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Actress, Author, Screenwriter (1988)
Wed Feb 08 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Rebecca Asha

Husband : Robert Rothko
Rebecca Asha took the wedding vows with Robert Rothko.

Rebecca Asha is a multi-talented woman who has worked both onscreen and offscreen. She is an actress, screenwriter, and casting director. The Australian beauty is famous for her work in the TV series Conan

She hails from New Zealand's capital city Wellington. Her date of birth is September 29, 1988.

Associated With Stop Adani Movement

Asha is not afraid of speaking her mind. She doesn't back down from fighting against what she believes is wrong. She has been very vocal regarding the 'Stop Adani' movement.

The 'Stop Adani' movement is the fight against the Adani company. The company hails from India. Adani is expanding his business and needs coal to run and sustain it. It aims to use coal from Australia, the biggest coal mine in Australia's history.

The red sign says #stop Adani with black background.
Rebecca Asha's husband, Robert Rothko, posted about Stop Adani Movement (Source: Instagram @robertrothko)

The movement has been going on for quite some time. Per the movement's official website, the action seems to be getting some success as the company has already been running the schedule for seven years.

When Adani rebranded itself to Bravus, Asha took to Twitter to bring this up. She tweeted:

In case anyone missed this in the news: #Adani has rebranded and renamed themselves #Bravus. New name, same destructive plans.

Education Background

It is not necessary for anyone entering the world of movies to take a formal education of the highest level. Yet, Asha has proved to everyone that she is not just a mere beauty but an intelligent woman.  

Asha is from New Zealand, but she did her education in Victoria in Australia. She is a graduate of the Victorian College of Arts. It is one of the faculty divisions at the University of Melbourne. The faculty, as the name suggests, specializes in arts.

She has also studied online at Princeton University. She looked at Neurons, Brain, Buddhism, and Modern Psychology. She is qualified to help people understand Neurobiology and how it works.

Has Two Pet Dogs

Rebecca Asha loves dogs and even has two pet dogs. She lives a very private life. But, just like Christian Navarro, you will find her husband posting about his dogs on social media now and then. 

One dog is sitting while the other is standing on two legs.
Rebecca Asha's pet dogs (Source: Instagram @robertrothko)

Asha's husband is seen sleeping with them, playing with them, and even singing songs with dogs sitting next to him. She adopted her dogs from Mutt Scouts. Mutt Scouts is a Dog Rescue from South California.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

Asha is a tall woman whose height pretty much meets up with the majority of film actresses. She maintains herself well, with her body looking good as always. Looks and height are not everything, but you can't help but notice how good she looks.

Asha stands at 5 feet 8 Inches (173 cm). she weighs around 66 kg (123 lbs). It gets harder to maintain yourself with age, but Asha makes it look easy. 

Supports Jacinda Ardern

By looking at Asha's actions he is not afraid of expressing her political views. Hailing from New Zealand, she supports the current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. 

Jacinda Ardern is one of the most popular Prime Ministers in the world. She is from the New Zealand Labour Party and the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is also the youngest Prime Minister country's had in 150 years.

Janice is wearing a purple coat.
New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern (Source: World Economic Forum)

She loves the Prime Minister and her political views. She has shown her support for the Prime Minister in the past. Asha once retweeted a tweet that said:

"Economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes is not success. It is failure." - Jacinda Ardern

Associated With LA Times

Rebecca Asha's writing is not only limited to screenwriting jobs. She writes for LA Times as well. The same paper Amy Kaufman reports for. Of course, she doesn't work as a journalist writing news articles. She writes for the romance column/section in the paper.

Los Angeles Times (LA Times) is one of the most popular news outlets in the USA. It is a newspaper that publishes daily and is read regularly by many people in America.

Advocates For Animal Rights

Asha's love for animals is not just limited to her pet dogs but other animals as well. She advocates for animal rights and believes they all deserve to live cruelty-free lives.

She is known for regularly donating to help the animals. She has also done a lot of voluntary work to find the right home for the animals and works on providing them with all the love and warm home they deserve.

When the Australian bush fire happened a few years ago, she worked to help all the displaced animals who lost their home. She and her husband started a relief program to support animals affected by the bush fire.

Social Media Presence

To all the people who want to learn more about Asha and her lifestyle by checking her on Instagram, you will be disappointed. She is on Instagram, but her account is private. She prefers to share her posts only with the people she wants and not with the world.

Her Instagram handles @becasha may be private, but you can check her pictures through her husband Robert Rothko's account. Her husband is posting about her at times on his Instagram handle @robertrothko.

Robert is holding her wife in a romantic way.
Rebecca Asha's with her Husband, Robert Rothko  (Source: Instagram @robertrothko)

But no need to be upset because Asha is on Twitter. She may not tweet every day, but she does sometimes, and more importantly, people who want to learn about her can do it by following her on her Twitter Handle @officialbecasha.

What Is Love Free Bird?

Love Free Bird is a small business that Rebecca Asha started. "Guided Tools For Lasting Change" as the company slogan, Love Free Bird's vision is to provide guidance that will help them expand their limited purpose in life.

It is a series of books that guides people lacking motivation. The books, as the company believes, will help add a bit of purpose to your life. Per the company's official website, Asha started this company to help people who could be stuck in the same state as she was a few years ago. 

Some time back, Asha lived abroad away from her friends and family. She left all her loved ones behind for her career. She became homesick and struggled to put her life in order. 

She paused and decided to work on herself. Looking inwards helped her battle with her anxiety and improved her self-esteem. She believes understanding oneself will help one to live a happy and purposeful life.

She seems to enjoy her small business, which will not only help her with extra money but can also help people improve their miserable life. Her journals have even been featured in LA Times and seem to be a hit. She hasn't disclosed the financial status of her company.

Married to Robert Rothko

It looks like Rebecca Asha found her soulmate in Robert Rothko. She is living a happy married life to a musician, Robert. He is also a father to her son.

Apart from music, Robert is also a humanitarian. He is an animal lover, does charities, and is vocal about climate change. He has even made a song about climate change titled Coffee. So it's not surprising why Asha fell for him. Plus, the man knows how to play the guitar.


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