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Elementary Teacher (1978)

Relationship Timeline Of sabrina mcgillivray

Husband : Scott McGillivray
Sabrina McGillivray took her wedding vows to Scott McGillivray in 2009.

Among the people who came to fame with their relationships, one of such beloved personas of the people is Sabrina McGillivray. She is a Canadian lady who gained fame as the wife of the Canadian entrepreneur Scott McGillivray who is also the host of the Canadian HGTV show Income Property.

Born on 19 October 1978, Sabrina is a Canadian national who hails from Maple, Ontario. Professionally, she is an elementary school teacher. However, she is also a part-time home renovator assistant and helps her husband, Scott, with household decorations and renovations.

Marriage With Scott McGillivray

The couple, Sabrina McGillivray and Scott McGillivray got married in 2008. They got married to each other after a couple of years of dating. Just like the couple itself, their first meeting was also adorable.

Scott McGillivray celebrated his 11th anniversary on his social media.
Scott McGillivray celebrated his 11th anniversary on his social media. Source: Instagram@scott_mcgillivray

According to sources, the couple met on a beach while they were both on vacation. Scott apparently asked Sabrina to join him to play a volleyball game. However, Sabrina denied Scott's proposal at the time. But then, they met the same evening again incidentally, and Scott asked her to have a drink with him. He reports that it was "love at first sight."

A Quick Tour At Sabrina & Scott's House

Scott and Sabrina moved to their new Forever Home last fall in Canada. Though the exact location was not revealed by Scott to maintain privacy, the entire close-up of the house was documented and aired as Moving the McGillivray on HGTV Canada.

Sabrina McGillivray and Scott McGillivray's new house. Source: scottmcgillivray

They have a gorgeous kitchen, a master suite, a playroom for the kids, a workshop for Scott himself, and a beautiful space for Sabrina.

Education Qualifications  

As a teacher, Sabrina is a proper supporter of getting a college education. She herself obtained two Bachelor's certifications, first a Bachelor of Arts from York University in Toronto and a Bachelor of Science and Education degree from Medaille College in Buffalo, USA.

True to her Catholic heritage, Sabrina went to the St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School. She actually teaches in a Catholic elementary school.

How Many Kids Does Sabrina Have?

Sabrina is a mother to two children. Both of them are girls. Their names are Layla Chole McGillivray and Myah McGillivray. The girls are two years apart in age.

Sabrin McGillivray with her kids.
Sabrin McGillivray with her kids. Source: Instagram@scott_mcgillivray

Sabrina had her first baby about three years after her wedding. She has maintained a stunning figure even after two pregnancies.

Early Life & Parents Details

Sabrina's full name is Anna Sabrina Deacetis. She was born in the beautiful city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Her parents are Danny Deacetis and Lucy Cassullo Deacetis. But, according to some sources, her mother, Lucy, sadly passed away in 2018. 

However, Sabrina has never provided any verification of this news. She also has a brother named Carmen Deacetis. Sources suggest that her family is practicing Christians and of the Roman Catholic faith. They are members of St. David’s Roman Catholic Church.

Sabrina's grandparents are Assunta and Alberico Cassullo from her mother's side, whereas Anna and Carmine Deacetis are from her father's side.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Scott McGillivray's Wife? 

The net worth of the elementary teacher, Sabrina McGillivray, is estimated to be around $200 thousand, the same as the newscaster Manuel Bojorquez. As a teacher in an upscale Catholic District School, Sabrina is paid more than teachers in public schools. 

Sabrina McGillivray and Scott McGillivray playing with their kids.
Sabrina McGillivray and Scott McGillivray playing with their kids. Source: Instagram@scott_mcgillivray

Moreover, her husband, Scott McGillivray, is a well-renowned real estate agent with an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is also a well-known television host who became famous after the show Income Property.

To add up, this lovely couple, Sabrina and Scott, also share property together. Their marital house is reported to be worth over seven figures.

Height & Body Measurements

Sabrina is a beautiful brunette with gorgeous brown eyes. She chooses to dye her hair blonde. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm). And reportedly, she weighs around 57 kg. 

Her body measurements are 38-28-43. On the other hand, her husband, Scott, is exactly six feet tall.

Sabrina Loves Dancing: She & Scott Surprised The Guests At Her Wedding 

Sabrina McGillivray was an amazing dancer growing up. Even at just twelve years of age, she trained under greats such as award-winning dance choreographer Anne Sprincis. She has even passed the exams at the prestigious UK-based Royal Academy of Dance.

Sabrina even performed a beautiful dance number at her wedding reception. The guests at her wedding were surprised by the bride and the groom's beautiful performance. Scott has uploaded the video clip to his channel.

Luckily, her husband Scott could keep up. She has even taught dance at the Sprincis’ studio, Dansecore. She specializes in jazz.

Sabrina's Brother Is A Nutritionist

According to some sources online, the only brother of Sabrina, Carmen, is a certified holistic nutritionist. On top of that, he is also a certified personal trainer who also manages a fitness equipment store. 

Moreover, he is a co-owner of a fitness center. Carmen is also married to Vanessa, and the pair have two sons, James and Nathan. Sabrina reportedly adores her nephews.

Social Media

Sabrina is available on Instagram under the username @sabrimcgill, where she has about 2K followers. But, she has kept her account private. However, she does not use Twitter.

Sabrina McGillivray with her husband and kids.
Sabrina McGillivray with her husband and kids. Source: Instagram@scott_mcgillivray

Moreover, her husband, Scott, is available on both Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, he is available under the username @smcgillivray and has over 144k followers. 

And on Instagram, he is available under the username @scott_mcgillivray and has over 292k followers. He shares updates on his wife and two kids and is seen as very loving towards them.

Career Of Sabrina 

Sabrina is an elementary school teacher who teaches the third grade at York Catholic School in Ontario. She also assists her husband in his home renovation business. 

The working mum is also an active part of her two daughters' lives. Overall, she is an active lady who has balanced her personal life without harming her professional life. 

What Is Sabrina McGillivray Doing Now? 

Sabrina leads an active lifestyle. She has made many appearances on her husband's Instagram and TV shows. She is currently working as a teacher in her Ontario school. 

As a full-time mother and teacher, Sabrina is raising her girls with full care and pampering. The married couple also seems to be sponsored by various home improvement brands.


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