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Celebrity Daughter (2009)

Quinncey Wagner is a celebrity daughter who is in the limelight because of her father. Her father, Bobby Wagner is an NFL linebacker, who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Rams. She was a regular fixture on her father's games and a part of her personal cheer squad. Bobby has made her a priority in his life and is the primary parent.

Born in 2009, Quinncey was a ray of sunshine in a difficult time. Being born just months after her grandmother's passing, she has been the joy of the Wagner family during difficult times.

Quinncey's Famous Father Bobby Is An NFL Star

Quinncey's father, Bobby Wagner, is a single dad. He was just nineteen years of age when she was born but definitely stepped up in her care. As a star NFL player, he has played as a linebacker for Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams. He is contracted to the LA Rams till 2026. 

Wagner has earned his Pro Bowl and First Team All-Pro honorees. He was also ranked 25th on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2021 by his fellow players. In 2022, as a member of the Rams, he was an invaluable member who definitely proved to be worth the big bucks they spent to sign him.

Quinncey Wagner with her father, Bobby Wagner.
Quinncey Wagner with her father, Bobby Wagner. Source: The Hour

Bobby Wagner was born in California and went to Colony High School in Ontario where he played high school American football. He would go on to continue his athletics and was committed to Utah State in 2008 to play college-level football. He was also an admitted student there.

The Seattle Seahawks drafted Wagner on April 28, 2012, as the 47th overall pick in the second round of the NFL Draft. His pro career officially started and he has won multiple accolades in his NFL career.

Who Is Quinncey Wagner's Mother?

Quinncey Wagner's mother is reportedly not in her life. If sources are to be believed, her mother was a teen mother similar to Aubree Skye Lind-Deboer mother Chelsea Houska Deboer. She decided to give primary custody to the Wagner family. She also chose to keep her identity hidden.

By all reports, Bobby Wagner is a single father. He is also very private and has raised his daughter away from the paparazzi.

Net Worth: Dad Bobby Has The Big Bucks

Quinncey Wagner benefits from her father's massive fortune of $15 million. Furthermore, he signed a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams in 2022 which pays him $10 million annually. Adding all the incentives the sum is a princely sum of $65 million

Quinncey Wagner's father, Bobby Wagner.
Quinncey Wagner's father, Bobby Wagner. Source: Instagram @bwagz

There is not counting Bobby's private collaborations and sponsorships as he is eligible for such as the Public app and Ladder vitamins to name a few. In the case of property, Quinncey's father owns some real estate in the USA. He owns a house in Seattle as well as some fancy cars.

Quinncey Is A High Schooler

The main girl here, Quinncey is currently a minor. Due to the sheer volume of attention her father gets, she prefers to keep things private. She is a high school student and stays busy with her friends and studies.

Quinncey Wagner is also very close with her cousins and family members. Her strong bond with her grandpa and aunts is worthy of note.

Grandparents Of Quinncey

Quinncey Wagner is the granddaughter of Phenia Wagner and Bobby Wagner Sr. She was born just months after the passing of her grandmother Phenia Mae. 

Quinncey's grandparents were happily married for more than twenty years and had four children together. The publicly known ones are Nakima, Bobby Jr., and Robert. The fourth sibling is possibly Janae Wagner but not much is public about her.

Grandma Phenia Wagner Died Of A Stroke

Grandma Phenia sadly passed away on 27 May 2009 at just forty-seven years of age. At the time she was a loving mother and grandmother to her three children and grandkids.

Quincey Wagner's Grandma Phenia Mae (left), Aunt Nakima Ward, cousin Jayla and Father Bobby Wagner.
Quinncey Wagner's Grandma Phenia Mae (left), Aunt Nakima Ward, cousin Jayla Ward, and Father Bobby Wagner. Source: Seattle Times.

According to sources, Quinncey's grandma Phenia loved butter pecan ice cream and was a fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. She was a suburban mom who drove a minivan but later upgraded to a Lexus. This car was later given to Bobby Wagner after she got sick.

Phenia Mae was sick for a long time before her passing. She suffered a stroke just before the winter finals during Bobby's freshman year at Utah State. Sadly, she passed away shortly after due to a heart attack similar to reality Tv star Elsa Patton. She had encouraged her children to follow their passions.

Grandfather Bobby Wagner Has Been Widowed Twice

Bobby Sr. has spent more than a decade apart from his better half, Phenia Mae, after her passing. He has been an active part of Quinncey's life and his cousins. When dad was in games, he was the one to raise his grandchildren and even took them to school events.

Recent sources suggest that Bobby may have remarried more than a decade later in 2019 to a woman named Becky. Sadly, his second wife also passed away in 2021 due to the COVID pandemic. By all accounts, she was a positive member of the Wagner Family.

Charity Endeavours: The Wagners Give Back

Quinncey's father, Bobby Wagner is actively involved in philanthropic work and supports various causes such as child hunger, stroke awareness, homelessness, and youth sports. He has collaborated with non-profit organizations.

Bobby has also hosted events to help those in need such as meal packing, and holiday shopping events. He once even conducted a shopping spree for 98 kids in 2018. 

Quinncey Wagner's father, Bobby Wagner in a charity collaboration with Safeway.
Quinncey Wagner's father, Bobby Wagner in a charity collaboration with Safeway. Source: Instagram @bwagz

Bobby also donates a portion of his net worth to charity and was named 2019 NFL Week 13 'Community MVP' for his contributions. He has partnered with companies like Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and Safeway to support his initiatives and ensure that everyone has access to a meal.

As Quinncey's grandmother Phenia died due to a stroke, Bobby started the Phenia Mae Fund to raise awareness about stroke and help the family members of patients. This subject is very close to the Wagner family and has the full support and promotion of Bobby's NFL teams.

Aunt Nakima Is A Flight Attendant

Quinncey's oldest aunt Nakima has been happily married for over two decades to her husband Steve Ward. The pair shares five children together, three boys and two girls. Two older boys, Isiah and Anthony, are upcoming footballers and have been playing at Arizona college.

Quinncey Wagner's father with his siblings, Nakima Ward, Robert Wagner, and Janae Wagner (left to right).
Quinncey Wagner's father with his siblings, Nakima Ward, Robert Wagner, and Janae Wagner (left to right). Source: Instagram @bwagz

Nakima's husband Steve is a firefighter and their children are very athletic. On the other hand, Nakima has recently started working as a flight attendant for Delta airlines after years of homemaking. She got her wings in 2022.

Aunt Janae Is Very Private

Quinncey's other aunt, Janae Wagner is more of a private person. She is also a married woman having wed Mr. Pierre Baker in 2016. They share a son together.

Janae graduated from California State Polytechnic University in 2022. Pierre, on the other hand, is a former athlete. The couple is very happy together.

Uncle Robert Is A Realtor

Uncle Robert Wagner also followed Bobby's steps and played football. However, he only played in college at New Mexico State University. He majored in business management and got a realtor's license.

Currently, Robert works in Century 21 Now Realty and gives motivational speeches. He also went to Colony High School in Ontario like most of his siblings.

Social Media

Given the rising NFL success career, Bobby has earned much money from his contracts over the years. Because of that, he is successfully providing a comfortable life for Quinncey. 

Bobby is active on social media, with over 684k followers on Instagram under the name @bwagz and 473k followers on Twitter with the handle @Bwagz.  His Facebook page is very vibrant with 153K followers.

Although Quinncey Wagner is not active on social media, she is likely focusing on her studies. She is always mentioned in her relative's socials where she is fondly referred to her as Q.


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