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Fri Aug 11 2023
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Olivia Darin was born in 2001, in Los Angeles, USA. She is the granddaughter of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee and the daughter of Dodd Darin and Audrey Tannenbaum

When Olivia was 12-year-old she took part in the play. She also enjoys dancing and she was also on two different dance teams. She has taken acting classes and has also done modeling in fashion shows.

Who were Olivia Darin's Grandparents?

Olivia Darin's grandparents Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee were America's darlings during the last part of the 1950s and mid-60s. Darin and Dee initially met in 1960 while shooting the movie in Italy. 

Photo of Olivia Darin wearing a black cap with blond hair
Photo of Olivia Darin (source: Instagram @oliviardarin)

And although the couple was only married for six years, they stayed close later in their 1967 separation, until Bobby died due to a heart medical procedure in 1973 at age 37.

On Olivia Darin's father

Olivia's father Mitchell Dodd Darin is a famous entertainer from America. Dodd was born on Dec 16, 1961, in Los Angeles, California, United States Of America. 

Olivia Darin's father, Dodd Darin, as a child was photographed with his parents in the 60s.
Olivia Darin's father, Dodd Darin, as a child was photographed with his parents in the 60s. Source: Instagram

On June 5, 1993, Olivia's father, Dodd married Audrey Tannenbaum. They have two daughters Olivia Darin and Alexa Rose Darin. 

Olivia's father is a famous American entertainer, actor, artist, author, and producer. His main source of income is acting. The net worth of Dood Darin is $ 2 million.

Olivia Darin: Intrest And Passion

Olivia has also seen some of her grandmother’s movies and one of her favorites is Gidget. And she has listened to her grandfather’s music. She thinks she looks like her grandma. 

She likes to listen to pop music and older music. And she likes Britney Spears and the Beatles. Her sister Alexa also listens to a variety of music. She also likes to take on a modeling or acting career.

Is Olivia Darin In a Relationship?

The Celebrity daughter, Olivia Darin, doesn't seem to be in a relationship. Yes, Olivia, who is in her early 20s, is single. While Darin is open about her life with her followers on social media, she keeps her love life hidden from the world.

Olivia Darin took a selfie in her car.
Olivia Darin took a selfie in her car. (source: Instagram @oliviardarin)

With thousands of people following her, Olivia manages to keep her personal life hidden from the public. Similarly, Darin never talked about her ex-boyfriends. As such, Dodd Darin's daughter keeps her past relationships hidden.

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