Ryan Haywood

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Actor, YouTuber (1980)

If you are used to watching videos on Twitch, Ryan Haywood must not be a new name. Ryan is a well-known American Animator, editor, producer, technical director of the 10th season of Red vs. Blue. 

Ryan was also a staff member of the Machinima production company Rooster Teeth. He is living a happy life through his successful career. Haywood has worked extensively with Rooster Teeth for 9 years. 

Married to High School Sweetheart 

Not everyone gets to be with love from childhood. Ryan is among those who are married to the first love of their life. Ryan is married to his high school sweetheart, Dr. Laurie Higginbotham. Ryan tied his wedding knot with Laurie in 2007.

Ryan Haywood wife
Image: Ryan is a famous Twitch Streamer for Teeth Rooster
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The love birds had been dating for several years before tying their wedding knot. The duo had a private wedding ceremony. Only a few members from both the families and some close friends attended the ceremony. 

As non of them were in the limelight at the time of their wedding so, much information about them is not available in the media. Both of them seem to be very much supportive of each other. 

Father of Two Children

Yes, It is a matter of fact. Ryan is a proud father of two beautiful children. The love birds were very much early in their career at the time of their wedding. So, they did not have any children.

Ryan Haywood children
Image: Ryan along with his two children
Source: Twitter @ Ryan Haywood

In 2011, The family of two extended to three after welcoming Eli to the family. Then, In the mid-2013, Ryan opens about expecting a baby soon. In October 2013, The duo was blessed with another child, Olivia

Ryan seems to be very much supportive of his children. His children are a regular guest to his Twitch Streams. His wife, Laurie, is a veterinarian. He is also a pet owner, with several dogs and cats in his home.

Ryan Haywood's Career

Ryan started his career in 2014 after joining Rooster Teeth Studios. Ryan joined the Rooster Teeth to run their website and work on their new Game Fails YouTube channel, which he still does today. Ryan was one of the main hosts and dominant cast members at Achievement Hunter. 

Ryan began streaming on Twitch on April 30, 2016, under the channel SortamaliciousGaming. He is the first Achievement Hunter to become the Minecraft King more than once. He is actually the third Achievement Hunter to be hired but served behind the Game Fails Channel scenes.

Net Worth And Salary

Ryan Haywood has an estimated net worth of more than $2 Million. He credits most of his net worth through his successful career in a decade-long career in Twitch. Ryan worked as a professional male gnome model and pool cleaner, starring in Twist magazines while in high school. Kelsey Impicciche is another rising American streamer with a net worth of $500,000.

Ryan Haywood Net Worth
Image: Ryan has a net worth of more than $2 Million
Source: Nomad

Besides his work on Achievement Hunter, Ryan was also the voice actor for Professor Peter Port in RWBY, Lieutenant John Elizabeth Andersmith in Red vs. Blue and The Mad King on X-Ray and Vav, as well as regular appearances on the gaming podcast The Patch and its reboot of sorts, "Glitch Please."

Ryan Haywood, Early Life

Ryan Haywood was born as James Ryan Haywood on December 6, 1980, in Columbus Georgia. He seems to be the only child born to his parents. Ryan did not come from a reputed family, so his early life information is not available on the Internet.

Ryan graduated from Georgia Tech University and also went to college at Georgia Southern University. He later went to study abroad in England in Europe, getting degrees in Theater and Computer Animation.

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