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Relationship Timeline Of Rachel Bagwell

Husband : Jeff Bagwell
Rachel Bagwell took the wedding vows with Jeff Bagwell.

Gaining fame through her marriage, Rachel Bagwell is best known as the wife of the former first baseman, Jeff Bagwell. Rachel was born in the United States on 20th December 1978.

Before marrying Jeff, Rachel was previously known as Rachel Brown. She is an American national. But the information regarding her family background, early life, and education remain covered.

How Rich Is Rachel Bagwell?

Though Rachel often makes her appearance in public, together with her husband, Jeff she has kept some part of her life in the shadow including her profession. 

Her profession and the source of her income are under the cover so is her net worth. But her husband, Jeff Bagwell is the Astros star who is the holder of a $70 million fortune, the same as Chuck Norris.

Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell. Source: CultureMap Houston

Being the leading player in the history of baseball, he was able to collect a hefty sum with an income of around $5 million in a year. And even after retiring as a player, he started to work as a coach and guide the team from the sidelines.

Her Abusive Marriage With Michael Brown

Before Jeff Bagwell, Rachel Bagwell was married to Michael Brown. Dr. Brown was a popular hand surgeon, owner, and founder of the Brown Hand Center. He used to work in the Greater Houston area and also played in plenty of commercials.  

Rachel Bagwell and Michael Brown
Rachel Bagwell with her former husband Dr. Michael Brown. Source: chron

While this was Rachel's first marriage, it was already the fourth marriage for Dr. Brown. Rachel filed for a divorce in 2011 accusing Dr. Brown of throwing a humanitarian award and also of abuse. 

This also happened with the previous partner of Dr. Brown. He was convicted of beating his third wife when she was seven months pregnant in 2002 and was placed on probation by the Texas Medical Board for that. The probation was also for "concerns he had an alcohol or chemical dependency".

Current Wife of Jeff Bagwell

Rachel Bagwell is happily married to the former baseball player and coach, Jeff Bagwell. The couple exchanged their vows of love on August 1st, 2014. And they have been pursuing a happy life together ever since.

Jeff Bagwell and his wife Rachel Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell. Source: papercitymagazine

Rumors have that, Jeff and Rachel first met in 2011 and started off their relationship by dating. At the time, both parties were still together with their previous partners. However, both were separated from their former partners.

Suicide Attempt & Death of Michael Bagwell

Mr. Brown was found unconscious in his house in Miami Beach on October 29, 2013. According to sources, he was found along with a suicide note. The suicide was committed one day before the date of starting his federal prison sentence for choking an airline attendant. 

Dr. Michael Brown
Dr. MIchael Brown. Source: Chron

Dr. Brown's attorney's stated that he suffered cardiac arrest and was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center & Miami Heart Institute. He was declared brain-dead on November 7. Then, according to his attorney, his life support was removed and he died the following day.

The Court Rejected Rachel's Request For The Compensation

Even though the couple was separated, Rachel was still living in his million-dollar Memorial-area mansion, and enjoying Brown's fortune along with a Mercedes-Benz, a Hummer, a Lamborghini, a Maserati, and a limousine. 

After Brown's death, Rachel was forced to leave the property which was a foreclosure as Dr. Brown had already reported bankruptcy. The divorce proceedings were still in process when Dr. Brown died. So, Rachel was the widower of the surgeon and she demanded payment from the court of Florida.

So, Rachel demanded half a million dollars from the Texas court as compensation for being forced to move from Dr. Brown's house. However, the federal court rejected her appeal.

Jeff's Previous Marriages

The well-famed baseball coach had already been in two marriages before his marriage with Rachel Brown. The former coach's first marriage was with Shaune Bagwell who is a well-known American fashion model. 

The couple got married on November 14, 1992. After being together for four years, the hot couple decided to go their separate ways and got divorced on July 2, 1996. 

Shaune Bagwell
First wife of Jeff Bagwell, Shaune Bagwell. Source: Zimbio

After Jeff's divorce from Shaune, he met Ericka Rodriguez. Seemingly, the couple fell in love with each other and started dating. Eventually, they ended up getting married on October 26, 1997, and also got blessed with two children; Blake Bagwell and Bryce Bagwell

Despite being together for fifteen years, the couple fell out of love and parted ways in 2012. The marital life of the couple was not disclosed so the condition of their relationship throughout the years was out of people's eyes.

Jeff Bagwell with his second wife Ericka Rodriguez
Jeff Bagwell and Ericka Rodriguez with their children. Source: playerswiki

Short Trivia On The Career Of Jeff Bagwell

With various records in his name, Jeff Bagwell was a well-respected baseball player. During his career, he was selected to the MLB All-Star Team four times. But he spent his entire 15-year playing career in Major League Baseball being associated with the Houston Astros. 

Jeff Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell. Source: HoustonChronicle

In 1991, Jeff received the National League Rookie of the Year award. He also received the National League Most Valuable Player in 1994. He was admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017. Baseball fans refer to him as the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

Parents To Five Children

The couple of Rachel Bagwell and Jeff Bagwell is yet to share a child together. Nonetheless, they are already the parents to altogether five children.

Rachel had three children from her previous marriage with Michael Brown. The identities of her children with Michael are covered and not publicized. Similarly, Jeff also has two children from his marriage with Erica Rodriguez; Blake Bagwell and Bryce Bagwell.

Does Rachel Have Instagram?

Though Rachel Bagwell is now the wife of one of the most respected and famed baseball players of all time, it seems she isn't fond of public attention. 

According to what we've found, she refrains from using any kind of social media site including Instagram. However, there are many fake accounts by her name. 


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