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DJ (1992)
Sun Jun 05 2022
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Philipp Dausch is a well-known DJ (Disco Jockey) hailing from Germany who is further known as a member of the musical group, Milky Chance. He joined it in the year 2012. Further, he is also a singer famous for the 2013 album, Sadnecessary.

Dausch and his musical group are very popular among his fans for the song 'Stolen Dance' for which he was the DJ and producer. Apart from that, he used to be a jazz performer and a guitarist. He performed Flown Tones.

Birth Date & Childhood

Down by the River singer was born on 15th November 1992 in Kassel, Hesse, Germany. He was raised there and began his schooling in his hometown. 

Dausch was a curious, creative, and active child since his childhood. He spent his childhood in a cheerful environment.

Family Details

The charming and smiling singer has not revealed anything regarding his family details, he has rather kept their information low-key. In his decade-long journey in this industry, Dausch has never let the media peek into his parental details.

Moreover, there is nothing updated about his siblings. Therefore, he is the only child in his family to date.

Career Outset

Fairytale singer was interested in music since his early hood. He used to perform musical shows whilst he was in the final year of high school. Later, he joined the musical group and began working with other team members. It has been more than ten years of his musical career.

Philipp Dausch in a gray shirt performing on the stage.
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The first single song released by his musical group received the ''1Live Krone Radio Award''. It was the song Stolen Dance which was launched in April 2013. Later that year in October, the group released its first album, Sadnecessary. Other members of Milky Chance are Clemens Rehbein, Antonio Greger, and Sebastian Schmidt.

Total Net Worth

Philipp Dausch makes a good sum of money from his career in the musical industry. He has a total net worth of $5 million ensued from his profession.

Furthermore, his wealth includes his salaries, passive income, and other luxuries. Therefore, Dausch is living a deluxe life in his house in Germany.

Married Life

The Synchronize singer has not revealed anything about his married life. However, as per some sources, Dausch has been married to a lady who currently resides in the United States. Nevertheless, the name and professional details of his wife are still behind the curtains.

Moreover, it is heard that he also has a child with his wife and loves them greatly. Philipp also promised his wife that he would send her a CD of his album release then.

Past Relationship & Freundin

Philipp Dausch married his long-time girlfriend and is happy to be with her. However, he has not yet gone public about all these things. Most of his fans are not even aware of his married life. As per some sources, Dausch is said to be unmarried, but he actually is.

Furthermore, he has not discussed anything about his ex-girlfriends. In the German language, Freundin means girlfriend. More, the affair rumors and controversies in Dausch's professional life are null.

Divorce Rumors

Dausch does not have divorce rumors, he is still cherishing his married life with his beloved wife.

Sweet Sun singer has never reported any misunderstanding and conflicts with his wife.


As mentioned earlier, Dausch is a father of a child who was born in 2015. However, the name of his kid is still behind the curtains.

Oh Mama DJ loves his child greatly and is good at parenting. Soon, his child will start elementary schooling.


Philipp has also heard a weird rumor about himself that he is gay. Some of the pictures with his male friend have left his fans suspect so. However, Dausch has not revealed anything about it. Neither he has addressed any opposition regarding this view.

Philipp in a black sweater and blue jeans kissing his friend on his forehead.
Philipp Dausch with his friend (Source:

Nonetheless, he is a married man and does have a baby. Therefore, there is probably no chance for him to be a homosexual. He loves his wife and cares a lot for her.

Educational Status

Dausch completed his high school education at a reputed high school. Moreover, he also attended a university in Kassel. However, his university majors and programs are yet to be revealed to the public.

Whatsoever, Tainted Love DJ is a well-educated person with an excellent degree in his hand.

Professional Achievements

Talking about the professional swifts of Dausch, he has worked as a guitarist, DJ, actor, and composer. He is equally proficient in all these fields and is recognized for his contribution and passion in the world of entertainment.

Recently, he launched his new song, Colorado in 2021. It is a three-minute-long music video that was created successfully under the direction of Sylvain Vincent.

Philipp Dausch on Social Media

Dausch is not available on any social media platforms right at the moment. However, he has got a hashtag on Instagram.

His musical group has got both Instagram and Twitter accounts with the usernames @milkychance_official and @Milky_Chance123.


Dausch was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. According to astrological science, people under this sun sign are mostly introverted and secretive. They are indeed fearless, confident, and bold but they do not let others interfere in their private matters.

As a matter of surprise, people who have the star sign Scorpio are often jealous of their companions and others. They need to work hard to comfort themselves and get over this habit.

Hobbies & Interests

Everyone needs leisure no matter how much a workaholic he or she is. Philipp also takes a break from his work and spends time with his favorite doings and places. He loves swimming and enjoys spending time on seashores.

Furthermore, he keeps visiting his wife and son in the United States. They spend time together during holidays and even go for outings.

Music Charts

The German singer, as well as DJ, has served in this field for many years and during his long journey, he has contributed to lots of songs.

Some of his songs with the respective release dates are presented in the table below:

S.N.SongsAlbumsReleased Years
1.Sweet SunSadnecessary2013
2.Doing GoodBlossom2017
3.DaydreamingMind The Moon2019
4.Love AgainTrip Tape2021
5.Save Your TearsTrip Tape2021
6.Don't Let Me DownGrillparty Hits2022

Guitarist and Producer

The Feathery singer often strums his guitar and performs on stages. He is fond of strings and his profession.

Milky Chance member in a light bue t-shirt and black jeans clapping on the stage.
Photo of Milky Chance Member (Source:

Apart from his vocation as a DJ, Dausch is also a music producer. He has worked with great members of his team and produced various albums.

Physical Appearance

Philipp Dausch has a round face with black eyes and brown hair. His hair is curly and comes to his ear. 

However, his height and weight are not disclosed officially. Dausch stands at a medium height and has a mesomorph body type.

Dausch in The Voice

Tainted Love DJ has worked as the writer in the soundtrack department for the 2015 television series The Voice. This reality TV series was rated 5.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

Furthermore, John de Mol was the creator of this show and the engaged stars were Delta Goodrem, Sonia Kruger, and Joel Madden.

IMDb Profile

Dausch is also an actor in many of the music videos. He has got an IMDb profile with twelve credits as an actor. He has acted in Milky Chance: Firebird, Doing Good, Flashed Junk Mind, and more.

Moreover, his profile also consists of his trivia, personal details, and a short biography. However, he is yet to add any awards and nominations to his profile.


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