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Actress (1983)
Thu Jan 05 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Rukiya Bernard

Husband : P. J. Prinsloo
Rukiya Bernard married to P. J. Prinsloo on 2000.

Rukiya Bernard is a famous Canadian versatile actress. She is well known for her work in the Psychological drama Yellowjackets (2021).

Bernard was born on January 20, 1983, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is very famous for her other role in Nancy Drew (2019). Also, she is also a well-known writer, producer, and interior designer.

Family Details

Talking about Bernard's parents, her father is Gilbert Bernard, and her mother is Nyakiringa Magugu. She grew up under the supervision of his parents during his childhood.

Bernard's father Gilbert Bernard is a car wash owner and her mother is an African art store owner. Moreover, she has not shared much information about her parents and siblings on any social media for now.

Physical Appearance

Rukiya Bernard is about 5 feet 6-inch (167cm) tall woman and her weight is about 65 kg. She looks very pretty with her dark brown color hair and very attractive dark eyes.

Rukiya Bernard with Her Amazing Looks (Source: Rukiya Bernard's Instagram)

She looks very fit and goes to the gym regularly. She is very health conscious and cares about her looks and appearance. Bernard's hip size is 35 inches and her waist size is 24 inches.

Has a Sister

Talking about Bernard's siblings, she has only a sister whose information is still behind the curtains. 

However, she has not revealed ever her sister's name or any sort of other information regarding her sister on any of her social media.

Relationship Status

Rukiya Bernard is a married woman, living a happy married life with her husband, P. J. Prinsloo who is a South African actor. They got married in the year 2000.

Details regarding  Bernard's marriage, marriage place, and husband's family are still behind the curtains. She shared her husband's picture on March 23, 2012, after twelve years of her marriage.

About Bernard's Husband

P. J. Prinsloo is a very famous South African actor who was born on February 6, 1978, in Cape Town, South Africa. He is very famous for the role of Chris Laidlaw in the TV show Edgemont (2000-2004).

Rukiya Bernard looks Stunning in her White Dress (Source: Rukiya Bernard's Instagram)

Prinsloo's full name is Peter John Prinsloo. He also performed a lot of great roles in different movies and TV shows like Black Rain, The Music Teacher (2012), When Sparks Fly (2014), Disturbing behavior (1998), etc.

He is an actor as well as a social worker. Prinsloo worked as a social justice youth facilitator since 1999. He attends a lecture about anti-violence and anti-racism courses in British Columbia schools since 1998.

Mother of Two Children

The beautiful couple bernard and P. J. Prinsloo will spend twenty-two years together at the end of 2022. They have two children, a son, and a daughter. Their eldest child is a daughter, born on  May 01, 2010.

The couple has not shared any detail about their children and has not even revealed their's names of the children but we do know that both of their children grew up with a lot of love and care. Bernard is from the rich family background. Their children had luxurious life and did not struggle that much in their study life and daily life.

Education Qualification

Bernard is a very hardworking, well-educated, and well-trained woman. She frequently participates in a lot of programs organized by her college.

However Bernard's high school information is unknown, she completed his graduation and applied to Ryerson University for admission to the theater program.

Career Outset

Rukiya Bernard is a brilliant actress as well as a good interior designer. She does not work more in interior design although she has a skill in interior designing. She decided to make her career in acting.

Rukiya Bernard with stars cast of Christmas In Evergreen (Source: Rukiya Bernard's Instagram)

Acting is her passion since her childhood. Later she made her passion her major profession. Bernard started to perform in a lot of TV shows during her study life.

She got a lot of love, care, and support during her acting career from her parents and friends.

Movies and TV Shows

As we know Bernard is a brilliant versatile actress, she performed a lot of roles in a lot of different movies and TV series. He is very hardworking at her work.

Yellowjacket, Family Law, Nancy Drew, Molly of Denali as Violetta, and Android Employed, are some popular TV shows (Series) of Bernard.

One Winter Wedding, Hearts of Winter, Breed, Just the Way You Are and The Music Teacher, are some popular TV movies and roles played by Bernard.

Bernard In The Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets is a psychological drama series in which Bernard played the great role of Simone. 

The series Yellowjackets has a psychological horror story. The story is basically about a group of sports players who died in a plane crash due to the cold climate. It is also about why cannibalism and how cannibalism.

Rukiya Bernard with stars cast of One Winter Weekend  (Source: Rukiya Bernard's Instagram)

The first episode of the series Yellowjackets was released on November 14, 2021. The series has only one season with ten episodes now. The last episode of the series was released on January 16, 2022, and the second season of the series is releasing very soon.

Bernard In Supernatural

Supernatural is another TV series in which Bernard performed the roles of two characters in two different seasons. She appeared in the role of Camille Thibodeaux in the season 7 "The Mentalists" and in the role of Mia Vallens in the Season 13 episode "The Big Empty".

The series is about two brothers Dean and Sam, who follow in their father's footsteps. The story of the series says that they fight against monsters, demons, and other supernatural entities which exist on earth and are harmful to the earth's people.

Net Worth

As we know Rukiya Bernard is a successful film and TV series actress, so her primary source of income is acting. She has earned a lot of amounts from her acting career. 

There's a little difficult to find Bernard's monthly salary. But the total net worth of Bernard is estimated at about $2 million. Knowing her total net worth as well as her husband's net worth she seems to live in a luxury house.

Talking about Bernard's husband Prinsloo's net worth, he is a successful actor so his primary source of income is acting.

Her total net worth is estimated at about $3 million. He has not any interest in houses and cars. Prinsloo frequently donates money to charities and social organizations.

Social Media

Talking about Bernard's activeness on social media, she is available on different social media platforms and Instagram is one of them. She is followed by more than 11K followers on her Instagram profile, rukiya.bernard.

Rukiya Bernard with two actors in the series Nacy Drew.(Source: Rukiya Bernard's Instagram)

Moreover, she has above 300 posts and she often posts her daily activities on her Instagram account. 

Active on Twitter and Facebook

Bernard is also available on Twitter with the username RukiyaBernard. She is followed by more than 4K adherents on her Twitter profile. She is truly very cordial to her fans and often replies to their comments

Bernard is also active on Facebook like on other social media, Instagram and Twitter. Moreover, she has above 1.3k followers on Facebook, RukiyaBernard.

Van Helsing - Bernard's Top-Rated Series

Van Helsing is another very popular rated series in which, Bernard performed a great role of Doc. It is a fantasy horror drama TV series. The story is about vampires and their consternation and the series is based on a comic.

The first episode of the series was released on July 31, 2016. The series has a total of five seasons and a total of sixty-five episodes. The series' last episode was released on June 25, 2021. Additionally, the series was released on Netflix on April 16, 2022.

Van Helsing is wrapped in five seasons with sixty-five episodes so, there is no chance to release its sixth season.

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