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Comedian, Actress, Writer (1985)
Wed Feb 08 2023
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Sabrina Jalees is a Canadian comedian, actress, writer, and producer famous for her standup in the sixth episode of the first season of Netflix's original comedy show, The Comedy Lineup. She is also acknowledged for her role as Dr. Lexie Gilani in the sitcom series Carol's Second Act and Sarah in 2015's Romance/Drama Portrait of a Serial Monogamist. 

Sabrina was appointed as one of the four Canadian reality show Roast Battle Canada judges. She has also made her appearance in the TV show Would I Lie To You as the Panel Team captain and Family Feud with Steve Harvey. 

Furthermore, Sabrina was born on April 19, 1985, in Toronto, the capital of Ontario, Canada, to a Muslim family. She did her alma mater from Ryerson University with Bachelors in Radio and Televison Arts program. 

Is Sabrina Jalees Homosexual?

Yes, the standup comedian Sabrina Jalees is officially a lesbian and uses she/her as her pronoun. She shared her struggle story as a lesbian in a Muslim family in a sarcastic way in her standup comedy tour "Brownlisted" in 2013.

Photo of Sabrina Jalees wearing white tops with blue check pant
Photo of Sabrina Jalees wearing white tops along with a blue check pant (Image Source: Twitter @SabrinaJalees)

It is believed that being a homosexual in the Muslim religion is a major sin. Thus, Sabrina was avoided by her parents and liked to keep her gender identity a secret. But later, when Sabrina grew up and was enlightened by her rights, she didn't prefer to keep it a secret and started supporting the LGBTQ+ community. 

Sabrina Jalees Married Shauna McCann In 2012

Sabrina is in a relationship with Shauna McCann, an American professional fashion stylist and costume designer. Her projects include an HBO Max Pilot presentation, Amazon and Mountain Dew commercials, and an Award-winning Film Festival short. 

Sabrina Jalees and her wife Shauna McCann
Sabrina Jalees and her wife Shauna McCann (Image Source: Instagram @sabrinajalees)

After dating for almost four years, Shauna and Sabrina decided to walk down the aisle on September 1, 2012. They first met in mid-2008 and started dating after a few months. Sabrina claimed on her social.

In addition, Sabrina; claimed when she met Shauna for the first time, she immediately started to joke about Shauna being her wife because she fell for her at their first meeting. 

Recently on Shauna's birthday, Sabrina posted their photo and captioned, 

You are truly incredible and on this day I say thank you to the universe for sending us this glow-in-the-dark precious crystal of a soul

Sabrina & Shauna Has A Son

Carol's Second Act actress Sabrina is a lovely mother of a wonderful child, Wolfie, with her wife, Shauna McCann. However, she prefers to be called "Daddy" rather than "Mommy". 

Sabrina Jalees with her wife Shaunna McCann and son Wolfie
Sabrina Jalees with her wife Shauna McCann and son Wolfie (Image Source: Instagram @sabrinajalees)

Wolfie was born on September 2019 in Ontario, Canada. The mommy fashion stylist Shauna took the help of a Mexican sperm donor named Ricky. 

In one of her standups, Sabrina said they were going to use the sperm of her brother to make a child, which is biologically related to both Sabrina and Shauna. But later rejected the idea. 

Net Worth: How Rich is Sabrina?

Sabrina's twenty years career as a television personality and fifteen years as an actress made a good fortune for her living. As per the latest research, the estimated net worth of Sabrina Jalees is $1 million.

Most of Sabrina's wealth comes from reality TV shows, her profession as an actress, her writings, and her live shows. She has also produced a number of episodes of TV series like Harley QuinnBig Mouth, and Roast Battle Canada, which have grossed a decent amount of box office. 

Compared to other comedian celebrities like Billy Gardell, a net worth of $1 million is not a massive amount. Yet Sabrina is living a comfortable life of a millionaire with her beloved wife and child. 

Career As a Televison Personality

Roast Battle Canada judge Sabrina, made her first television appearance in the Canadian show Comey Now! in 2001. Four years later, she got the opportunity to play the role of Sarah in the movie Mom at Sixteen

Due to her extraordinary comedian skill, she was chosen as the judge of the satirical show Video on Trial in 2005. 

Sabrina Jalees on Netflix Original's The Comedy Lineup
Sabrina Jalees on Netflix Original's The Comedy Lineup (Image Source:

Along with casting on TV series like FlashpointTake My WifeBaroness Von Sketch ShowCarol's Second Act, and Search Party, Sabrina also continued her passion as a comedian. In 2015, she appeared as a comedian in Just for Laughs: All-Access and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

At this stage of her life, she had already made herself a household TV personality, but in 2018 her standup show in Netflix's original The Comedy Lineup gave her more recognization. 

Sabrina As a Writer & Story Editor 

Apart from acting and comedy, Sabrina has also established herself as a writer and producer like Kevin Meaney. She has been an executive story editor, contributing writer, and story scribe for several episodes of popular TV series. 

Sabrina's first official work as a writer was the seventh episode of the first season of In Real Life in 2009. She has written a couple of episodes of Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock and the TV series Search Party. 

In addition, Sabrina served as a story editor and contributing writer for ten episodes of the 2017's sitcom Powerless and more than fifteen episodes for the sketch comedy Baroness Von Sketch Show.

Podcast: The Goodie Goodie With Sabrina Jalees

The Canadian standup comedian Sabrina hosts her podcast, The Goodie Goodie with Sabrina Jalees. The podcast has more than fifty-five episodes and has a healthy amount of listeners. 

Photo of Sabrina's official podcast The Goodie Goodie with Sarina Jalees
Sabrina's official podcast The Goodie Goodie with Sarina Jalees (Image Source:

The Goodie Goodie revolves around a friendly conversation between Sabrina and her favourite comedians' comedy and life's ebbs and flows. Several popular comedians like Mo Welch, Rhea Butcher, Punam Patel, Mae Martin, and many more have made their appearances in the podcast The Goodie Goodie

Presence In Social Media

Take My Wife actress Sabrina is not a full-time social media influencer but has a decent amount of fan following across various online social networks. 

Her Instagram @sabrinajalees has over 40K followers. She doesn't make any content but uses these platforms to save her beautiful mesmerizing memories with her wife, child, and other daily activities. 

Sabrina also has a verified Twitter handle @SabrinaJalees, with over 16K followers. Also, she has a YouTube channel under her name, where she used to post her standups and vlogs, but the channel has been dead for more than seven years. 


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