Parker Jaren O'Donnell

US Army (1995)

Many people come to limelight after tying the knot with a reputed family, or some even come to limelight after being adopted by a renowned family. Parker Jaren O'Donnell follows the same path to his success. Parker is the adopted son of famous American Actress and Comedian, Rosie O'Donnell

Parker Jaren O'Donnell was born on May 25, 1995. Much about his biological parents are not mentioned in the media. Parker is the first adopted son of Rosie. As per the reports, Rosie adopted him soon after his birth in 1995. He is among the five children to his mother, Rosie. As of now, Parker is in the American Army.

Is Parker Jaren Married, or Still Single?

Social Media has become a powerful means of communication to the people these days. Although not all the information available in social media is correct most of them seem to be the truth. As Parker likes to remain away from the presence of media, He is reportedly Single as of now. 

Parker Jaren with his family
Image: Parker Jaren O'Donnell (right) with his family 
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Parker is currently serving in the United States Army. His mother first refused his initial decision to join the US Army, but at last, He managed to convince her and joined Valley Forge Military Academy in 2011. 

Parker's Mother was Married Twice

Yes, You read that right, Parker's mother, Rosie, has been in two famous relationship. Rosie tied her knot with Kelli Carpenter on February 26, 2004. Kelli worked at Nickelodeon as a marketing executive. The love birds tied theirs by San Francisco Treasurer Susan Leal, one of the city's highest-ranking lesbian officials. 

The couple adopted two more children, Chelsea Belle O'Donnell, born in 1997, and Blake Christopher O'Donnell, born in 1999. Then in 2002, the couple welcomed a Daughter, Vivienne Rose O'Donnell, through artificial insemination. More to that, the couple intended to adopt a foster child, Mia, born in 1997 but was later prohibited by the government to take the baby. 

Rosie with her new girlfriend, Elizabeth
Image: Rosie with her girlfriend, Elizabeth
Source: USA Today

By the end of 2009, O'Donnell mentioned that Kelli had moved away from the family. Soon after the disclosure, Rosie started dating, Michelle Rounds by mid-2011. On December 5, 2011, Rosie tied her knot with Michelle. Shortly after the engagement, The couple had their wedding on June 9, 2012, in a private ceremony. 

On January 9, 2013, The couple adopted a baby girl, Dakota. By 2015, The duo announced their separation. The divorce was finalized by October 2015, and Rosie was awarded the full-custody of all the children. Rounds was also spotted having dinner and holding hands with Carmen Ortega. But nothing was serious between the two.

As of now, Rosie seems to be engaged with Elizabeth Rooney. 

How Rich is the Son of Rosie O'Donnell, Parker?

Parker Jaren O'Donnell has a net worth of $200,000. He has been serving his nation for the last ten years. He accumulated much of his net worth through his career in the US Army. Sophia O'Neill is the daughter of Edward Leonard O'Neill, whose net worth of similar to that of Parker. 

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter talks about her family 

The average salary of a US Army officer is $60,000. In addition, his mother, Rosie O'Donnell, has a net worth of $120 Million. She has accumulated most of her net worth through her successful career in the Television Industry. As per the sources, Rosie has a salary of $5 Million. 


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