Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker Dating Life

Thu Feb 20 2020
By   Bibek

Is Rosario Dawson still dating Cory Booker? The question looms over Dawson after she clarifying her sexuality in an interview with Bustle. Dawson says her relationship is still going strong with Cory even if she considers herself not entirely straight.

Rosario announced her romantic affair with Booker in March 2019 publicly. The duo is still going strong, Dawson says while discussing her love for Cory and her daughter, adopted Lola Dawson. So' are the Pair planning a wedding secretly? To find out read along.  

Cory's Feeling Butterfly in the Stomach, When asking for Rosario's Number!

Bless to The Wendy Williams Show, the world could witness the love and respect that Senator Cory Booker has for the actress. While the Senator planned to discuss marijuana and gun control policies, the host had other topics to talk about.

Rosario Dawson with her boyfriend Cory Booker at an event
Image: Rosario Dawson and her boyfriend Cory Booker 
Source: People

Answering to the host, Booker remembered the amazing night at the fundraising event when he first had a glimpse of a beautiful actress. The duo met again at the rooftop party hosted by Sarah Silverman' it was as if the forces wanted them to be together.

Like every other man who falls in love, Cory went through a similar phase. He struggled when asking for her phone number which is not a usual situation for the senator. By mustering up all the courage he could find, the senator finally asked for her number and the rest is history.

Booker's Plan for Marriage with Rosario, Says, "she's Special" 

Here comes the big question, when are they getting married? It looks like every person who knows them wants the duo to exchange wedding vows. In the same interview, Wendy put Booker in the spot by asking him his marriage plans with Dawson.

To answer that, Cory says, he has hope and the bond between them is very special. He, furthermore, hinted about proposing his girlfriend in the future by talking about a wedding ring. The senator wants to keep the ceremony small and tasteful.

Rosario is a righteous activist and works to empower women. The actress owns a fashion line in Africa for her cause about empowering women. Senator Booker is very much aware of that and wants to get Dawson something that reflects her values.

People Questioning Rosario's Sexuality! Did She Come Out of the Closet?    

The Unstoppable actress has never dated any women so far. So her Instagram post in 2018 confused a lot of people. Even at the moment, she is in strong love life with Cory Booker. 

YouTube video of Rosario Dawson confirming her love for Cory Booker!!!

Her Instagram caption looked like this,

"happy pride month! Sending love to my fellow lgbtq+ homies. keep being strong in the face of adversity. loud & proud".

While talking to Bustle, Dawson said, she never came out like most people but the actress is now. Being in love with Booker made her inspect herself. The mainstream media identifies her as bisexual like Shannon Purser because of the way she talks. But even today, the actress has not confirmed or denied her sexuality.


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