years, very good with numbers, and an active athlete. She was a two-time all-state field hockey player in high school and an all-country track runner. At Fordham university, she was a part of the cheer squad in the 2010-2011 cheer roster. Her cheer team won a national championship.

Olivia Amato during a promo for NY Marathon
Olivia Amato during a promo for NY Marathon. (Source: Facebook)

The current top peloton instructor, Olivia, was so good at her college education that she was awarded a prestigious finance internship and scored a job in wall street right out of university. Her job was in sales and trading, where she also entertained clients.

After leaving finance, Olivia continued to get training to be a proper fitness instructor. She got her spin and boxing certifications after getting a job as a spin coach and boxing trainer. She is a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and an RRCA run coach.

Career Highlights

The top fitness instructor, Olivia, started out as a Wall Street trader and sales employee. She worked twelve-hour days and made good money but ended up dreading going to work. One of the positives in her life was going to workouts with her clients. She had an Equinox membership and found great joy in the workouts.

After quitting her job as a trader, Olivia quickly got a job as a spin instructor and a boxing teacher and even registered as a Wilhelmina Model. Her past experience as an athlete and cheerleader was quite a plus. She began to lead workouts and felt great in her new lifestyle.

One of Olivia's new clients was Peloton instructor Rebecca Kennedy, who was really impressed by her spin classes. Kennedy invited her to audition for Peloton, and the rest is history. Olivia is now an amazing asset to Peloton, boosted by her cheerful demeanor and competitive streak.

I like to lead by example. By staying with you throughout class, I can show you that sometimes, all it takes is getting out of your own way to accomplish your goals. You’re going to love the way you feel when we’re done!

As a fitness instructor for Peloton, Olivia has gotten amazing opportunities for sponsorships and collaborations with brands such as  Athletic Greens and Nuun. She is always in demand by her audience and is an amazing positive figure.

Olivia Is A Dog Lover

The certified physical instructor Olivia has a lovely dog named Tobi, who appears to be a Goldendoodle. He is a regular feature on her social media and was even in her wedding pictures.

Olivia Amato with her dog, Tobi.
Olivia Amato with her dog, Tobi. (Source: Facebook)

Tobi came into Olivia's life in 2018 and is cherished by the lady. She talked him out for walks on the pier and the beach. Whenever she is traveling, she always brings Tobi along.

Personal Interests

RRCA run coach Olivia is a very active person who has many hobbies. She adores reading books and listening to audiobooks. One book she has mentioned is Jen Sincero's You Are a Badass. She also listens to podcasts by Brené Brown, among others.

Olivia has played sports such as hockey, lacrosse, and cycling. She is even active in boxing and track. Olivia loves flowers and has a favorite floral bouquet with Sunflowers, Baby's Breath, and Ruscus, which she debuted for 2022 mental health day.

Olivia loves plants and spending time with her family. As a personal cosmetics user, she is fashion-conscious and loves different lip colors. She also spends a lot of time outdoors and walks with her adorable pup.

Physical Appearance: What Is The Height of Olivia Amato?

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) in height, Olivia packs a lot of energy in her petite frame. Her body measurements are 34-26-36 inches. Her figure is toned and slim, and she shows visible abs.

Olivia Amato in Peloton gear.
Olivia Amato in Peloton gear. Source: HOLR magazine

Olivia Amato has gorgeous features, including stunning blue eyes that she highlights with fierce brows and eyelash extensions. A natural brunette, she often experiments with her hair and tries new colors and styles.

Diet & Daily Routine 

Olivia is an intuitive eater and does not follow a specific diet plan but balances out her portions and eats according to her body. She eats less in the mornings if she has to go out with friends for meals during the day. Her food motto is "Everything in Moderation."

Also, Olivia does not eat dairy or gluten. She does drink a lot of green juices and takes hydration supplements in the mornings. As a lifestyle choice, Olivia never presses snooze on her morning alarms; she always tries to put her feet on the ground as soon as the alarm rings.

Peloton Appreciation And Family

Oliva has been featured in many advertisements and projects as part of the Peloton family. She has done product placements for the company and collaborated with multiple celebrities, such as Joe Jonas.

As a strength, tread, and spin instructor, Olivia is a valued member of the Peloton family. The online Peloton community members even publicly appreciated her for her kickass manner and professionalism in the Peloton subreddit. Her core and tread classes are much appreciated and in demand, along with her "haunting" laugh.

Bride Olivia Amato with members of her Peloton Family.
Bride Olivia Amato with members of her Peloton Family. (Source: BRIDES)

As a member of the topic circle in Peloton, Oliva has great relationships with her coworkers. They even came to her wedding in Ireland and were dressed to the nines. She has great relationships with Ally Love, Robin Arzón, Aditi Shah, and Christine D'Ercole, to name a few. 

Olivia's Instructor page on the Peloton site is super user-friendly and up-to-date. They have collaborated together since 2018, and it has been a very uplifting experience for all of them. 

Social Media Presence

Olivia is an active entrepreneur and knows how to make the internet work in her favor. She even has her own website oliviaamato.com which gets thousands of views and shows off her portfolio and achievements.

Olivia is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her Facebook page, Olivia Amato - Peloton, has about 75K followers, and she posts there quite often. It is a great platform for her to connect with clients and spread her brand. She even posted her wedding photos on Facebook and showed off her collaborations in 2022. 

Similarly, Olivia's Twitter handle, @OliviaAmatoNYC, which has 27.6K Followers, is quite gentle and often posts her random thoughts and sponsorships. On Instagram, Olivia's handle @oliviaamato is quite candid, sharing snaps of her life and pet. She shares holiday moments and brunches with her 432K followers. 


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