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Sat Mar 06 2021
By   Selena

Rickey Smiley is an American stand-up comedian who is famously known for his prank phone calls. Further, he is the host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show from its flagship branch WHTA "Hot 107.9".

Since 2015, he's appearing in the reality TV series, Rickey Smiley For Real. Apart from his career, he is noted for raising ten children alone, without the help of a wife or partners. Let's dig deeper into his personal and family life.

Is Rickey Smiley Married? Know About His Guy Rumors

Rickey Smiley, the host of The Rickey Smiley Show, is reportedly unmarried. As a result, he has no wife. But how did he manage to raise over ten children as a single father?

Rickey Smiley With His Co-Workers On The Show, Rickey Smiley For Real
Caption: Rickey Smiley With His Co-Workers On The Show, Rickey Smiley For Real
Source: They BF

However, according to some reports, Smiley is divorced and prefers to keep his marital status a secret. He hasn't revealed any details about his wife or lovers to the media until now, which is very surprising. Furthermore, his dating past is shrouded in mystery. 

Once, he was rumoured to be linking with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show's co-worker, Claudia Jordan, 47. Funnyman Smiley drops clearly stated: "I don't sleep where I make money! in a  series of Real Chat episodes that aired in 2016.

Rickey Smiley and His Co-host Claudia Jourdan
Image: Rickey Smiley and His Co-host Claudia Jourdan
Source: E! Online

However, he was criticized for being gay and questioned about his sexual identity after the social networking site said he was gay. Antwaun Cook, Fantasia Barrino's baby daddy, once accused him of calling him a "Queen." It is known, however, that it was simply a spat between them.

Television host, Rickey is said to be a straight and single man.

Has Raised Ten kids As a Single Father

Being a father of ten babies isn't a joke, you must be mentally and physically strong for giving proper care and time for them. American stand-up personality Rickey is peacefully enjoying his parenthood as a single father without any partners.

Rickey Smiley Has Two Children, In Total
Image: Rickey Smiley Has Two Children
Source: Instagram@thedessencesmiley

Isn't it interesting? Though he has two biological children, he's raising 10 adoption youths in total. His biological kids, two sons named are Brandon Smiley and Malik Smiley. However, the remaining babies are said to be adopted from his nephew and nieces.

The adopted kids are D'Essence Smiley, Craig Smiley, Aaryn Smiley, and others. Sadly on July 6, 2020, he stated that his daughter, Aaryn, was shot three times during a road rage incident amid the COVID-19. 

Rickey Smiley With His Daughter, D'essence Smiley
Photo: Rickey Smiley With His Daughter, D'essence Smiley
Source: Instagram@rickeysmileyofficial

Currently, he shows how single parents manage their time for their kids on his own show, Rickey Smiley For Real. Similarly, as a black father, he appears to be very busy and content with his children. And it seems that his entire family is devoted to him.

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