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Sun Feb 26 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ronan Keating

Wife : Storm Keating
Ronan Keating married Storm Keating in 2015.
Ex-wife : Yvonne Connolly
Ronan Keating married Yvonne Connolly in 1998 and divorced in 2015.

Ronan Keating is a popular Irish singer responsible for songs like I Believe I Can Fly, If Tomorrow Never Comes, When You Say Nothing At All, and This I Promise You. He started out being a member of a boyband called Boyzone.

Keating's successful music career has helped him to have an estimated net worth of $30 Million. He stands at 5 Feet and 8 Inches (173 cm). He is married to Storm Keating and was previously with Yvonne Connolly before he famously cheated on her.

Relationship Timeline: Ronan Keating Is Married To Storm Keating

Ronan Keating has a woman in his life whose name is Storm Keating. The two walked down the aisle on August 17, 2015. He tied the knot with Storm the same year he officially divorced his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly. 

Storm Keating is posing with the golf stick as Ronan Keating is taking a selfie.
Ronan Keating with his wife, Storm Keating (Source: Ronan Keating Instagram @rokeating)

Ronan & Storm first met on the sets of the singing reality show, The X Factor Australia. Their marriage ceremony was special and the talk of the town when it happened. Even singer Ed Sheeran was present at their wedding and he also sang for their first dance.

Ronan's wife, Storm, is an Australian and knows how to sing. She has even performed with her husband. Besides that, she has also worked as a television producer, Designer, Blogger, and Model. Her actual name is Sharon Storm Keating.

Details On The Family

Keating's father's name is Gerry Keating and his mother's name is Marie Keating. Both of his parents were workers, his father used to work as a lorry driver and his mother used to be a mobile hairdresser.

Ronan isn't the only kid of Gerry and Marie, as he also has four siblings. He has three brothers, Ciaran Keating, Gary Keating, and Gerard Keating, and a sister, Linda Keating.

Keating's sister Linda is involved in charity work with her foundation called Marie Keating Foundation. The foundation tries to improve the life of cancer patients. We haven't found any information on his three brothers yet.

Cheated On Ex-Wife, Yvonne Connolly

Ronan Keating cheated on his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly, with a woman named Francine Cornell. Cornell was one of Keating's Backing Dancers. This was first discovered by Connolly herself through the help of phone bills.

Ronan Keating is wearing a tuxedo, Yvonne Connolly is wearing black dress, Jack is wearing grey suit, and Missy and Ali is wearing a white dress.
Ronan Keating with his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly, and his kids, Jack, Missy, and Ali Keating (Source: Irish Mirror)

Mirror, in their article, has mentioned that Connolly even tried to come in contact with the girl and succeded as she confronted Cornell in her hotel room. They had a very lengthy conversation.

Connolly left Ronan in 2010 but their divorce wasn't settled until 2015. The two had exchanged their wedding vows in 1998. What's worse for Connolly about her divorce is that she found out about this scandal right when they were about to move to a new house.

Net Worth Status: How Rich Is Ronan?

Ronan Keating has a successful music career which has helped him to have an estimated net worth of $30 Million. Similar to comedian Kathy Griffin. Popular musicians have made much money through music, tours, and album sales.

Ronan has sold a total of 20 Million records as a solo artist. His biggest album has been 10 Years of Hits, which sold over 2 Million albums. His pop group Boyband has sold more than 25 Million albums. And their album, Greatest Hits Compilation by Request, has been their best-selling work, having sold over 4 Million albums. 

Ronan's song When You Say Nothing At All is his most popular song and has over 365 Million streams on Spotify. The song also has 90 Million views on YouTube. But that's not his most viewed video because that title goes to his song If Tomorrow Never Comes which has over 91 Million views.

Father Of Five

Ronan Keating has been blessed with five kids from his two marriages. He has three daughters in Missy Keating, Ali Keating, and Coco Keating. And two sons in Jack Keating and Cooper Keating.

Ronan, Storm, Cooper, and Coco Keating are all wearing warm clothes as they are in the mountains.
Ronan Keating with his wife, Storm Keating, and kids, Cooper Keating (left) and Coco Keating (Source: Storm Keating Instagram @stormykeating)

Jack, Missy, and Ali came from his previous marriage with Yvonne Connolly. And Cooper and Coco came from his current marriage with Storm Keating. Jack is her oldest child, having been born on March 15, 1999, and Coco is his youngest, born in 2020.

Jack is also a bit of a celebrity as he recently took part in the popular British reality show Love Island. Besides that, he loves playing football and has also played in the popular Sellebrity Soccer charity. Missy works as a model and has found a bit of success. Ali is a professional horse rider.

Philanthropy Works By Keating 

When You Say Nothing At All singer Keating has been involved in numerous charity works. He loves giving back to the people and has been involved with a lot of work. His biggest one is easily the Marie Keating Foundation, a nonprofit organization named after his mother that aims to improve the life of people who are suffering from cancer.

Ronan has previously performed at the One Big No concert about anti-war and raised tons of money from it. He also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief in 2009. His actions led to the event raising over a million dollars. Besides that, he has also worked with charities like Caudwell Children, Christian Aid, FAO, Fifteen Foundation, and many others.

Keating's contribution to music and involvement in Philanthropy works saw him being honored with an honorary doctorate from an Open University. He was honored with this degree in 2022.

Career Highlights 

Keating has had a fantastic career in the music industry and was fortunate enough to have found success at a very young age. He first became famous thanks to the pop group Boyzone which debuted in 1994. He was discovered by a talent manager, Louis Walsh, when he was only sixteen

Despite the group's success, Keating decided to go on his path and began making music by himself in the same year Cinjun Tate and Alyssa Milano married and divorced, i.e., 1999. His debut solo song, When You Say Nothing At All also remains his biggest hit to this day. 

Keating's other hits include If Never Tomorrow Comes, This I Promise You, Father And Son, and much more. He has so far released twelve studio albums, four live albums, and one compilation album.

The Health Problem In Keating's Family

I Hope You Dance singer, Keating has been blessed with a loving partner and kids, the health hasn't always been on their side. His wife Storm suffers from Cauda Equina Syndrome. She couldn't feel half of her body and was paralyzed for a while.

Daily Mail reports that just two months after Storm was first diagnosed with this, his son, Cooper, also had to be taken to the hospital. The article says that he had a respiratory problem, and due to this, they had to give him oxygen. Luckily, both wife and son are safe.

Unfortunately, the same thing can't be said about Keating's mother, Marie, who lost her battle with breast cancer. She lost her life in 1998 at the age of fifty-one. Lovin' Each Day singer suffered mentally after his mother's death. 

Marie's death was also the reason that led to the start of The Marie Keating Foundation, the charity that aims to help people suffering from cancer.


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