Oscar Winner Youn Yuh-jung's Married Life, Who Is Her Husband?

Fri Apr 30 2021
By   Selena

South Korean actress, Youn Yuh-Jung made history as she won the Oscar for her incredible performance on the acclaimed film ‘Minari’. The veteran actress is one of the most talked-about celebrities in the world in 2021 but has managed to keep her personal life under wraps. 

In fact, the thespian has also said that she is not all that interested in the glitz, glamour, and media of Hollywood. The South Korean Youn seems to be an actress with all her focus on her art, but you can learn more about her love life below. 

Youn Yuh-Jung Was Married In The Past 

While all the details in 2021, point to Youn being single in 2021, she was married in the past. She got married in 1974 to Jo Young-Nam. The couple had an intimate ceremony. 

Jo Young-nam and Her Ex-Husband, Jo Young-Nam Were Married From 1975–1987
Image: Jo Young-nam and Her Ex-Husband, Jo Young-Nam Were Married From 1975–1987
Source: Meaww

The reason for their divorce is not available in the media, they have since parted ways and rarely made contact. Together, they gave birth to two kids including Jo Eol before ending their marriage in 1987. 

Youn Yuh-jung is a Mother Of Two Sons
Snap: Youn Yuh-jung is a Mother Of Two Sons
Source: Soompi

Their kids were raised in America as Korean-Americans, they also live in the USA. In fact, Yuh-Jung said that she is not interested in Hollywood but comes to America to work so that she can meet her children. 

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Who Is Actress Youn Yuh-Jung? 

Youn Yuh-Jung was born in Kaesong, Gyeonggi Province, Korea on June 19, 1947, she is 73 years old as of April 2021. She is a veteran of the Korean film industry and has worked as an actress for more than 55 years. 

She is of Korean nationality and is Asian by ethnicity. Yuh-Jung was raised in a tough environment as her father passed away when she was young. She has two sisters, one of whom is a successful former executive at LG group. 

How Youn Yuh-Jung Became An Oscar Winner?

Yuh-Jung started her career on-screen in 1967 on the drama ‘Mister Grom’. She established herself as a star around 4 years later in 1971. In addition to this, her first film ‘Kim Ki-young's Woman of Fire’ was a huge success. 

Since she first became famous, she has rarely been out of the spotlight and has received critical acclaim for her work regularly. In fact, she is a staple of the elite members of the South Korean film industry. 

Youn Yuh-jung on Minari
Picture: Youn Yuh-jung on Minari
Source: Insider

Her fame started traversing beyond Asia and she started to become popular in Hollywood. With her role in ‘Minari’, she became a star and her performance won her the Best Actress award in the 2021 Oscars. 

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