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Thu Feb 23 2023
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Peyton Bowen is a college football player currently playing at Oklahoma. College football is regarded as the stepping stone for an American football athlete, and he is already outperforming to an incredible level. He has been touted by many to be a generational talent.

The fans have often praised Bowen for his speed and the distance he can cover throughout the game. He is one of the top-rated players today and will go places if things go as planned.

Fell In Love With An Athlete

Peyton Bowen is highly athletic, so it seems fitting that he would find a partner with similar interests. The girl he fell in love with is Emma Alvord, and she is trying to make a career in athletics as well.

Peyton Bowen and Emma Alvord are using their hands to make a complete heart sign.
Peyton Bowen with his girlfriend Emma Alvord (Source: Instagram @peyton_bowen22)

Bowen's girlfriend, Emma, is not just involved with one sport. She loves soccer and track and field, but it remains to be discovered if she professionally plays soccer or not. What is known, though, is that she is a committee member of the Oklahoma Women's Soccer program.

Emma is also part of The University of Texas, Austin (the same University Kay Bailey Hutchison graduated from) track and field team. She is not a committee member, as she competes in events alongside her teammates. Her four-member team is a brilliant performer, as they were the District Champions in April 2021.

Net Worth Status: Bowen Is Already Making Money? 

Peyton Bowen is already crushing it at such a young level. Not even playing in the Big league, he is already getting offers from numerous Universities to play, meaning he could become a very rich athlete in the future. For now, his estimated net worth is believed to be $15 thousand.

Bowen might not be making cash, but it is worth mentioning that he saves a lot of money. Universities don't pay their athletes but make up for it with scholarships. The scholarship could be the tuition fees or even food, sports gear, and accessories provided by the college. Considering all that, he saves at least $100 thousand easily, directly impacting his net worth.

Who Are Bowen's Parents?

The college football player Bowen is the son of Winston Bowen and Amee Bowen. Both his parents are the bread earners of the house. His mother, Amee, works as a teacher, whereas his father, Winston, is a respected police officer.

Bowen's mother is more than just a teacher because she is also involved in the recruitment process for her son's career. He is truly blessed to have such an amazing family that cares for him. You can see how careful his mother is with recruiting him to a nice University that would not only help his football career but also helps him to become a better man.

Peyton Bowen is sitting in the middle with Winston Bowen and Amee Bowen sitting next to him.
Peyton Bowen with Winston Bowen and Amee Bowen during the team selection. (Source: Youtube @News on 6/KOTV)

Bowen's mother is careful with her son's recruitment and runs a background check of every institution that has made an offer for her star son. She wants to ensure that the culture and environment surrounding those colleges are good for his son. Irish Reports Daily has quoted her saying:

When you go to a school recruiting your son, you're looking at who that school recruits and what kind of kids that school is recruiting. What kind of kids does that school have on campus and does that fit in with how you perceive your kid or want your kid hanging out with? That's going to be their influence for the next four years or so.

Social Media Presence

Bowen is on Instagram and Twitter, so those who want to learn more about him and his personal life are lucky. His Insta page is @peyton_bowen22, and his Twitter handle is @PeytonBowen10.

However, Bowen isn't much of a social media user. He hardly posts on his Instagram and rarely tweets on Twitter. Also, most of them are just retweets. He is an ambitious kid who probably doesn't want any distractions. Hence, this might be the reason why he doesn't spend much time on the internet.

Bowen's Brother, Eli, Is Also A Football Player

Peyton Bowen isn't the only one in the family trying to make a career in football. His brother Eli Bowen is also a cornerback and has made quite a name for himself in the sport. Peyton also has two other brothers whose identity remains to be known.

Standing at 5 Feet 9 Inches (175.25 cm) and a body weight of 165 lbs (74 kg), Eli is an excellent defensive back. He might not be making the same waves as his brother but don't underestimate his footballing abilities. Mother Amee Bowen is also involved in his recruiting process as well.

Eli Bowen is posing with his hands folded whereas, Peyton Bowen is showing four fingers.
Peyton Bowen and Eli Bowen in a photo shoot (Source: Twitter @mattfreemanISD)

However, Eli's amazing footballing ability also puts his mother in a dilemma. Both Peyton and Eli received a lot of offers from various Universities, but not all of them wanted to hire them together. Some coaches especially enjoyed Eli, but not his brother Peyton. It was tough for Amee as she didn't want to split her two sons, who had always been together.

Career Highlights

Peyton Bowen is already much better than many players of his level. He is a titan of defense, standing at the same height as actor Lyna Khoudri at 6 Feet (182 cm) and a body weight of 185 lbs (83.9 kg).

Bowen is a 5-star defensive back, so you know he has what it takes to change the game single-handedly. He has also been part of the prestigious Under Armour All-America Game.

247 Sports has also mentioned what Gabe Brooks saw of him as a player on the field. One of the key things he saw from Bowen's game is that he is a versatile playmaker and can make plays on the ball while covering most of the field. That explains why he is so highly rated.

The Famous Deal With Oklahoma

Bowen upset and confused many people with the Oklahoma Sooners deal. Considered one of the craziest deals in college football, many were unhappy with how Bowen switched from Oregon to Oklahoma at the last moment.

Bowen was one of the most sought-after players, with all the top Universities trying to get their hands on him. Of all the offers, he chose Oregon and fully committed to them. That is until the last moment he made a dramatic u-turn and signed for Oklahoma Sooners instead. He took to Instagram to make an apology, where he wrote:

Oregon and Notre Dame faithful, I am sorry for how I handled this process. Changing my decision on signing day, the hat pump fake, all of it could have been handled better. I can't change what I did but this experience is something I will lean from.

But the apology didn't stop the trolling from some. While many were happy for him, some started calling out Bowen. They made it visible how upset they were by saying he chased the money, and some even trolled his mom as she was directly involved in his recruitment.


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