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Actor & YouTuber (1990)
Mon Nov 07 2022
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TikTok star Peet Montzingo is a well-admired actor who is particularly celebrated for his roles in Highway, Meadowoods, The Homecoming, and more.

Montzingo is originally from Seattle, Washington, United States. He has self-created a successful path to prominence and fame. His journey from a common YouTuber to a big-screen movie star is definitely appreciable.

Early Life of Montzingo

Montzingo was born on 2nd May 1990. It was a sunny Wednesday on his birthday. He was welcomed into a Christian family.

The Homecoming actor had a charming childhood. He was raised by his parents in Seattle along with his siblings.

Appearance of Montzingo

Talking about their physical appearance, he stands at a height of 6 feet(183 cm) and weighs 68 kgs.

Additionally, Montzingo has a pair of attractive blue eyes perfectly suited for his stylish shiny-dark brown hair.

Who Are Montzingo's Parents?

Montzingo was born to his mother Vicki Petite who is also an actress by profession. She is best known for Under the Rainbow, The Blues Brothers, Outside Chance, and some more.

Peet Montzingo in a grey gown.
Vicki Petite posing for her Instagram feed(Source: Instagram@peet5west)

However, there are no details revealed about his father on any of his social media.

Peet's Career as an Actor

Talking about Peet's acting career, he stepped into the film industry in 2002 in the movie Highway where he has portrayed a little boy. Similarly, in 2010, he got roles in a video, a TV series, and a short film.

Montzingo was seen in a 2016 short film, Breaking Free, as Calum lately. Since then, he has been passive in the television industry.

Net Worth 

Peet Montzingo has a total net worth of $2 million ensued from different sources. He is multitalented, therefore, his career as an actor, singer, and model has helped him to earn a good sum of money.

Additionally, income from his social media platforms also contributes to his wealth.

Peet's Siblings

Peet is blessed with two siblings: a sister and a brother. Jennifer Montzingo aka Jen is his lovely sister while Andrew Montzingo is his brother who is also a TikTok star.

Peet Montzingo in a black ad white t-shirth with his sister-in-law in a spotted grey tops and her daughter in a pink baby dress.
Photo of Peet Montzingo with his Sister-in-law and niece (Source: Instagram@peet5west)

Jennifer is an actress who appeared in the movie Highway with her mother and brother.

Who is Montzingo Dating?

Currently, Peet Montzingo is living a single life. He is not dating anyone at present. Further, there is no recent news that Peet is going to get married. He has never been engaged before.

As of now, Montzingo is fully dedicated to his career improvement.

Montzingo's Career as a Singer

Peet must be called a self-made artist. He has several popular songs recorded. He first collaborated with ZeroGravity from March 2015 through August 2016. Later in 2016, he was hired by U4iA.

Currently, he is working with 5WEST in Nashville, Los Angeles since January 2018. He is a recording artist as well as a performer.

Montzingo on YouTube

Yes, he is a YouTuber too. Peet has more than 4.53 million adherents on his YouTube account. 

Peet Montzingo in a pink t-shirt holding a silver YouTube play button.
Peet Montzingo posing for a photoshoot by carrying his silver play button(Source: Instagram@peet5west)

Montzingo shares a short part of his everyday life. It can be said that YouTube is a mini home to his happiness and dreams.

Where Did Montzingo Graduate From?

According to his LinkedIn account, Montzingo completed his high school education at Shorewood High School which is situated in Shoreline, Washington.

However, the media personality has not disclosed anything about his university education and the majors he graduated in.

Peet Montzingo on Social Media

Montzingo is available on most social media platforms. He is followed by more than 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account, @peet5west. Similarly, he has approximately 5k adherents on his Twitter account.

Likewise, he also has a presence on TikTok and LinkedIn.

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