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Fri Aug 11 2023
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Paris Bierk is the famous star kid. Paris is the son of the multi-talented personality of Sebastian Bach. Bierk has risen his fame through movies and television series like Robot Chicken, Rock Of Ages, and songs like Air on the G string, Gold Berg variations, etc.

Paris' father has been continuously contributing to the Canadian movie industry through his movies and singing. While Bach stays in the limelight, his son, Bierk, remains hidden in 

Paris Bierk and His Family!

The star kid was born in the year Canada. Bierk has not shared his exact date of birth and place on any social media. Paris loves to keep his personal life away from the limelight being the son of a famous singer. It is the reason behind not sharing his date of birth.

Paris Bierk was photographed as he played drums.
Paris Bierk was photographed as he played drums. Source: Facebook

Paris is the son of Sebastian Bach and Maria Aquiner. He is the only child of Maria and Sebastian. The celebrity child has two step-siblings Sebastiana Bierk and London Bierk. Also, Paris shares a good bond with his step-siblings too.

Personal life of Paris Bierk

The son of a famous singer, Paris Bierk, is interested in music and musical instruments. He loves to play different musical instruments.

Paris Bierk captured posing for photoshoot with pros
Paris Bierk was captured in long hair and a sunglass-wearing leather jacket and some instruments in his hand. Photo source: The Metal Archives

Though he has not become famous as his father. But he is in the learning process and soon gets recognition for his incredible talents. 

Bierk's Instagram

Paris Bierk is not more active on social sites as he prefers his life to remain far away from the limelight and the media.

Paris is a little more uses Instagram where he has 4k followers. Though he has kept his official Instagram account private.

Paris Bierk's parent's marriage and divorce

The famous singer Sebastian Bierk married Maria Aquiner. Maria and Sebastian tied the knot in the year 1992 after dating each other for a couple of years.

Paris's mother belongs from a normal family background. His father had set an example after marrying a normal girl as a famous celebrity.

Paris Bierk captured posing for photoshoot
Paris Bierk was captured posing for a photoshoot. Photo source: Blabbermouth. net

Paris Bierk's parents Sebastian Bach and Maria Aquiner could not continue their relationship. Paris's parents finally divorced in the year 2010.

The couple did not share the exact reason for getting apart on any social media.

Famous songs of Bierk's father

Bierk's father has given many famous songs in Canadian music through his incredible voice. His famous songs include Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Concerto for Two Violins, The Art of Fugue, Orchestral Suites, Violin Concerto in A Minor, etc.

The relationship status of Paris Bierk

The son of Sebastian, Paris Bierk, is single now. Paris has not shared any information regarding his relationship status affairs on any social media yet.

Bierk loves to keep a low-key profile. It is the reason behind not sharing his relationship status.

The net worth of Paris Bierk

Paris Bierk has not been so successful to have his separate net worth. But his father is a famous Canadian singer and actor and has a net worth of $6 million.

Paris Bierk posing for a picture with his drum set.
Paris Bierk posing for a picture with his drum set. Source: Facebook

Paris has access to such an amount through his successful career as a singer and an actor. He does not own his personal business or other kinds of stuff that generate money for him.



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