Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy Married life. Are they back together?

Fri Mar 27 2020
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Many people who are a married couple knows that it is a fun and overwhelming experience. Being married is an indication of a strong bond and faith. However, not all married people can sustain their relationship. And after so many ups and downs, the now separated couple Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy have chosen to be friends and encourage each other as they move on.

Now, let's go in details about Renee and David's Married Life. Did they share any kids? And what was the reason behind their separation?

Got Hitched in 2009

The Barstool Founder, David Portnoy, and his former wife, Renee Satherthwaite, married in 2009 after a few years of dating. They got engaged in 2008, and their wedding ceremony was held in the presence of family and friends. After their marriage, Barstool fans called Renee as the "First lady of Barstool Sports Online Community."

Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy were married from 2009 to 2017
Image: Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy together having a Cheese Plate
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Renee helped her ex-spouse Dave to expand his business empire into a million-dollar empire. During their relation, she stayed low-profile and managed Dave's business behind the background.

Besides, Renee and Dave worked together, building Foster Homes for rescued dogs. At present, Renee is a merchandise director at a company and continues to devote her time to saving and raising funds for shelter animals.

Dave and Renee's Divorce in 2017 shocked Barstool Fans

The couple who married in 2009 parted their ways in the year 2017, after eight years of togetherness. The truth is that in 2016 when Renee and David were in marital life, Dave began dating another woman, Jordyn Hamilton. He also confessed about his extra-marital relation.

Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy parted their ways in 2017 after 8 years of togetherness
Image: Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy rides horse together at Jack London State Historic 
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Then Barstool's fans started posing the question whether he and Renee were still together or not. David shared in the blog post about his marriage with his wife, where he said the two were divorced.

Also, he mentioned in the same blog post that they went off friendly and were on good terms. But, it's still uncertain if the divorce papers were ever signed why the couple says they're still on good terms.

Renee Described Dave As “Relentless”

The stunning woman was once interviewed as part of a Barstool Rise Documentary titled, "Barstool Gold." Renee is asked to explain Dave Portnoy at the end of Part 2 of the documentary.

Renee said that her partner, David, is relentless, but in the best way possible. She continued: “His relentless dedication to building this company and building the brand is like superhero status. No one else could have done what he did. 

She added more to that: Dave is probably the most loyal man you'll ever meet. If you're in the circle of Dave, he'd do something for you, everything, something. And he's still the funniest man. '

Still on Good Terms or Not? 

For now, this exes reportedly still lives in a $2 million Nantucket mansion. Plus, American Equine Buyer still goes by Renee Portnoy  (her family name is Satherthwait), which also fueled the conversation of them getting back together.

Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy still lives on the same roof
Picture: Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy's $2 Million House
Source: Boston Magazine

There is no evidence, however, that Renee and David have been divorced, whether still in a marital relationship or officially. Since the profile of Renee is private the couple can prefer to stay out of the spotlight.


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