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Business woman, Tv personality, Automobile Technician (1977)
Sun Apr 02 2023
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Sarah Bogi Lateiner, aka Sarah Lateiner, is an American public figure, automobile mechanic, TV personality, businesswoman, and vocational teacher. Although her real name is Sarah she is often famous among her fans as ''Bogi.''

Bogi is famous for being a professional automobile maintenance teacher for the ladies in the country. She is also a seven-year experienced BMW automobile technician. She is an ex-student of the Universal Technical Institute.

Know More About Sarah Lateiner 

Bogi Lateiner is a mid-forty aged woman on a technology. She is a passionate automobile technician who has spent two decades in this field. Moreover, Bogi was born in Flushing, New York City, U.S., and later moved to Montclair, New Jersey, and spent her childhood there.

Sarah Lateiner in a black attire
Gorgeous Sarah Lateiner wearing a black attire.
Source: Instagram@bogisgarage

For her high school studies, Sarah left the United States and went to Hungary. After completing high school, Bogi returned to the U.S., joined Oberlin College, and earned a bachelor's degree in Law & Society and Women's Studies.  

Sarah had a sister who was elder than her. Her name was Jenni but she had a tragic accident when Sarah was in high school. Unfortunately, she lost her sister in the mid-90s. 

How Did Sarah Get Her Nickname Bogi? 

If you did not know that then let us inform you Sarah got the Hungarian nickname "Bogi," an abbreviation of her full name, Bloglarka during her time in Hungary. The word Bloglarka holds a beautiful meaning in Hungary

In addition, Blogarka stands for "Jewel" or "buttercup," a prominent name among Hungarians in the inborn child year 2007

Sarah Lateiner Body Measurements

Moving into her physical features, the woman technician stands 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm) and weighs over 63 kg approx. In addition, Bogi has beautiful long black hair along with brown eyes.  

However, she has not revealed her exact body measurements in any media. 

Is Sarah Lateiner Married Woman?

Judging by her age, we can assume that she is a married woman and perhaps a mother of children. However, glaring at a Lateiner's personal life, a garage girl is single and doesn't share kids with guys.

She is very secretive since she hasn't divulged anything about her private life. Moreover, the details of her prior relationship status are missing. Also, sources haven't found evidence as to Sarah's affairs & dating. 

Sarah Lateiner with her co-host Faye Hadley  in the TV show, All Girls Garage
Sarah Lateiner and Faye Hadley in a reality TV show, All Girls Garage
Source: Instagram@bogisgarage

Even her social media pages are private. Seemingly, Sarah prefers to love her profession preferably than a men's. She probably has a boyfriend and is secretly involved in the relationship. However, since they are not sure, we cannot conclude. 

Not only that but there are also no signs of the rumours & speculations about Sarah's relationships in the media. We will keep you updated if any facts about the garage girl vary in our sources. 

Sarah Lateiner Net Worth

Talking about Sarah's fortune, it is apparent that she is fortunate. Her multi-tasking capabilities made her a public figure as well as rich. She receives considerable money as a technician, vocational speaker, Automobile teacher, and business owner.

However, Leteiner receives massive money through her automobile day job. To clarify, Bogi owns the Girl Gang Garage, a leading female automobile enterprise with a mission to encourage and elevate women into the automobile trading industry.

Sarah Lateiner flexing her car.
Sarah Lateiner flexing her car.
(Source: Instagram@bogisgarage)

As an owner of the company, she makes a whopping amount of $98,000 monthly. In 2012, Bogi has seen in the Motor Trend aired educational TV show "All Girls Garage" as a host. Meantime, she has received roughly amount of $83,666 anually.

To sum up, Sarah Leteiner amassed a net worth of $3 million, similar to the assets of  Alabama Luella Barker.  Her other riches, particularly cars, real estate, and investments, also include her worth. 

As an auto admirer, she has collected many vintage cars in a garage, including Volvo cars, Mercedes Benzs, and BMWs. She is pursuing her career and relishing a luxurious life with a million. 

Sarah Once Dreamed of Becoming Attorney

In her college days, Sarah dreamed of being a successful attorney. However, after college, she became interested in the automotive trades and abandoned her aim in a lawyer. Eventually, she decided to make her path into an automotive technician. 

Bogi Lateiner loves to work on a vechiles
Bogi Lateiner fixing a car
(Source: Instagram@bogisgarage)

Initially, Bogi was a mechanic in a BMW-certified automobile company in Arizona & New York. After working there for six years, she established her own business in 2006. Meanwhile, she used to repair the two-car.

Sarah Lateiner Journey For Her "Bogi's Garage"

Working six years in her own founded shop, Sarah sold thousands of car parts and kept a profit of over a million dollars. Consequently, she renovated her office into a two-story structure and hired six women staff for the automotive business. Likewise, she also started to teach auto repair to ladies.

In 2011, American City Business Journals, Inc. (ACBJ) listed Sarah's name on their magazine's Forty Under 40 list. Day to day, she became famous and the demand raised for her automotive. In 2012, she starred in the educational TV show All Girls Garage along with Cristy Lee, Faye Hadley, Jessi Combs, and Rachel de Barros. 

The show was aired on Motor Trend, an American sports channel. The Series is for educational purposes on vehicle repair. In 2017, Lateiner founded Bogi's Garage and handled a significant project of renovating a 1957 Montage Truck.

She successfully repaired the vehicle with inexperienced woman mechanics and presented it at the annual Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

How Did Sarah Lateiner Fall For The Cars?

Well, the lady technician loved automobiles from the age of sixteen. She had a Volk Swagen Bug, a vintage compact beetle car produced in 1997. However, after bad repairs from the repair shops, she eventually took it to her high school automobile shop. 

Sarah Lateiner producing her new car and soon will be launching it
Sarah Lateiner Working For Her Car
Source: Instagram

After researching and studying for a long time in books, she ultimately restored her old car into a new, fully functioning bug. It gave Sarah confidence and showed her passion for it. Later on, she pursued a career in repairing fields. 

Sarah Lateiner Instagram 

Celebrity garage lady Sarah is active on Instagram. Not only on Instagram she is also available on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. She joined Instagram on January 2014

Moreover, she has over 77k followers on her Instagram handle @bogisgarage. She shares her new car repair projects and other stuff related to vehicle maintenance. Likewise, Bogi has another Instagram page for her company, Girl Gang Garage. More than 13k people have followed the company page.

Sarah Lateiner working by wearing Girl Gang Garage T-shirt
Sarah Lateiner working by wearing Girl Gang Garage T-shirt
(Source: Instagram@bogisgarage)

Recently, Sarah shared her company's achievements in a big project. The girl Gang Garage team produced the luxury vehicle "Iron Maven" with parts of Volvo

In the happy moments, technician Lateiner shared her glad feelings with her women's team on her Instagram, saying: 

If she can see it, she can be it.

Words can’t describe the feeling from the unveiling of The Iron Maven. All the ladies who touched this build are amazing individuals and we are so thankful for our sponsors to help make this build possible. This build@changed so many peoples lives and it’s opened the door to even more possibilities for ladies in the trades.

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