Raina Patricia and Matt Patricia Married Life

Tue Sep 17 2019
By   Bibek

One of the NFL's best, Matt Patricia gets his support from the box from his biggest fan, his wife Raina Patricia and his children. The couple is in a marital relationship from 2009, and so far it's working wonders for them.

From being the defensive coordinator for Pats in 2012 to becoming a head coach in 2017 for the Lions, Matt's wife stood right beside him. Just like Cindy Gruden and Kiya Winston, Raina also stole limelight after tying the knot with Matt Patricia. Read along the article to find out more about their married life.

Matt Proposed Raina at the stadium!

After Matt's divorce in 2004, he accepted a job with Patriots. It changed his entire life professionally, but there's still was some void in his personal life. After some years, he saw his future wife; however, he has not talked about how the couple actually came together.

Matt Patricia (left) and his wife Raina Patricia (right) showing his super bowl ring
Image: Matt Patricia (left) and his wife, Raina Patricia (right) showing his super bowl ring. Source: Fabwags

Before her relationship with Matt, her picture got featured in Boston Magazine, maybe that's where he first saw her. In 2009, after some years of dating, Matt went down on his one knee and proposed her at Gillette Stadium. 

Raina walked down the aisle with her father in Aruba, where they organized the event of their big day. The wedding ceremony was very intimate, and because of that, there are not many details about their auspicious day.

The couple is raising three children!

In their decade long union as a life partner, the pair welcomed two sons and one daughter. Their children Dominic Patricia, Dante Patricia, and Giamina Patricia accompany their mother to support their father on match day.

Matt Patricia (left) with his wife Raina Patricia (right) and his son (in the middle)
Picture: Matt Patricia (left) with his wife, Raina Patricia (right) and his son (in the middle). Source: ESPN

For instance, in 2018, AFC Championship game, Matt and family stood at the Gillette Stadium for the last time. Matt came into the ground and also brought his son on the field. He played a game with his son and lost to his son.

After some moment, Raina Patricia hit the field to stand beside her husband as they say bye to the place, they call home. Currently, Matt is the head coach for the Detroit Lions.

The Halloween Dress showdown...

In their long marital life, they might've celebrated a lot of Halloween day, but there's one in particular, which made the headlines. For that particular Halloween, the couple decided to participate in a camouflage dress.

The group picture, together with Bill Belichick and his girlfriend, definitely made the news. Bill and his girl in costume crushed Matt and his lady. During the same Halloween party, Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen probably dressed amazingly. Tom arrived as the Cowardly Lion, and his lady arrived as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

(From right to left): Tom Brady, Giselle Bunchen, Matt Patricia, and Raina Patricia
Photo: (From right to left): Tom Brady, Giselle Bundchen, Matt Patricia, and Raina Patricia. Source: Playerswiveswiki

Raina Patricia, a woman with a golden heart!

In 2013, Raina together with other Patriots members, went to pay her visit to The Women's Lunch Place. She went together with Wendy Kraft, Linda Holliday, Rosanne Gregory, Lindsay Force, Alyssa Cannon, Julie Quinn, and Nicole Perlstein.

Raina Patricia (right) with a friend at the charity event
Frame: Raina Patricia (right) with a friend at the charity event. Source: Heavy

During her visit, they distributed gift bags which included many daily used items for winter. In addition to that, they also served lunch. After the event, Raina told,

"We're just really thankful for the opportunity to be here. It's so rewarding for us to be able to give back to the community and help these women. What they do in this organization is just phenomenal and we're just happy to come back year after year and give back to the community".

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