Samantha Chay Flores

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Celebrity's Kid (2013)
Wed Oct 06 2021
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Samantha Chay Flores was born with a golden spoon in her mouth like many other celebrity kids. She is the daughter of Rosie Rivera. Her mother, Rosie, is an American television personality and businesswoman, former chief executive officer of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. 

Besides this, Jenni Rivera is her aunt. She was an American actor, television producer, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur who died on December 9, 2012, due to a plane crash.

Samantha Chay Flores's Parents (Rosie And Abel) United Life

Samantha Chay Flore's mother, Rosie Rivera, and father, Abel Flores (who is ten years younger than Rosie), have been married couples for a long time. The duo met initially at a church in Long Beach.

Samantha Chay Flores's Parents Lives A Healthy Married Life.
Photo: Samantha Chay Flores's Father And Mother.
Source: La Opinion

Rosie's family was initially against her and her boyfriend's relationship. But the couple didn't give up and convinced her family. And eventually, in 2011, they tied the knot. They held their marriage in the presence f their close ones.

Since then, the husband-wife duo has lived a healthy, united life with their two children, Samantha and Elias. Moreover, the power couple often travels to new places with their kids, like Kyra Zagorsky.

Apart from this, Samantha's mother, Rosie, was previously connected as a sweetheart with the chief in 2003. Later, they separated for their reasons after sharing a daughter, Kassandra Rivera.

Samantha Chay Flores's Net Worth in 2021

Samantha Chay Flores has not been involved in any profession yet because her age is too tender to engage in any profession. As a result, she enjoys her life under her parents' net worth like many other celebrity kids. 

Samantha Chay Flores's Mother Holds a Net Worth of $14 Million.
Image: Samantha Chay Flores's Mother, Rosie Rivera, Is An American Television Personality And Businesswoman.

The child's mother, Rosie Rivera, holds a net worth of $14 million in early 2021. She gathered all her fortune through her career life. She gathered a considerable amount of money as the founder and CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. 

Moreover, she probably gathers money from her paid promotions and other ventures. In addition to it, Rosie earns a considerable amount of money from her books also.

On the other hand, her father has not shared his net worth on the media. She also probably earns a good amount of money from his profession.

Inside The Early Life Of Samantha Chay Flores

Samantha Chay Flores was born in 2013 in the United States of America to her mother, Rosie Rivera, and father, Abel Flores. She celebrates her birthday on July 27. Her father is a popular worship leader, singer, and songwriter by profession. As of now, her age is 13

Samantha Chay Flores's Age Is 13 As Of 2021.
Photo: Samantha Chay Flores Is With Her Mom, Dad, Brother, And Sister.
Source: Super Mamas

Moreover, she has a biological brother, Elias Melek Flores (born in 2015), and half-sister, Kassandra Rivera. Furthermore, Jenni Rivera is her aunt. The names of her grandparents are Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra. So far, Michael Marin and Johnny Lopez are her cousins.

Talking about her education, Samantha has not been opened up about her education. But the celebrity's daughter is probably getting an education from a reputed institution.

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