Patricia Taylor Spouse: Marriages of Patricia Keanu Reeves' Mom!

Sat Aug 19 2023
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Keanu Reeves stands as a true gem in the movie industry. Renowned for amazing performance, he knows how to captivate audiences on screen Not only with acting talent, But Reeves is making waves with his love life too.

Presently, Keanu is romantically linked with Alexandra Grant, a partner nine years his junior. Meanwhile, his mother, Patricia Taylor, has treaded a different path, remaining single after having four unsuccessful marriages. Let's delve into Patricia's complex journey through matrimony.

Patricia Taylor First Marriage Was With Keanu Reeves's Father

Keanu Reeves's parents, Patricia and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr crossed path in Beirut. Taylor's marital life with the American geologist from Hawaii was short-lived and fizzled out quickly.

Yes, Samuel was Patricia Taylor spouse only for three years between 1963 to 1966. During their two years nuptials, the former pair became fathers of Keanu and Kime Reeves. Samuel had a problem with drinking and drug which made him unworthy as a father and husband.

Patricia Taylor and her first husband Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.
Patricia Taylor and her first husband Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. Source: Eighties Kids

Due to this reason, Taylor decided to part ways with Reeves. Following the divorce, the costume designer took Keanu and Kime with her to Sydney, Australia, and later lived in the bustling city of New York.

Patricia's first husband had to serve 10 years in prison for drug possession in 1995. Unfortunately, Samuel died on January 26, 2018, in Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of 75.

While alive, the American geologist had less amount of contact with his estranged family. His relationship with Patricia and the kids did not get any better till the end.

Patrcia Taylor's Second Marriage Lasted For Only Four Months

The custom designer's first marriage was short-lived but guessed what, Patrica Taylor spouse from her second marriage was together with her for even short time. Yes, Taylor's second marriage got ended in just 4 months.

Patricia Taylor's second spouse Paul Aaron, an American director.
Patricia Taylor's second spouse Paul Aaron, an American director. Source: Whosdatedwho

Patricia was married to Director Paul Aaron in 1970 who she met after moving to New York. By then Aaron has established himself as well-recognized director in film making and broadway.

It is Paul who helped Keanu Reeves to discover his interest in acting industry. Sadly, the married partner was unable to hold their fiery romance any longer and parted ways in 1971.

Patricia Taylor's Melodious Love & Third Marriage With Music Promoter

Breaking free from Paul Aaron's drama, Patricia embarked on a new adventure, this time to Toronto, Canada with her kids. Seeking fresh start in new land, Taylor began to wander the city.

It is when Patricia crossed path with Robert Miller, a music promoter. They clicked off quickly and began their melodious dating life right away. 

Patricia Taylor and Robert Miller are parents of Karina Miller.
Patricia Taylor and Robert Miller are parents of Karina Miller. Source: whosdatedwho

Later, Robert became Patricia Taylor spouse by saying "I do" in 1976. Together, the married couple was blessed with their daughter karina Miller in the same year.

Things were going great in their blissful married life until 1980. The once promising love turned sour leading the pair to split from each other. Even the birth of Karina could not hold their nuptials.

Patricia's Taylor Fourth Marriage Ended In 1994

Patricia Taylor's fourth spouse is Jack Bond, a salon owner and hair dresser in Toronto. Although, little to no information of Taylor's fourth marriage is unveiled, it is known that she split from Jack in 1994.

Taylor does not share any kids with Bond. The celebrity mother has not spilled the beans about her fourth husband. 



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