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Police officer and reality show star (1984)
Sat Jan 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Sarah Lacina

Husband : Wyatt Wardenburg
Sarah Lacina is in a material relationship with Wyatt Wardenburg.

Sarah Lacina is an American police officer well-known in public as a contestant on the popular reality show Survivor.

She has also crowned the champion of the 34th season of Survivor: Game Changers after receiving the majority of votes in the finale. Scroll down to learn more about Lacina's work and personal life.

Relationship Status

Sarah Lacina is in a married relationship with a fellow police officer and a fitness frick, Wyatt Wardenburg. The couple first met each other in college and started dating each other.

Photo of Sarah Lacina along with her husband, Wyatt Wardenburg in a boat
Photo of Sarah Lacina along with her husband, Wyatt Wardenburg, in a boat. Image Source: Instagram @sarahlacina

Moreover, after having known each other for some time, they got into a married relationship; however, information regarding their marriage date and the wedding ceremony is still behind the curtain.

But don't worry; we will update you if they reveal anything regarding their marriage date and relationship history.

Is A Proud Mother Of A Son

Lacina has a child, Knox. He was born on August 22, 2015.

Photo of Sarah Lacina along with his husband, Wyatt Wardenburg and her newly born child, Knox.
Photo of Sarah Lacina along with his husband, Wyatt Wardenburg and her newly born child, Knox. Image Source: Survivor Wiki Fandom

Although the child is just seven years old, he is also a fitness frick like his parents. He regularly exercises like her parents with a spirit of never giving up.

According to Sarah's Instagram post, Knox regularly exercises for 40 minutes, performing six rounds, 21 sit-ups, 15 hang cleans, nine bar-facing burpees, five wall ball cleans, and 1200meters on the air runner.

Net Worth

Sarah Lacina has earned a good sum of money from her career as a Police officer, MMA fighter, and Television personality. Moreover, she also has her social media platforms as a good source of passive income.

Lacina has a huge net worth of $4 million, similar to Adelaine Morin, including all her salaries and earnings from social media. On average, an American police officer earns around $54 thousand per year, so we can assume her pay is between that. 

Also, a police officer in the USA gets several other benefits.

Has A Tatoo

Lacina is a tattoo lover and has a tattoo on her left arm. She has had this tattoo for a long period.

Sarah Lacina poasing for a photo shoot
Sarah Lacina posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Survivor Wiki Fandom

She has a map design tattoo. Her tattoo includes a compass and some island.

Her Mother Is Her Inspiration in Life

Lancia's mother is her inspiration in life. She describes her mother as an amazing person who is the most unselfish.

Moreover, she also stated her mother was a very hard-working and supportive person. At last, she concludes that she wouldn't be the survivor if it weren't for her.

Lacina Is A Fitness Frick

Survivor: Winner At War contestant Lacina is a fitness frick like her husband. She goes to the gym and exercises regularly with her husband, Wyatt Wardenburg, to keep her body fit and fine.

Her regular exercises include weight lifting, cycling, push-ups and running.

Physical Appearance

Sarah Lacina is a beautiful woman with a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and a weight of around 70 kg(154 lbs). She has black eyes and blue hair, which makes her more beautiful.

Sarah Lacina posing for a photo shoot.
Sarah Lacina posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Survivor Wiki Fandom

However, she has not revealed her body measurement. Don't worry; we will update you if she reveals anything regarding her body measurement. 

Early life

Lancia was born on July 9, 1984. Her parents raised her in Muscatine, Iowa, which is renowned as the "Pearl of the Mississippi."

Furthermore, she had a strong desire to become a police officer at a young age.

Reason For Being On Survivor

What is your reason for being on survivor? This is one of the main questions asked to a survivor who plans on joining the Survivor season. When Lancia was asked the same question, she replied:

I am never satisfied with what I've done. I always add things to my plate. The challenge, experience and opportunity would be gratifying—second reason: Duh, the money.

Family details

Lancia is the daughter of Lorrie Lacina and Ronald Lacina. Her mother served in law enforcement and managed the Muscatine County Joint Communications Center.

However, details regarding her father's profession remain behind the curtain.

Loves Hunting

Lacina's Instagram handle says she loves hunting animals, especially deer. Moreover, she has learned archery for hunting. 

She goes on hunting along with her husband during deer season. On November 18, 2021, she posted on Instagram after successfully hunting a deer. She captioned:

Last night I harvested my first bow buck. After multiple all-day sits this month, I finally connected with this guy at 4:59 pm. I had him at 37 yards and told myself if he walks through the opening, you've got to take your shot. It was dark and hard to see, and he stepped forward; I let the arrow fly and connected.

Photo of Sarah Lacina after hunting a deer.
Photo of Sarah Lacina after hunting a deer. Image Source: Instagram @sarahlacina

Apart from hunting, she also loves to go out fishing.

Education Qualification

Lancia completed her early education at Muscatine High School. She was a multi-sport athlete who played various sports during her time in school.

She attended Wartburg College after completing her elementary schooling, earning a Bachelor of Social Work. Additionally, she graduated from college in just four years.

Won the 34th Season of Survivor

After securing 11th place in Survivor: Cagayan, Lacina again returned to the show in the 34 seasons of survivor as a contestant.

A fun fact is that just like her, Tony Vlachos is also the one who has already won the Survivor.

She was originally placed in the Nuku tribe and allied with Cirie Fields. Initially, she overcame many challenges and played a very safe and smart game, initially reaching the finals.

During the final tribal council, she got the sole survivor title by winning most of the council members' votes.


Lacina was born under the earth sign of Cancer, similar to Anneke von der Lippe. Therefore, people under this star sign have a reputation for being hyper-emotional and spiteful. 

They place a high value on family and close friends and will greatly defend them, no matter the price. Furthermore, they often take things personally or misinterpret people's words or actions.

Social Media

Sarah Lacina has a presence on Instagram. She is followed by more than50.3K followers on her profile. She goes by the username @sarahlacina, and most of her posts are related to her husband, children and gym status.

Moreover, she is also available on Facebook, where she has many followers. She is available with the username @SarahLacina. She keeps in touch with her fans and always finds time to reply to them.


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