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Sun Mar 19 2023
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Rosanna Lockwood is a renowned  American journalist who is working as a reporter for CNBC based in Singapore and London. Apart from that, she has nine years of experience in news reporting as she has worked on more than six news channels.

Rosanna was born on October 24, 1963, in Hong Kong as a British citizen but then mostly grew up in the southwest of England. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Educational Qualification

Lockwood has an undergraduate degree in English literature and Drama from the Royal Holloway University of London in 2009 and started her career in financial communications. 

Besides this Lockwood also holds a qualification in Broadcast Journalism from the London College of Communication which she did in 2013. 

Rosanna's Family

CNBC Journalist Rosanna Lockwood has a beautiful family including her pets.

She often posts pictures with her family members on her Instagram. You can find multiple pictures of her family on her social media. 

We have also presented you with a picture of her with her father John Lockwood.

Rosanna Lockwood with her dad John Lockwood.
Rosanna Lockwood with her dad John Lockwood (Image Source:Instagram @rosanna.lockwood)

Besides her lovey parents, she does have two lovely siblings, both brothers. She loves her family much and enjoys spending time with them. 

However, Rosanna hasn't disclosed her family's name apart from her father who is John Lockwood

Reads a Lot of Books

Rosanna Lockwood is very fond of books and loves to enjoy reading books during her free time and completes a book a week like Melissa Canaday. She often reads books and influences the audience to read books. 

She has read famous books such as Jessica Savitch Anchorwoman by Jessica Savitch, The Soviet Union Through the Eyes of an American by Mike Davidow, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, Billion Dollar Whale by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright, and Prisoners Geography by Tim Marshall.

Lockwood posts the books on Instagram once a week that she read. She often shares pictures of her favorite on social media. Books Lover Rosanna has once even stated that after reading a book she feels back in paradise.

Reported On Russia Ukraine War

Rosanna Lockwood loves to report on sensitive things that are going around the world. She has reported on one of the most sensitive things that are Russia Ukraine war where she talks about problems related to them. She also reported the problems and consequences faced by the people as well as the individual nation. 

Picture of Rosanna Lockwood and the famous reporter, Katy Tur.
Picture of Rosanna Lockwood and the famous reporter, Katy Tur. Image Source: Twitter @Roolockwood

She interviewed this sensitive thing with her colleague Katy Tur whose username goes by @katyturnbc on Instagram. From that report, it has been cleared that Lockwood along with Katy loves reporting sensitive things.

Social Media

Lockwood is very active on social media and often posts pictures for her fans. She has more than 26K followers on Instagram and goes by the username @rosanna.lockwood.

However, the famous reporter Rosanna is also active on her Twitter having a username @Roolockwood. She joined Twitter in May 2012 and has more than thirty-six hundred followers.

She is equally active on her Instagram as well as Twitter and influenced people through her social media sites.

Interested In Horse Polo

Polo is considered one of the most difficult sports to play. Though polo is the hardest sport, Lockwood loves to play horse polo and she seems to enjoy this sport without any worries.

Rosanna Lockwood playing Horse Polo  by wearing blue t-shirt.
Rosanna Lockwood playing Horse Polo (Image Source:@rosanna.lockwood)

Rosanna once stated on Instagram that she couldn't imagine a life without colts polo and riding. She has shared a lot of pictures on Instagram where she was doing a horse polo. From her social media, it is clear that she loves to spend her weekend doing horse polo. 

Rosanna's Relationship

Rosanna Lockwood is single as of now and there is no evidence about her affairs and current relationships. She is currently not involved in any kind of relationship. 

CNBC reporter Rosanna is more focused on her career and life and doesn't want any kind of disturbance in her life which leads her to be single. Currently, she thinks a career is more important than a relationship and is more determined for a successful life.

Know about the married life of Laura Ingraham who is also a famous journalist just like Lockwood.

Owns A Pet

Rosanna is a very caring and loving person when it comes to animals, especially cats. She owns a beautiful Chartreux breed cat and often shares pictures with her cat on her social media. These types of cats are rare.

Rosanna Lockwood with her Cat by wearing blue jeans.
Rosanna Lockwood with her Cat (Image Source:@rosanna.lockwood)

She has confirmed herself as a cat person through Twitter where she posted a picture with her cat on May 2, 2022. Cat person Rosanna loves playing with her pet. 

Apart from a cat she also owns a beautiful Lakeland Terriers dog. Lockwood has also posted pictures of her beautiful dog on her social media sites. 


We can conclude that Rosanna Lockwood loves to travel the world and discover new places. However, her interest is in horse riding and is often seen riding horses.

Rosanna Lockwood enjoying in UAE
Rosanna Lockwood enjoying in UAE (Image Source:@rosanna.lockwood)

She is the kind of person who loves to go out of her comfort zone and try out adventurous things. Outside of work, Rosanna likes to travel and has visited more than fifty countries like Dubai, Russia, Singapore, and so on. 

CNBC reporter Rosanna is a very brave and courageous woman who loves trying threatening things such as horse riding as well as traveling to new places.

Besides this Rosanna has a specialist interest in finance and business news and previously worked for Bloomberg TV in London, where she was a producer on the flagship mid-morning show. 

Concerned On Oil Price Increasing

Rosanna Lockwood owns a 2016 Jeep Renegade Limited car which costs around $15,400 and $22,400. On June 27 2022 she shared a picture with her beautiful Renegade on Twitter where she shows her concern regarding the increasing price of oil.

Picture of Rosanna Lockwood feuling her car
Picture of Rosanna Lockwood fueling her car (Image Source:@Roolockwood)

It is clear that she is really concerned about the increase in oil price and because of that, she has tweeted regarding oil inflation.


Rosanna is an experienced television news presenter, producer, and editor, comfortable working in live and breaking news environments. Lockwood is British and began her career as a reporter and producer for BBC, Bloomberg, and ITN in London in 2013. 

Later she moved to the UAE where she worked as a freelance television news correspondent for Reuters, and then there interviewed many high-ranking government officials and businessmen for the live conference. She did this for two years.

Lockwood also spent two years as an anchor for 24 hours news network which is in Moscow. She used to present live coverage of breaking stories for the audience. Not only this she has traveled widely and can speak Russian.

Net Worth And Salary 

Rosanna Lockwood is a reporter for CNBC based in Singapore, covering headline business and financial news stories, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million making her the very few millionaires among the reporter just like, Frances Rivera.

Picture of Rosanna Lockwood's bedroom
Picture of Rosanna Lockwood's bedroom (Image Source:@rosanna.lockwood)

Her major source of income is her career as a correspondent and anchor. She is serving as the reporter and the producer for the BBC, Bloomberg, and ITN in London as well as a freelancing television news correspondent for Reuters that is earning a thousand dollars. Lockwood earns a salary of about $70 thousand.

As we all know that Rosanna earns a thousand dollars and makes a good income by reporting she lives a luxurious life owning many houses and cars. Along this, she has a happy and prosperous life fulfilling her basic as well as additional needs.

Physical Appearance

Famous reporter Lockwood is a very health-conscious woman who is very fit and good-looking. She has a pretty face with brown long hair and beautiful black eyes.

Rosanna having a good time wearing beautiful red dress
Rosanna having a good time (Image Source:@rosanna.lockwood)

Rosanna stands at a decent height of 5  feet 5 inches (165 cm) whereas she has disclosed her body size as well as weight and doesn't have any kind of tattoos on her body.

Interviewed Former President of Estonia

Rosanna Lockwood has interviewed many celebrities, businessmen, and high government officials. She has also taken interviews with the Former President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid who served as the fifth president of Estonia between 2016 and 2021. 

Lockwood even posted a full interview with President Kersti Kaljulaid on Twitter, and YouTube. Then there she talked about the taxing with the former President. 

Lockwood's Colleagues

AS we all know that Rosanna is a well-recognized reporter who works for CNBC. Till now she has done reporting on many sensitive things with her colleague Joumanna Bercetche and Karen Tso

Rosanna did her first time coanchoring with Joumanna Bercetche on July 8 2022 whereas Lockwood and Karen did share their first stage on set as UK politics. They shared their posts on Twitter on July 7, 2022. 

We can see the collaboration of Lockwood with her colleague Joumanna Bercetche and Karen Tso on their Twitter as well as Youtube where they did an excellent job.

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