Samantha Fenty

Some people come to the limelight after years of hard work and determination. On the other hand, many people rise to fame after someone from their family members becomes famous. 

Samantha Fenty is also one of those lucky siblings who came to the attention of media. Fenty is the sister of Robyn Rihanna Fenty Aka Rihana. Samantha is living a happy life on her own.

Is Samantha Fenty Married or Still Single?

We are living in the age of technology. We can get to know about anything we want just by connecting ourselves with the Internet. However, It's becoming difficult to differentiate between correct and false information.

Rihanna siblings
Image: Samantha Fenty along with her siblings and their mother
Source: Son Co Uk

Samantha seems to be living a happy single life on her own. Unlike other celebrity siblings, Samantha does not show much presence in the media. She likes to keep her private life away from the media. 

Samantha's Rumored Love Life

In early 2014, Samantha was spotted partying with Drake. However, For General information, Drake was involved in a romantic relationship with her sister, Rihanna, for more than five years. 

Samantha Fenty relationship
Image: Samantha along with her rumored partner, Drake
Source: Daily Mail

Even after this incident, They were found partying without the presence of Rihanna. Nobody ever uttered a single word concerning his matter. Their meeting soon ended, and so did his sister's relationship with Drake. 

Samantha's Sister, Rihanna's Love Life

Rihanna is not only famous for her successful career but also known for her love life. Rihanna's love life started as early in 2007. Rihanna was dating Chris Brown for more than a year. The duo could be seen in various awards functions and events.

Rihanna with Drake
Image: Rihanna along with her former boyfriend, Drake
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Rihanna and Chris separated in 2009 and started dating Drake.  In a January 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, Rihanna confirmed that she had rekindled her relationship with Chris Brown. Rihanna began a relationship with Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel in 2017. Like that of her former relationships, this also ended in 2020. 

Net Worth And Earnings

Samantha Fenty's net worth is not available to the public. She does not share her economic career with the public. Fenty must be enjoying her sister's successful career earnings. Ryan Trainor is a well-known Celebrity Sibling living a lavish life.

Rihanna Net Worth
Image: Rihanna appearing on the cover of Vogue
Source: Vogue

Samantha's Sister, Rihanna, has a net worth of more than $600 Million. She has since evolved into a style icon and makeup entrepreneur—and soon she’ll be the first black woman in charge of a major luxury fashion house. Most of that comes not from music but her partnership with LVMH, the French luxury goods giant run by billionaire Bernard Arnault

Fenty Beauty racked up a reported $100 million in sales in its first few weeks, propelled by Rihanna’s fame and 71 million Instagram followers. Pop star Rihanna is now America’s richest female musician. 

Early Life and Bio

Samantha Fenty was born in 1981. The exact birth date of Samantha is still under investigation. Fenty is born among the children born to Ronald Fenty and his relationships. Her father works as a warehouse supervisor. 

Samantha has three half-brothers, Rorrey and Rajad, and a sister from her father's relationships. Her childhood was deeply affected by her father's alcoholism and crack cocaine addiction. 

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