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Sat Jul 08 2023
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Paloma Kwiatkowski is one of the most loved Canadian film actresses in the realm of the entertainment industry. She has ruled over the hearts of people for her acting performances in the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters playing as Thalia. 

Kwiatkowski has been contributing to the showbiz world by appearing in television series and movies for over a decade. People have extensively searched for her as she will be appearing in the upcoming project The Island Between Tides

Is Paloma Single or Taken? Unraveling Relationship Status and Love Life

Paloma Kwiatkowski isn't single and leads a blissful romantic life with her boyfriend Curtis Tweedie. Various public domains claim her being single but it's not true. 

Kwiatkowski and Tweedie first met remains unknown but possibly started dating in 2016. They have been sharing their romantic journey experiencing joys and creating beautiful moments.

Paloma Kwiatkowski at the beach with her boyfriend Curtis Tweedie.
Paloma Kwiatkowski at the beach with her boyfriend Curtis Tweedie. (Source: Instagram @ palomakwiatka)

Kwiatkowski is not shy about her relationship and often flaunts her love life sharing on social media. She makes multiple posts showing appreciation toward her partner Tweedie on Instagram.

The loving duo Kwiatkowski and Tweedie have similar interests and likings. They both love to trek and explore nature capturing beautiful sceneries of forests and mountains together. 

Discover The Former Relationship Of Kwiatkowski 

Paloma Kwiatkowski shared a romantic relationship with Chanelle Peloso before dating  Curtis Tweedie. They started dating each other in 2014 but kept a low-key relationship. 

Looking thoroughly, there is not much available to explore about Kwiatkowski and Tweedie's relationship. They kept their romance under wrap away from the general public. 

Moving forward, Kwiatkowski and Tweedie only shared a romantic affair for a year parting ways in 2015. Both have remained tight-lipped regarding the reason for their breakup from each other. 

The Untold Wealth of Kwiatkowski: A Closer Look at Her Net Worth

Paloma Kwiatkowski has been able to accumulate an estimated et worth of $1 million. She has achieved financial success through her acting work in the entertainment industry.

Kwiatkowski was in the cast of the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters playing the role of Thalia. The movie was a box office hit grossing $199.9 million at the box office collection over the budget of $90.1 million. 

The net worth of Paloma Kwiatkowski is $1 million.
The net worth of Paloma Kwiatkowski is $1 million. (Source: Instagram @ palomakwiatka) 

The lady has earned through her acting appearances in the television series Debris playing Clara. She continues to earn through her acting role in the upcoming project The Island Between Tides which is in its post-production. 

Kwiatkowski hasn't shared the information on her other income-generating sources. It is unfortunate that there are no details on her business ventures, sponsorships, and other income assets. 

A Little Brief On Kwiatkowski's Bio 

Paloma Kwiatkowski was born on May 29, 1994, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Likewise, her parents moved to Canada from Poland before she was born. 

Unfortunately, there is no information on the names of Paloma's parents as of now. They possibly would love to keep a low-key profile away from the reach of the media and the public eye. 

The photo of Paloma Kwiatkowski and her mother.
The photo of Paloma Kwiatkowski and her mother. (Source: Instagram @ palomakwiatka) 

Paloma shared a close bond with her parents, especially her mother. She shows a lot of love and admiration through Instagram sharing those feelings with fans. 

Nonetheless, Kwiatkowski hasn't shared many details about her family and might not have any siblings. She is possibly respecting the privacy of family members. 

Explore The Social Media Presence Of Kwiatkowski 

Paloma Kwiatkowski maintains an active and engaging presence on social media platforms. She can connect and interact with thousands of fans through the use of her social handles. 

People always look out for the Instagram handle of  Kwiatkowski in the public domain. Her Instagram is available under the username @ palomakwiatka having over 12k followers. 

You could also find Paloma active on Facebook but hasn't been active since 2019. Her engagement on these platforms reflects her commitment to fostering a strong and authentic relationship with the audience.

Is Kwiatkowski  A Pet Lover?

The celebrity personality Kwiatkowski is an avid pet lover particularly dogs evident through her social media. She mentioned herself as a dog mom seeing in her Instagram bio. 

 Kwiatkowski has raised several dogs in the past and continues to raise more in the future. Similarly, her dog's name is Daisy and belongs to the Bull Terrier dog breed. 

Paloma Kwiatkowski and Curtis Tweedie with their dog Daisy.
Paloma Kwiatkowski and Curtis Tweedie with their dog Daisy. (Source: Instagram @ palomakwiatka) 

It has been six years since Kwiatkowski and her boyfriend Tweedie adopted Daisy. She never misses sharing lovely pictures with Daisy on her Instagram handle sharing them with fans. 

Kwiatkowski's social media presence as a devoted dog lover reflects her compassionate nature toward dogs. She encourages fans to adopt and foster a shared love for furry friends.

 A Look Into Kwiatkowski's Acting Career In The Showbiz Industry 

The Canadian actress Paloma Kwiatkowski started her professional acting career in 2010. She made her first step into acting playing in the short film Whatever It Takes as Tiffany. 

Paloma rose to prominence through her acting work in the second movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. She mesmerized the audience through the role of Thalia in that movie. 

Kwiatkowski's acting work extends beyond  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters appearing in films and TV Shows. Some of the notable acting credits are The Professor, Riot Girls, and Bates Motel.  

 Kwiatkowski continues to shine in the entertainment industry through her phenomenal acting work. She is delivering something interesting in the upcoming project The Island Between Tides portraying the role of Lily. 

Kwiatkowski Is Adventurer

The Travelers actress Kwiatkowski claims herself adventurer glancing through Instagram. Without a doubt, she is an adventurer as she loves to trek and hike in the mountains.

Paloma Kwiatkowski enjoyed her time at the mountains. (Source: Instagram @ palomakwiatka) 

Kwiatkowski also has finished a trail race of 25 km gaining 1000 elevations. She has also explored Gros Morne National Park admiring the forests and beautiful nature. 

The lady's Instagram is filled with traveling different mountains, terrains, and forests. She is not an indoor person and loves to explore every bit of nature whenever possible. 

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