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Internet Personality (2001)
Fri May 19 2023
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Sam Dezz became famous as an internet personality. Over the years, Dezz gained a massive following on his Instagram platform. He has caught attention for his pictures and entertaining videos on Instagram. Sam is also a Youtube and Tiktok content creator, aside from his Instagram career. 

Sam mainly puts shorts on his Youtube, including comedy skits, dancing, and other content. After finding his fame, many of his followers remain intrigued by his relationship! So, is Dezz dating a girlfriend in 2023? Find out about the social media star's relationships below!

Is Sam Dezz Single or Taken? Exploring the Truth About Their Relationship Status

Sam Dezz is taken and shares a romantic relationship with his partner Brooke Monk. Sam and his girlfriend, Brooke, began dating over two years ago! The social media star started his relationship with Monk in October 2020

The loving duo Dezz and Monk met through Instagram. Allegedly, Monk slid into the DMs first. In the beginning, Sam and Brook became fast friends in short exchanges. 

Sam Dezz with his romantic partner Brooke Monk.
Sam Dezz with his romantic partner Brooke Monk. (Source: Instagram @sam.dezz)

The friendship soon blossomed into a romantic relationship, eventually dating each other. Dezz and Monk don't hold a secret dating life! Sam and his squeeze showcase love sharing on their social media sites. 

Dezz often features Monk on his Tiktok and Youtube videos which fans admire. Likewise, Sam and his girlfriend, Brook, share a strong bond and have no sign of splitting from each other. 

Who Is Sam's Partner, Brooke Monk? 

Brooke Monk is an Internet sensation like her boyfriend, Sam Dezz! Fans know Monk from her content on Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. She was born on January 31, 2003, and is in her early 20s. 

Monk is a successful Youtuber with over 2 million subscribers on her channel. She has uploaded 348 videos and amassed over 1 billion views, rising steadily. 

Brooke Monk enjoying time with her romantic partner Sam Dezz in Malibu, California.
Brooke Monk and her partner Sam Dezz took a picture in Malibu, California. (Source: Instagram @ brookemonk)

Brooke amassed a fan following of 28.5 million on her Tiktok platform. She is one of TikTok's top creators and has received over 2.2 billion likes for her videos. 

Due to Monk's success in the social media world, she has done different brand deals. The lady has also collaborated with the swimwear brand Black Bough which features varieties of Bikinis. 

Sam Dezz's Net Worth Exposed: Discover The Fortune Behind the Name

Sam Dezz has been able to summon up an estimated net worth of $500k, similar to Violet McGraw right now. Dezz's net worth is a testament to his success as an influencer in the social media world. 

Dezz generates an admirable sum of money through his Youtube career. As per the Social Blade, he makes $12.3k to $197.2k monthly while $147.9k to $2.4 million yearly through Youtube. 

Sam Dezz posing with his luxurious black Toyota Supra in beautiful sunset.
Sam Dezz posing with his luxurious black Toyota Supra in a beautiful sunset. (Source: Instagram @ sam.dezz)

The Intenet personality Dezz adds income to his net worth through different brand deals and sponsorships. Likewise, he has worked with various brands, including MVMT

In addition, the Youtuber Sam is fond of cars and owns the luxurious sports car Toyota Supra. The price of that car starts from $53k, depending on its features. 

Sam Dezz: Age And Parents

Sam Dezz's parents gave birth to the social media star on December 5, 2001. Sam is currently in his early 20s. He belongs to mixed ethnicity and was born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sam Deez spending time with his father.
The picture of Sam Dezz and his father. (Source: Instagram @sam.dezz)

Mr. and Mrs. Dezz live a life away from the spotlight. However, his parents make appearances on his posts often. So, fans know how Dezz 's parents look thanks to his Instagram handle. 

Sam's father has an Instagram handle with the username @dezz.duo. Unfortunately, the celebrity's father keeps his IG private, making it difficult to know about their personal life. 

An Introduction To Dezz's Siblings

Sam Dezz isn't the only child of his parents. Moreover, Sam spent his childhood with two siblings. He has an older sister Hannah Dezz and a younger brother Joe Dezz

According to Hannah's Instagram bio, she is an alum of Auburn University. She is an MSMFT(MS in Mathematical Finance & Financial Technology) student, based in Los Angeles. 

Sam Dezz with his older sister Hannah Dezz and younger brother Joe Dezz.
Sam Dezz with his older sister Hannah Dezz and younger brother Joe Dezz. (Source: Instagram @joe.dezz)

Hannah is close to her brother Sam as she often posts his picture on her social handle. Her Instagram is available with the handle @hannah.dezz having over 20k followers. 

People can connect with Sam's brother, Joe, by following his Instagram. He is available with the handle @joe.dezz where he shares a glimpse into his family and other details. 

Know About The Physical Features Of Sam 

The Tiktoker Sam's attractive feature with his talent is his physical appearance. He weighs 75kg and stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches, similar to Magno Scavo.

Sam is a charming man with dark brown hair perfectly matching his blue eyes. He is a fitness ethicist and has maintained an athletic body that enhances his appearance. 

Discover The Social Platforms Of Sam 

Sam Dezz is a social media influencer. Sam needs an active presence on social sites. He connects with people from all corners of the globe through his Instagram and other platforms. 

The Instagram post was shared by Sam Deez while traveling in Laguna Beach, California.
The Instagram post was shared by Sam Dezz while traveling in Laguna Beach, California. (Source: Instagram @sam.dezz)

Dezz is loved by over 920k followers on his Instagram, found with [email protected]. He posts his fine-looking pictures with some peek into his romantic and family life. 

Besides Youtube and Instagram, Dezz is more loved on the Tiktok platform. He has 4.9 million followers and has received over 234 million likes for his Tiktok content. 

Has Sam Played In Any Movies? 

The social media star Sam Dezz hasn't done any acting in the movies. People ought to love his films on the Internet, but he has played in movies and is only a fuss among the public. 

For the time being, Sam isn't seen entering the entertainment industry and pursuing an acting career. We could say he is currently busy with his social media career.

More Information About Sam

Sam Dezz is an outdoor person loving different physical activities and sports, including football. He has shared some videos where he plays football on his social media platform. 

Dezz was a member of the Hype House, a collective of teenage TikTok personalities. He joined the group in March 2022 and left in June 2022

If you didn't know, Sam started his Youtube channel on April 11, 2017. Over time, he has built a community of 388k subscribers and has uploaded 263 videos. 

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