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Army (1928)
Wed May 31 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Rudy Boesch

Wife : Marge Boesch
In 1995, Rudy Boesch married Marge. Rudy and Marge had been married for 53 years until he died in 2007. Marge loved and supported him wholeheartedly. Above all, she was a self-sufficient person.

Rudy Boesch is a well-known Reality Star. Boesch served in the United States Navy for 45 years, first as a UDT Frogman and then one of the first Naval Special Warfare operators when SEAL Team TWO was formed. 

Boesch served two combat deployments to Vietnam between 1968 and 1970. Boesch was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism throughout over 45 combat actions.

Death And Obituary

Rudy Boesch is no more with us as he left us a few years ago. His family announced his death on November 1, 2019, at the age of 91, from complications linked with dementia/ Alzheimer's. Patty and Barbara were with him when he died.

The Survivor star's family held his funeral in Virginia. Likewise, his grave is in Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach City, Virginia, the United States. 

Who Is Rudy Boesch's Wife? 

Rudy Boesch married Marge in 1995. Rudy and his wife Marge had been married for 53 years when he passed away in 2007. Marge adored and supported him unconditionally. Above all, she was a self-sufficient individual.

Rudy Boesch is happily married to his spouse Marge Boesch
Rudy Boesch is married to his wife Marge Boesch for many years.
Source: Petty Officer John Suits' Instagram (@pettyofficersuits)

The former Navy Seal has three daughters: Ellen M. Boesch, Patty B. Messerian, and Barbara B. Schlatter. Ellen M. Boesch is the oldest of the three girls.

Following his third-place finish on Survivor: Borneo, he divided his prize money with Marge's wife.

Rudy Boesch's Net Worth

Rudy Boesch's main source of income is as a Reality Star. Rudy Boesch had an estimated net worth of $2 million just like Cyron Melville. Rudy, 72, was the most experienced contestant on the first season of Survivor, finishing in third place. Chad Hiltz's total net worth is estimated to be more than $800,000, which is more than another television star Terricka Cromartie whose total wealth is estimated to be in few thousand dollars.

Rudy Boesch holds a net worth of $2 million
Rudy Boesch had a net worth of $2 million.
Source: Tribal Council Blog's Instagram (@tribal_council_blog)

Throughout the mid-year of 2000, unscripted television competition received one of the first-class appearances on American television. Boesch became the show's most renowned member due to his gruff demeanor, harsh demeanor, and politically incorrect Rudyisms

Most significantly, after competing on Survivor: All-Stars at 75 years old, Boesch broke the age record once again. However, he gained notoriety when he appeared in other TV shows, including Combat Missions as the show's presenter in 2002.

Rudy Boesch's Medals

Rudy Boesch between Vietnam deployments, Boesch bobsled for the USTV Navy. One was at Lake Placid, New York, in early 1970. Boesch also bobsleds with the Adirondack Hurricane Bobsled Club in Lake Placid.

Boesch established physical and operational standards at SEAL Team Two during and after Vietnam. General James J. Lindsay, the inaugural Commander-in-Chief of Special Operations Command (SOCOM), chose BMCM Boesch as SOCOM's first Senior Enlisted Advisor. Boesch was formerly the Chief SEAL (a.k.a. Bullfrog), the longest-serving SEAL currently active. On August 1, 1990, he retired as a command master chief petty officer and was given the Defense Superior Service Medal.

Rudy Boesch Was The Oldest Member in Survivor  

Rudy Boesch was one of the last three contestants on Survivor: Borneo, however, he was ousted from the season's final immunity task after he accidentally slipped his hand off the idol the competitors had to keep their hands on, and Kelly Wiglesworth then voted him out. 

He made his appearance on Survivor: All-Stars in 2004. Boesch was the oldest competitor ever, at the age of 75. Due to a lack of strength and an injured ankle, he has been voted the second person in the program.

Survivor Seasons

Rudy Boesch, in 2000, featured as Rear Admiral (and then-JAG chief) AJ Chegwidden's Navy SEAL instructor in the JAG TV episode The Princess and the Petty Officer. Boesch presented Combat Missions, a reality series created by Mark Burnett that aired on the USA Network in 2002

Poster of Secrets of Survivor
Poster of Secrets of Survivor 
Source: theblindsidechronicles's Instagram (@theblindsidechronicles)

The Book of Rudy (ISBN 1-58062-613-0) is a book written by Boesch that includes his views on various subjects. He's also on a Survivor slot machine, which displays a clip of him from the program if you hit his bonus.


Rudy Boesch was born on January 20, 1928, in Rochester, New York, USA. He is Clara Boesch's and August Boesch's son. Rudy's mother was a housewife, while his father was a butcher. During World War I, his father also served in the German Army. Rudy drew a lot of influence from his father.

In Rochester, he attended a Catholic elementary school. Boesch's father served in the German Army during World War I, which inspired him to join the military.

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