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Sun Jan 01 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ron Deutschendorf

Wife : Terri Deutschendorf
Ron Deutschendorf Married To Terri Deutschendorf.

If you have ever heard the song, Take Me Home, Country Roads, then you probably know, John Denver, who is the king of American folk music and regarded as one of the best-selling artists of all time in the U.S. But, we are not talking about the greatest singer, we are here for a glimpse of his brother, Ron Deutschendorf, who is a prominent businessperson with innovative ideas to bear the risks and achieving the rewards.

The second child of late Captain Henry John "Dutch" Deutschendorf Sr., Ron gained recognition from the public because of his respective and prominent family background. And he is keeping the pride and name of his family with his prominent works for the society and nation.

Who is Ron Deutschendorf's Wife? Know His Marital Status!

The successful businessperson, Deutschendorf was keeping his marital life apart from the limelight of the media. Nevertheless, he is reportedly proclaimed as a married man. The name of his beloved wife is Terri Deutschendorf, with whom he walked down the aisle in quite nuptial many decades ago.

Ron Deutschendorf with his beloved wife, Terri Deutschendorf. How is Ron's married life going?
Picture: Ron Deutschendorf and his loving wife, Terri Deutschendorf
Source: Pinterest

The beautiful married couple has been living in a small city, san Diego near the coast of the Pacific Ocean in California since they entered into their married life. Moreover, the pair is very supportive when a problem arises and still cares about each other.

Proud to be Dad of Twin Fraternity Children

John Denver's brother, Ron found the bundle of joys when he entered into parenthood. Furthermore, he and his wife, Terri welcomed the twin fraternity sons, Henry "Hunk" Deutschendorf and Will Deutschendorf on 29th April 1988. However, one of their twin sons, Henry died at the age of 29 in 2017, due to some serious health problems.

Ron Deutschendorf honoring his brother, John Denver along with family with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on 24th October 2014 in Hollywood, California. What are Ron Deutschendorf's sons?
Photo: Ron Deutschendorf and whole family honoring his brother, John Denver on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Source: Getty Images

When Henry and Will were kids, they made their first appearance in the 1989 sequel film, Ghostbusters II. Meanwhile, Ron has two nieces, Anna Kate Denver (Denver's first marriage with Annie Martell) and Jesse Belle Deutschendorf (Denver's second marriage with Cassandra Delaney).

Ron Accused of Selling His Brother, (John Denver)' Sanctuary

After 16 years of John Denver's death, it was found that the legendary music artist's 957 acres of Colorado sanctuary was sold in 2013 in a deal with a private company for $8.5 Million deal. Later, Ron faced the accusation for selling the legacy of singer-songwriter, Denver (his brother).

Ron Deutschendorf faced accusations over the sale of his brother, John Denver's sanctuary for $8.5 Million in 2013. Did Ron Really Sold his Brother's Property for Money?
Snap: The 957 acres of Colorado property under the name of Ron Deutschendorf's brother, John Denver was sold for $8.5 Million deal and the accusation came over Ron
Source: The New York Times

In Deutschendorf's defense statement, he stated that he felt blindsided and stabbed in his back when it happened. He also said, the property of his beloved brother was like a piece of his heart, which had been sold off. Lastly, the rumor turned out to be false when he self-proclaimed the sale was not in his hands. 

What is Deutschendorf's Salary in 2021? Explore His Net Worth!

California-based businessperson, Deutschendorf is managing an accounting firm, R&R Directions, LLC since 2007. He is also serving as a chairperson and president for his late brother's organization, The Windstar Foundation since 1976.

Deutschendorf has been earning a fruitful salary from his professional works. Similarly, an R&R Directions, LLC's manager boasts a yearly income of $56,627. So, it may vary Ron's annual remuneration in the same range. He maintains a whopping net worth of $1 Million as of 2021.



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