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Thu Dec 09 2021
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Pamela Hilburger rose to prominence as the ex-wife of the Hiroaki Aoki. Hiroaki is a Japanese-American restaurateur who is the founder of the Japanese cuisine restaurant under the name Benihana. He is also an amateur wrestler and powerboat racer. 

Apart from her ex-husband's name and fame, Pamela is a jewelry designer who has worked with several brands. She is also popularly known as the mother of Devon Aoki. Devon is an American model and actress who has worked in movies like Sin City, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Dead or Alive, Mutant Chronicles, and many more.

Previously Married To Hiroaki Aoki

Designer, Pamela's current relationship status is unknown. Despite being a huge public figure, she spends a low life key. After the divorce from her ex-husband, she disappeared from the limelight and is enjoying life without media attention. So, her current relationship status is still unknown to everyone. 

Pamela Hilburger daughters
Image: Pamela Hilburger with her two daughters. Source: Getty Images

But in the past, she was married to Hiroaki. Taking a glimpse into their relationship, they started their sweet relationship in 1981. Within several months they accepted one another as lifelong partners. However, their relationship lasted for only a decade, and later got divorced in 1991.

Although the former pair are divorced they are still parents of three children including, Devon. Their daughter Devon is also a married woman who tied her wedding knots with her husband, James Bailey in 2011. They are also parents of four children. Like Hiroaki, Cindi Knight and Denika Kisty are some of the popular celebrity wives.

Ex-Husband, Hiroaki Aoki is Married Thrice Times

Pamela's ex-husband, Hiroaki is married thrice times in his lifetime. In 1964, he exchanged his wedding vows with his first wife, Chizuru Kobayashi Aoki. Their relationship lasted for almost two decades. In 1981, they officially divorced and parted ways. After that, he married Hilburger for a decade. 

Hiroaki Aoki wife
Image: Hiroaki Aoki with his spouse. Source: Getty Images

Then, he married his third wife, Keiko Ono, a businesswoman in 2002. They remained together until the death of Aoki on 10th July 2008 due to pneumonia. Moreover, Hiroaki has seven children in total including Musician Steve Aoki.

How Rich is Pamela Hilburger? Know About Her Net Worth

Pamela currently holds a net worth of $1 Million. She gathered all of her fortunes through her career as a jewelry designer. As estimated she makes around $70,000 per annum through her work. 

Hiroaki Aoki
Image: Hiroaki Aoki in his restaurant with his chef. Source: Hustler

Talking about her ex-husband, Hiroaki he had a net worth of $40 Million during his deathbed. She also secured several fortunes from their divorce settlement. However, the exact number is still unknown to the public. Moreover, Their daughter, Devon holds a net worth of $30 Million as of 2021. 

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