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Businessman Author (1951)
Mon Dec 19 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo

Wife : Khadija Pozzo di Borgo
Philippe Pozzo di Borgo Married to Khadija Pozzo di Borgo

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo is a French businessman and author from Corsica who is well known for the inspiring story of his own life. He is the director of “Pommery”, the Champagne house in Reims.

In addition to that, Borgo was the owner of an inherited Hotel Particulier in Paris, which is used as a function hall. Due to a paragliding accident, Borgo cannot move his hands nor legs. Let's talk more about him in the given sections.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo Is Married Twice!!

A French businessman Philippe Pozzo di Borgo got married two times. Firstly, he got married to his first wife, Beatrice Henriette Lucie Roche, but unfortunately, she got cancer and died. 

Photo: Philippe Pozzo di Borgo with his second wife Khadija Najima.  
   source: canal blog 

After the death of Mrs. Lucie, Borgo got into a paragliding accident and was taught to stay in bed. At first, he was not agreed to remarry, though it was difficult for him and was forced to get married due to his health condition as a paralyzed.

Borgo’s Second Marriage

The inspiring and motivating Pozzo Di Borgo is currently living a happy married life, with his second wife, Khadija Najima. There was no one to take care of him, after his accident and first wife’s death so he decided to marry again with Ms. Najima so that there will be someone to help him. 

Photo: Philippe Pozza di Borgo with his Second wife Khadija and their Daughters.            
    source: Brightside

The Borgo couple has been happily married since November 2004 and always keeps supporting each other in need. We can often see both attending events and shows together. 

The couple is blessed with four kids (two kids from the first wife and two kids from them). They are Robert-Jean Pozzo di Borgo, Laetitia Pozzo di Borgo, Sabah Pozzo di Borgo, and Na Pozzo di Borgo.

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo's Net Worth in 2021                                

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo's wealth grows rapidly because of the movies and books. So as of early 2021, his estimated net worth is estimated at $1 Million, which is quite more than Claire Douglas. The main source of income of wealth is his profession as a top businessman and author. 

Caption: Philippe Pozza di Brogo at his own movie "untouchables" promotion.
source: IMDb

Moreover, Pozza works as a motivational speaker and runs a Pommery Company. The director of 'Pommery', Philippe also interviewed a TV for many shows that could have earned him some money. 

Recently, he lives a happy life with his wife and five children in Essaouira, Morocco.

Bio and Family Background

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo was born on 14 February 1951 in Tunis, Tunisia. He is the son of Jacqueline Marthe Louise Henriette de Vogüé (mother) and Charles-André" Louis Gontran Robert POZZO di BORGO (father).

Borgo spent his childhood in Paris, London with his four siblings Valérie Pozzo di Borgo, Alain Pozzo di Borgo, Reynier Ghislain François Joseph Pozzo di Borgo and Alexandra Joséphine Patricia Pozzo di Borgo. Following his graduation, he began working in the champagne industry as a director of Pommery.

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