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Have you ever heard of Paula Guadagnino? Guess that last name, Guadagnino, must have rung the bell, right? And if you decided on Vinny Guadagnino, you are right. If you didn't know, then let us tell you Paula is Vinny's mother. 

Paula is an Italian lady who is from Sicily, Italy. The charming lady has been seen multiple times on Jersey Shore with Vinny & the gang. As Vinny's mama, she used to come in to cook for him and does the laundry. But all that is perfectly normal for Vinny is a family-oriented guy who lives with his family.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Paula's Son Vinny Guadagnino?

Paula Guadagnino's son Vinny is one of the richest reality TV stars out there. He did buy the family a house in Staten Island in 2012. He has gone on to make more real estate moves after this major purchase, buying and selling houses all over the area. 

Vinny Guadagnino with his mother, Paula Guadagnino, in Jersy Shore.
Vinny Guadagnino with his mother, Paula Guadagnino, in Jersy Shore. Image Source: Totally The Bomb

Vinny was paid about $75,000 per episode on the show and is worth about $2 million. As an original member of Jersey shore, Vinny makes the big bucks from the reboot Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. He also released a cookbook named The Keto Guido Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Get Healthy and Look Great.

How Was The Married Life Of  Paula?

Paula Giacomo got married relatively young to Mr. Guadagnino, a fellow Italian-origin man. The pair tried hard to pursue a better life for their three kids and lived in poor situations.

Sadly, her husband turned out to be an absent father. This is reported to be one of the reasons they separated. While the couple lives in the same house, they live on different floors. Reportedly, they are still legally married and do not choose to divorce due to religious reasons.

Paula's husband has been very private and has not made any appearances on his son Vinny's reality TV projects or on Instagram. In interviews, Vinny Guadagnino stated that his father, while living in the same house, was never interested in doing projects together.

About Paula's Brother, Uncle Nino

Uncle Nino was also a recurring member of Jersey Shore. He was also well-liked by the audience. His real name is  Antonio Giaimo. He is the brother of Paula Guadagnino. He has been an active part in raising her kids and is like a father figure to them.

Vinny Guadagnino with his mother Paula Guadagnino and Uncle Nino.
Vinny Guadagnino with his mother Paula Guadagnino and Uncle Nino. Source: Zimbio

Uncle Nino has collaborated with his sister and nephew in various projects and is an active part of their on-screen family unit. He is on Instagram under the handle @uncle___nino. He is also active on Cameo.

Is Paula Active On Social Media?

Paula reportedly has an Instagram account called @mammapaolag, but sadly it is a private account. However, her account has over 31.6k followers. She had previously joined Twitter in 2013, but that account is no longer active. 

Vinny, on the other hand, is a famous social media personality mostly due to his career as a reality TV Star. His Instagram handle, @vinnyguadagnino, has 4.2 million followers. 

Vinny is also active on Twitter and has an account under the username @VINNYGUADAGNINO and has 2.7 million followers, and so does his Facebook page, Vinny Guadagnino. 

Has Three Children

Paula is the mother of three children. She has a son who is Vinny Guadagnino, and two daughters named, Antonella Guadagnino and Marianne Guadagnino. They were born on Staten Island in the US with their parents.

Paola Guadagnino with her kids.
Paula Guadagnino with her kids. Source: newyorkdailynews

Who Is Vinny Guadagnino?

The only son of Paula, Vinny Guadagnino is a reality TV star who was often the voice of reason in the drama-filled Jersey Shore reality show. Born Vincent J. Guadagnino on November 11, 1987, the Italian-American boy has made it big. 

He has worked as an actor and writer, but his claim to fame is the reality TV series Jersey Shore and the reboot Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Recently he competed in season 31 of Dancing with the Stars with Koko Iwasaki as his partner. This is similar to Celia Pacquola's experience in the show.

But sadly, he was eliminated early on and is actually being romantically linked with another star on the same show, Gabby Windey.

Paula Bonding With Her Son Vinny

When Vinny was on the Jersey Shore, he brought his mother, Paula, and uncle Nino to the show. Since then, they have been fixtures in his TV career.

Paola Guadagnino and her son Vinny Guadagnino.
Paula Guadagnino and her son Vinny Guadagnino. Source: showbizcheatsheet

Paula was a part of Vinny's projects from the very start. Raising her kids as a single mother, she tried her very best to be a super mom. Thanks to this, she takes a lot of pride in her children. 

Early Life

Paula was born in Sicily, Italy, similar to Carlo Ancelotti, who was also born in Italy. Her maiden name is Giacomo. She moved to America at a young age with her family. In America, she married an Italian-origin man and had three kids.

Sadly, Paula separated from her husband when her children were young, and it is reported that she raised her kids as a single mom.

A Quick Tour Of Paula's Career

Paula has had a pretty active part in her son Vinny's career. She made appearances in his reality TV show Jersy Shore back in 2009 as a recurring cast member. Fans loved her and welcomed her. Then in the talk show The Show with Vinny, she welcomed guests with her family.

Paula would also go on to star in a Food Network TV show called Vinny and Ma eat America in 2016, where she was introduced to new cuisines. Then in 2016, she took part in The Great Food Truck Race with her son Vinny and Nephew Angelo Giacomo under the team name Carretto Siciliano.

Recently she has also made appearances in the Double Shot at Love, a show where Vinny searches for his lady love, and in the reboot Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. The celebrity mother is definitely living it up.

Where Is Paula In 2022?

Paula can be seen in the reboot Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, which premiered in 2018. As Vinny's ma and one of the OG recurring guests, the fans and cast adore her. 

As of now, Paula is enjoying quality time with her family members. 


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