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Ex-Celebrity Girlfriend (1949)
Sun Nov 13 2022
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Renee Maria Andrietti is one of the exes of the American singer and songwriter Robert Clark Seger, popularly known as Bob Seger. He is known for songs like Shakedown, Old Time Rock & Roll, and Against The Wind.

She was born on the 28th of May in 1949, which makes her a Gemini. The article focuses on the life of the former Celebrity ex-wife.

Renee Andrietti Was Relationship With Bob Seger

Renee Andrietti is not a celebrity and doesn't work in Hollywood. Her fame comes from being in a romantic relationship with singer Bob Seger.

He is singing while playing a guitar.
Bob Seger in one of his concerts (Source: Wikipedia)

There isn't much information available about their relationship. Both have chosen to keep the matter between themselves. However, many people believe that they were a thing for a year from 1968 to 1969.

The Richness Of Her Former Boyfriend Seger

Renee Andrietti prefers a private life. So, you won't hear much about her in the media. One of many things she hasn't disclosed is her wealth. However, her previous love Bob Seger is a music phenomenon.

Seger's has made a fortune through music. The Fire Lake singer's estimated net worth is around $60 million. It's not a big deal for the man who has sold millions of albums worldwide. Universal France says the Turn The Page singer has sold over 50 million albums globally. 

Besides that, the now-retired musician also made tons of money through live performances.

Seger Found Love In Juanita Dorricott

It wasn't a happy ending for Renee and her former boyfriend, Seger. Both ended their relationship and moved on with their life. Though Renee hasn't disclosed anything about her relationship, we know that Seger is living a happy married life with Juanita Dorricott.

They have been married for a long time, with the couple first exchanging their wedding vows on July 10, 1993. It took them only around two years to realize they were made for each other, as they first started seeing each other in 1991.

They are walking holding hands.
Bob Seger with his wife Juanita Dorricott (Source: Pinterest)

The wedding wasn't lavish. The private ceremony between close friends and family was held at The Village Club in Bloomfield Hills. However, this wasn't the only time he fell in love with a woman after Renee. He had previously dated Annette Sinclair and Jan Dinsdale.

Who Is Bob Seger?

Robert Clark Seger, or Bob Seger, is revered by many as one of the most influential musicians of all time. The 1945-born singer is one of the best-selling musicians of all time and has been responsible for some of the most fantastic music, like Night Moves, Like A Rock, and Roll Me Away.

He has numerous accolades to his name. He is a grammy winning musician. He was also nominated for the academy awards for his work in Beverly Hills Cop II.

The singer was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. He also has his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, a title he received in 1987.

Seger's Son Is An Award Winning Film Director

Bob Seger is a father of two. He has a daughter Samantha Char Seger. And a son Christopher Cole Seger.

They are at an event posing for the camera.
Bob Seger with his family Christopher Seger (left), Samantha Seger (middle), and wife Juanita Dorricott (Source: Pinterest)

It isn't much known about his daughter, but his son is a famous movie director. Besides directing, he is also a screenwriter and has worked on projects like The 404 Diner, Get It To The Geeks, Threshold, and Affliction.

The Time Bob Seger Landed In A Controversy

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Seger has been subject to backlash from the people in the past. The controversy came from his song; It's Your World.

The song tries to raise awareness of one of humanity's most significant challenges, i.e., the Environment. The piece attempts to remind everyone to be careful with mother nature as our resources are finite. And to save it for our future and their future.

Although many came to his defense, some people didn't like the song and criticized him for it. Regarding the controversial song, he said:

I have children, 19 and 21. It’s a finite planet. There are only so many resources. I felt like I had to write a song: let’s try to have capitalism with a conscious.

The Death Of Seger's Friend Alto Reed

Shame On The Moon singer Seger's announcement of retiring from touring shocked many people as the news came out of nowhere. People believe the death of his friend Alto Reed could be the reason for his decision.

Alto Reed was a part of his band as he played Saxophone. But more than just working together, he was a friend. He tragically passed away after falling into a long battle with cancer. 

He is playing the saxophone in the picture.
Alto Reed in one of his concerts (Source: People)

He and Alto had always worked together, so the saxophonist's death was bound to affect him. It's a shame we couldn't see more of his live performances. 

The singer discussed the decision while he sat down to speak at SiriusXM. He said:

You know, I've had a great life, oh my goodness. I loved what I did. Never worked a day in my life, really. The hard parts were sleeping in hotels, having rotten food.

Seger also mentioned the last time he talked to his late friend Alto in the interview:

I listened really hard to him. And he said 'how grateful I am for my wonderful life.' ... I thought that was so beautiful, and I thought he was so brave. I don't think I could go out without him.

Where Is Renee Today? Is She On Social Media?

Unfortunately, it is unknown to those who want to learn more about the life of Seger's ex-girlfriend Renee Andrietti. She has maintained secrecy and hasn't disclosed much about her life. She is also absent from all social media.

However, her ex-boyfriend Bob Seger is on social media. He is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. His social media pages are Instagram @bobseger, Twitter @BobSeger, and Facebook @Bob Seger.

Seger's Has A Song About Renee

Seger has written a song about his ex-girlfriend. And it involves his relationship with Renee Andrietti. It is a known fact that these two were in a relationship with each other. But, there are no details on their relationship. That was until the song Night Moves came out.

The song is based on the singer's relationship when he was young. The story behind the song is that Bob was 19 when he found himself in a relationship with Renee. Her boyfriend was serving in the military. He came back from the army, and she chose him.

The singer talked about the story while talking to Detroit Free Press. He spoke of the time his heart was broken by saying:

Her boyfriend was in the service, and when he came back, she married him. My first broken heart.

Night Moves is a song made by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band. The music video stars Marina Pearl Lablanc's father, Matt Leblanc. The song is about two young couples falling in love based on Seger's life experiences.


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