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Actress (1994)
Thu Nov 10 2022
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Olivia Macklin is an American actress known for her work in the movie Young Pope which came out in 2016. Born on March 16, 1994, Olivia is from the United States. She was born in the suburbs of Glencoe, located in Illinois.  

Olivia has a pure white Caucasian background and follows the practices of Christianity. She is also an entrepreneur and a social media influencer. She is also known for her role as Claire in the film Pretty Smart, which became popular after its release last year. 

Benjamin Levy Aguilar & Olivia Macklin Relationship:

Olivia Macklin and her boyfriend
Olivia Macklin and her boyfriend Benjamin Levy Aguilar. Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

Olivia is currently in a relationship with Benjamin Levy Aguilar. Though she never officially announced her relationship with Benjamin, she keeps making posts together with Benjamin and captions as "my love". 

Olivia Macklin
Olivia Macklin commenting on her post and referring to Benjamin as her love. Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

If it wasn't for her captions, no one would have suspected their relationship. And though the fans are fine with her relationship, they are still waiting for her to officially confirm this relationship. 

A Quick Tour At Olivia's Boyfriend Benjamin Levy Aguilar:

Benjamin Levy Aguilar is also an actor from Guatemala who came to recognition after his role, Torres in the popular American Drama Series Chicago P.D. which came out in 2014.  

Olivia Macklin with her boyfriend
Olivia Macklin with her boyfriend Benjamin Levy Aguilar. Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

The actor is also a trained martial artist who trained in KravMaga and Israeli Military tactics. He states that while filming the series, he had to re-learn the techniques to make it look more authentic Chicago officer. 

Benjamin also uses Instagram under the username @benjaminlevyaguilar with over 74.4k followers. The actor is also available on Twitter under the username @benlevyaguilar and has a little over 1k followers. 

What Happened To Olivia's Marriage with Harry Hill?

Before Olivia was together with Benjamin, she was said to have married a guy named  Harry Hill. This news surfaced after she put her Facebook status as married. However, she never said anything about the topic afterward. 

As far as it seems, the couple was indeed in a relationship. However, they were just engaged and never married. As mentioned, she never announced the news of her getting married. And the status could have been just in the heat of a moment. 

Height & Weight Of Olivia Macklin 

Pretty Smart beautiful actress Olivia stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her height is above the national average by 3 inches. No wonder, Olivia is a successful cast of the film and it will be no surprise if she ever decides to enter the modeling industry. 

Olivia Macklin
A picture of Olivia Macklin. Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

According to the sources, even with her towering height, Olivia surprisingly weighs just around 57 kilograms. Moreover, her features are strong and she does not look petite in any way.  

Net Worth Of Olivia Macklin

The pretty actress Olivia has a beginner career in acting. Though she may have many movie credits, she has not been able to land a major role that could be her breakthrough career. Even with her supporting character in the films, she has been able to earn quite a sum of money. 

Olivia Macklin
Olivia Macklin chilling in a restaurant. Source: Facebook

The Young Pope actress Olivia Macklin is estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $800 thousand. The figure is undeniably pretty impressive. Moreover, she is a talented actress whose career is yet to bloom. 

Social Media Handles 

Olivia is also a social media influencer with beauty and wisdom. She is known to be a beauty with a brain that makes the right use of social media. She shares the moments of daily life and connects with her fans and speaks on the topics that need to be voiced out. 

Olivia Macklin
Olivia Macklin.Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

On Instagram, she uses an account under her full name; @olivialeighmacklin. On the account, she has over 41.2k followers. She also used to have an account on Facebook. However, it looks like she does not use the platform anymore. 

Olivia's Expressed Love For Her Acting Profession:

Pretty Smart on boards

Olivia presents fresh and passionate expressions in her acting with her years of love for the art form. Once Olivia revealed that she has been loving acting ever since she knew. Her love for acting was always there. 

Her performance brewed from her honest love creates a beautiful blend to watch.  

Holds A Degree In Theatre 

Accroding to the web, the beautiful actress Olivia is a bachelor's degree holder in theatre performance. She is a graduate of Fordham University in New York who graduated in 2016. 

Olivia Macklin
A picture of Olivia Macklin. Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

The source also states that she went to New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois for her high school studies. From the way she presents herself, she might have been at the top of her class. 

Parents & Siblings of Olivia Macklin

The full name of Olivia is actually Olivia Leigh Macklin. Her parents are Larry Macklin and Nancy Bear Karger. Though she doesn't make posts with her family members often, it can be seen that she has a beautiful and strong relationship with her parents through the little posts she makes.  

Olivia Macklin with her family
Olivia Macklin with her family. Source: celebsuburbs

Also, she has three siblings; Sloan Wilson, Michelle Salomone, and Tatum Macklin. She never posts about her siblings either. Though she does not talk about her family and background openly on social media, she has revealed that she lives in a big joint family. 

Olivia Supports Abortion 

Through a post on Instagram, she announced that she is there for the girls who want an abortion. In the debate of whether to provide women with abortion rights or not, Olivia stands on the side of providing them with rights. 

Instagram post
Post made by Olivia Macklin. Source: Instagram@olivialeighmacklin

In her post regarding abortion, she clearly stated that if anyone ever needed help, she is free to be of help. 

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