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Wed Jul 12 2023
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Ruby da Cherry, whose original name is Aristos Norman Petrou, is a popular American rapper and music artist. The general public knows him for being one-half of the hip-hop duo Suicideboys established in 2014 with his cousin Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr

Ruby da Cherry has released several songs and albums as a part of the hip-hop duo Suicideboys. He and $crim have collaborated with several music artists like Juicy J and Diplo having notable songs like Joan of Arc, Freaky, and Zuccenberg among others.

Is Ruby da Cherry Still Single? Unveiling The Rapper's Relationship Status

Ruby da Cherry is most likely flying solo and doesn't share a romantic relationship with someone. He probably would like to keep the details of his romantic relationship under tight wrap.

Ruby da Cherry maintains a private stance when it comes to his relationship status. Fans and followers are left to wonder about the mysterious rapper's love life, fueling curiosity and intrigue.

Ruby da Cherry is presently single and doesn't have a romantic partner.
Ruby da Cherry is presently single and doesn't have a romantic partner. (Source: Instagram @ suicideleopard)

There are no details to cover about Ruby da Cherry's past relationship on the Internet. He also has shared minimal on social media handles which narrows the source to know his partner.

Ruby da Cherry has a steadfast dedication to his craft and a focus on his music. Likewise, he chooses to prioritize his career over divulging details about his romantic relationships as of now.

Ruby da Cherry's Hidden Fortune: What Is His Net Worth Revealing?

Ruby da Cherry has amassed a substantial net worth of at least $500 thousand which is similar to Michaela Küfner. He has earned being one half of the dynamic music duo $uicideboy$ and through his successful fortune made in the music industry.

Ruby da Cherry has contributed to the $uicideboy$ massive popularity and their loyal fanbase. According to Social Blade, they make $15.1K to $242.3K monthly and $181.7K to $2.9M yearly through their official music channel on Youtube. 

The  $uicideboy$ Ruby da Cherry and $crim during one of their concerts.
The  $uicideboy$ Ruby da Cherry and $crim during one of their concerts. (Source: Pinterest) 

Ruby da Cherry and his partner possibly share equal money through royalties of their songs available on Spotify. Furthermore, $uicideboy$ has over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify with over a billion streams of their songs earning hefty money. 

Ruby da Cherry being part of $uicideboy$ also earns through their concerts and tours in different parts of the world. However, the details of his other income-adding ventures, assets, and real estate properties are unknown exploring the public domains.  

The Details Of Ruby da Cherry's Bio 

As noted earlier, Ruby da Cherry's birth name is Aristos Norman Petrou born on April 22, 1989. Aristos's parents are Pavlos Petrou and Kellie Petrou-Harrison who raised him in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Aristos's father Pavlos was a former association football head coach at Mount Carmel Academy and his mother Kellie was a housemaker. They possibly have maintained a low-key profile staying away from the reach of unnecessary media attention. 

Aristos Norman Petrou aka Ruby da Cherry is the son of Pavlos Petrou and Kellie Petrou-Harrison.
Aristos Norman Petrou aka Ruby da Cherry is the son of Pavlos Petrou and Kellie Petrou-Harrison. (Source: Instagram @ suicideleopard)

Ruby da Cherry developed a passion for making music at the age of three and creating music in later years. He even learned to play violin, bass, and guitar by the age of ten. It was clear that his career would decline toward music from childhood. 

In addition, The 5 feet 8 inches Ruby da Cherry is not the only child of his parents and has shared two other siblings. They are Alexi Petrou and Sophia Petrou but the information on their personal life is unidentified glancing through the Internet. 

A Short Introduction To Ruby da Cherry's Hip-hop Music Band

Ruby da Cherry is the band member of the hip-hop duo $uicideboy$ which was founded in 2014. He and his cousin Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr aka $crim were the ones establishing the band with the serious motive of pursuing a musical career. 

$uicideboy$ has a unique style that merges hip-hop with a punk and occult aesthetic featuring music with dark rhymes over glitch-trap beats. I Want to Die in New Orleans was their debut studio album released on September 7, 2018.

$uicideboy$ has released several Eps with Ying Yang Tapes Winter Season(1989-1990) being their latest release. Some of their popular songs are Antarctica, Paris, and And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around having 514 million streams on Spotify. 

Ruby da Cherry and $crim has its own label G*59 Records and their music is distributed by Virgin Music Label & Artist Services. They are a unique and popular duo in the underground rap scene, with a cult following and millions of streams.

The Tattoos Of Ruby da Cherry

People search extensively for the tattoo of Ruby da Cherry in the public domain having some curiosity. Most rap artist inks tattoo on their body and he is no exception has several tattoos on his body having a Latin tattoo on his neck.

Ruby da Cherry has inked tattoos on both of his hands.
Ruby da Cherry has inked tattoos on both of his hands. (Source: Pinterest)

Ruby da Cherry has some letters inked on his forehead and a devil tattoo on his right thigh with a Signature tattoo on his right thumb. He also has a DEAD BY DAWN tattoo on his left knee with Letter tattoos on his fingers including a Skeleton tattoo on his left elbow.

Similarly, Ruby da Cherry's bandmate $crim also has inked some tattoos on his body including some patterns on his face. $crim's upper part of the body including both hands is covered with tattoos but the meaning behind them is not shared right now. 

The Social Media Presence Of Ruby da Cherry

Ruby da Cherry does have a social media platform and can be said to have an active social media presence. He connects and engages with fans through the use of his social handles. 

You can find Ruby da Cherry active on all the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He is found under the username @ sucideleopard on Instagram with over 1 million followers. 

Overall,  Ruby da Cherry has utilized the social media platform to update on his personal life and music. He has built a huge fanbase in the digital world along with his successful music career. 

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