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Mon Feb 20 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of parnell smith

Wife : Tamika Catching
Parnell Smith married Tamika Catching in 2016.

Parnell Smith is well-known as the spouse of Tamika Catchings, a former professional WNBA player. Many have speculated that he was also one of the basketball players in his school days.

His wife, Tamika, was a professional basketball player with a 15-year-long career. During those fifteen years, she performed spectacularly, catching the eyes of many fans and clubs alike.

He Is An Indiana Native

Parnel Smith was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on August 5, 1985. However, any information regarding his parents hasn't been disclosed yet. Standing at the height of 6 feet 6 inches (201 cm), he is a really tall man.

Parnell Smith attending a ceremony
Parnell Smith attending a ceremony.
(Image Source: Indystar)

He completed his high school at Pike High School, located in Indiana. During his college days, he played basketball for the University at Buffalo.

Parnell's Nervousness In The Date Night

Parnel Smith first met Tamika Catchings in July 2014 through a mutual friend. They dated for quite a while before Parnell finally proposed to Tamika. This is the recalled moment that Tamika told the reporter.

As Parnell was living in Rockford at the time and Tamika in Indianapolis, they were far apart from each other. They were going out on a date night. Tamika said:

"And he arranged a car service to come pick me up and I was kind of like, 'Oh you know I'd rather drive myself. I can drive Downtown. He was like, 'No, because afterward I want to be able to get in the car together and go home.' "

So they went for a fancy dinner at a hotel, and the waitress asked if it was any special occasion, to which she replied:

"No. No. Just here for date night, the official date night. " 

Tamika recalled that Parnell was kinda nervous about the dinner.

Parnell Smith's Proposal

The lovely pair Parnell & Tamika went upstairs after dinner. Then Parnell handed out the iPad that he had in his hand and asked Tamika to check it out. There were pictures of them together.

Parnell Smith with his wife, Tamika Catchings
Parnell Smith with his wife, Tamika Catchings.
(Image Source: WTHR)

After the images and song playing in the background paused, Parnell got to his knees:

"I'm just so thankful for the opportunity that I met you and I'm so blessed that God brought you into my life. I just have one question."

Then the screen flashed, asking for the marriage, to which Tamika said Yes.

The Marriage of Parnell Smith & Tamika Catchings

Parnell Married Tamika in February 2016, two years after their first meeting. The wedding ceremony was held at the Skyline Club. Before the betrothal, they took cute pictures together at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Monument Circle.

Only friends and family were invited to the weddings. The total number of people gathered at the wedding was twenty-seven. It shows that even if the ceremony was small, it was really special for both of them.

Parnell Smith in the marriage ceremony with Tamika Catchings
Parnell Smith in the marriage ceremony with Tamika Catchings
(Image Source: Indystar)

It has been several years since they got married, but they still haven't given birth to any child. They have expressed their desire to have some, but for now, it seems they are happy as it is.

Parnell Smith's Wife's Net Worth

There are many estimations of Tamika Catchings's net worth. Most of them have estimated it to be approximately $300 thousand, similar to the net worth of Michelle Mylett.

It is a fair estimation considering that Tamika had a salary of $105,000 in 2012. However, no one will be surprised if her real net worth is in the millions, as she hasn't officially revealed her net worth.

Social Media Presence

The social media of Parnell Smith hasn't been disclosed to the public yet, but his wife, Tamika, is very active on her social media accounts.

Tamika has garnered over 85k followers on her verified Instagram @catchin24 and frequently posts over there, keeping her followers up to date. Likewise, she has over 78k followers on her Twitter account @Catchin24, where she often tweets about many things.

She even has her own website dedicated to her. On her website, one can purchase her playbook, "Shoot For The Stars," read blogs, or even get in touch with her.

A Little About Tamika Catchings

Tamika, or Tamika Devonne Catchings, was born on July 21, 1979, in New Jersey. She was born to Harvey Catchings, a retired NBA player, from whom she must have gotten her basketball genes.

Tamika Catchings playing for her national team, USA
Tamika Catchings playing for her national team, USA.
(Image Source: WBUR)

She started playing basketball in her high school era. Since then, she has gotten many awards and titles, which has made her name bigger in the basketball world. 

Achievements Of Parnell's Wife

Parnell's spouse, Tamika Catchings, is the first player in the history of basketball ever to score a quintuple-double. She debuted in the late 90s and has since appeared in the headlines frequently.

She was awarded the Women's NBA MVP in 2011 and the 2012 WNBA's Final Most Valuable Player. Similarly, she was part of the champion team of the 2012 WNBA, 1998 NCAA champion, 2009 Polish National League champion, and Turkish Cup Winner in 2010 & 2011.

On the international stage, she has participated in the Olympic games and the World Championship as a member of the USA team, even winning some of them.

Most notably, in 2020, Tamika entered the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Lauren Jackson.

Tamika Catchings Has Founded A Charity Organization

Apart from being wealthy, Tamika is also charitable, having founded the Catch The Stars Foundation. Since its founding, it has provided fitness clinics, basketball camps, and education for underprivileged children. It has its own website where people can volunteer for the cause or donate.

Besides that, Tamika also has spoken against gun violence and police brutality. Furthermore, she openly supports the Black Lives Matter movement, even going as far as wearing warm-up shirts with #BlackLivesMatter written in them. 

In a similar fashion, she wore shirts with #Dallas5, referencing the shooting of Dallas police in 2016. However, she was fined alongside other members wearing the same kind of shirts.


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