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Celebrity kid (1951)
Mon Feb 20 2023
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Raj Kristo Gupta was a celebrity kid who came into the limelight because of his parent's fame. Just like Raj, his celebrity actress mother, Ja'Net DuBois is not in this world. By profession, she was an actress and singer. His mother was famous for her portrayal of Willona Woods in the CBS TV sitcom Good Times

Ja'Net Dubois's son, Raj, is not alive because of cancer. If you did not know this fact, let us tell you that Raj, a cancer patient, died in 1987 in his late thirties. He battled cancer for three years before his demise. 

Raj was born in 1951 and was raised in the United States of America by his celebrity parents. Sadly, he died at the age of thirty-six. 

Raj Kristo Gupta's Parents Were A Start Couple In The Early 50s

It was inevitable that Raj's father, Sajit Gupta, and mother, Ja'Net DuBois, were romantically involved. They were one of the adored star couples in the 50s. The long-sweethearts exchanged their vows in 1950. However, marriage details like wedding month & days, venue, and celebration are missing. 

Late parents of Raj Kristo Gupta
Raj Kristo Gupta's parents, Ja'Net DuBois and Sajit Gupta.
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Raj's parents, Ja'Net and Sajit, stayed in a married relationship for nine years, but on April 1959, they parted ways due to unclear reasons. There was a rumor that the reason for their divorce was Dubois's relationship with actor Brock Peters. 

On the other hand, sources claim that Ja'Net and Sajit were again married in 1964. However, it is still not sure because both side has not confirmed it personally. 

Was Raj Kristo Gupta Married?

Ja'Net Dubois's youngest son, Raj Kristo Gupta's marital status is currently untitled in media sources. It is because he preferred a low-key life and did not come up in the media revealing his love life details. 

More importantly, Raj died long back in 1987, so it might be the fact that his love life was buried in passing times. In addition, his past relationship and affairs are still behind the curtains. However, we shall update you if any fragments of Raj's relationship are dropped out in public.

Seemingly, Raj's parents, Ja'Net and Sajit, have grandkids named Fard Abdur-Rahman and Jasmin Fitts, but the question was from which parent they came among their five kids, including Raj. The query is still pending over the public heads regarding it.

Family Details: Raj Has Four Siblings 

Raj has four siblings, and he was the youngest of them all. Being the youngest child, he was probably the closest son to his parents. Yovanne Dubois is his eldest sibling, who was born in 1974. His second sister Rani DuBois was born in 1976. Currently, she is a Hollywood actress.

Ja'Net DuBois loves her children
Ja'Net DuBois with her kids.
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Likewise, Raj's third sibling, Kesha Gupta-Fields, is now a married woman & mother of two kids. Lastly, his other sibling, Provat Gupta, is now a basketball coach & instructor from California. 

Raj Kristo Gupta Parent's Net Worth

Being American celebrities, both Raj's parents have earned millions through their respective careers. His mother, Ja'Net DuBois, had a net worth of $2 million at her death. She amassed that sum as a successful actress and film producer. 

Ja'Net was also one of the wealthiest celebrities and actors of the 90s. By portraying Willona Woods in one of the iconic sitcoms, Good Times, she received a heft sum of $250,000 per episode. 

On the other hand, Raj's father, Sajit Gupta, amassed a crashing worth of $5 million, similar to the net worth of world-famous T.V. reporter Tyler Mathisen. By profession, he is an Indian-American businessman.

Raj Kristo Gupta's Mother, Ja'Net DuBois 

Jeannette Theresa Dubois, also known as Ja'Net DuBois, was an American-born actress, singer, and film producer. Moreover, she was well-recognized for her role as Willona Woods in the CBS sitcom "Good Times." 

Actress Ja'Net DuBois
Raj Kristo Gupta's mother, Ja'Net DuBois. (Source: Pinterest)

The 90s actress DuBois was born on August 5, 1946, in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. She was raised by her parents, Lillian Gouedy and Gordon Adelert, in Amityville, New York. She was also a singer & co-author of the American sitcom "The Jeffersons" song "Movin' on Up."

Ja'Net DuBois Started Her Career As A Stage Performer

Before achieving the legendary actor title, Ja'Net was a mere woman. Her endeavor toward becoming a successful actor started in her childhood. In her initial days, she used to act in Broadway theatre. Meantime, she played a small role in the play 'The Long Dream.'

Likewise, In 1959, DuBois acted in the play 'A Raisin in the Sun along with actor Louis Gossett Jr. After that, she appeared in the role of housekeeper in the 1963 comedy play 'Nobody Loves and Albatross. The play was shown up to June 1963. 

Following it, Ja'Net portrayed the role of Anna in the musical theatre Golden Boy, and other artists like Sammy Davis Jr., Lola Falana, Billy Daniels, and Jhonny Brown also performed in it. The play ran for two years (October 1964 to March 1966). 

Raj Kristo Gupta's Mother Movies

Ja'net DuBois was a fabulous actress who dominated the film industry over the years in her prime. Moreover, she acted in over 20 movies & 50 T.V. series. In 2003, she played the role of Momma Bosley in the action comedy film 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. The movie stars include Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lie, and Bernie Mac.

Likewise, Dubois's fantastic performance in the 1969 released movie J.T. lit the fire in the audience. She portrayed Rodeen Gamble on screen. In 2000, the actress screened the play Viola Battle in Barry Berman's movie 'Waterproof

Similarly, the 90s-adored actor Burt Reynold fulfilled the leading role, Eli Zeal, in the film. Burt's wife, Loni Anderson, is also featured in the movie.

How Did Raj Kristo Gupta's Mother, Ja'Net Dubois Die? 

The late actress, Ja'Net, died an unfortunate death on February 17, 2020. She took her final breath at her house in Glendale, California, U.S. 

Doctors, after the post-mortem, stated cardiac arrest was the reason behind Ja'Net's uncertain death. Cardiac arrest is a medically urgent condition where the victim's heart suddenly stops beating. 


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