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Actress, film producer, director, and writer (1990)
Wed Jan 25 2023
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If you have watched the 2017 movie Actors Anonymous you might be familiar with Sarah Tither-Kaplan. She is an American actress who is well-known for her fantastic acting skills in movies and TV series.

Apart from acting, she is also known as a producer who has altogether produced twelve different short movies. Not only that, she has established herself in the field of directing and screenwriting.

According to Sarah's IMDb profile, her nickname is Teeks.

Got Adopted By Nancy Tither

Loss Angeless actress Sarah was born in 1990 in Harrison, Arkansas the county seat of the USATither-Kaplan's. She moved to the USA after being adopted by Nancy Tither.

Childhood picture of Sarah Tither-Kaplan.
Childhood picture of Sarah Tither-Kaplan. Image Source: Instagram @sarahtitherkaplan

However, details regarding her biological parents are still behind the curtains. 

Net Worth

Sarah Tither-Kaplan has been able to earn a respectable sum of money as a result of the extensive effort she has put into her job as an actor, writer, director, and producer.

She has a total net worth of $800 thousand, just like Kim Serafin. On top of that, her net worth includes her income from her career as an actress, director, producer, assets and royalties.

Took Acting Classes At The Age Of Six 

Talking about Sarah's educational background, she started taking acting classes when she was just six years old and continued doing so all the way to the time she received her diploma.

After completing her high school education, she enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC) to pursue additional education. 

In the year 2013, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Music Industry.

About Sarah's New Family

As mentioned earlier, Sarah is the adopted daughter of Nacy Tither and Alan Kaplan. As we have mentioned earlier, details regarding her biological parents and siblings are yet to be revealed.

Photo of Sarah Tither-Kaplan's father Nacy Tither and mother Alan Kaplan.
Photo of Sarah Tither-Kaplan's father Nacy Tither and mother, Alan Kaplan. Image source: Instagram @sarahtitherkaplan

She was adopted by well-supportive family background who helped her in every expect of her life and let her follow her dream. Furthermore, she also has a sibling brother, Alex with whom she shares a good bonding.

Social Media Presence

Like other celebrities, Sarah is active on social media. She has a profile on Twitter and Instagram, but there isn't an official Sarah account on Facebook. She may be found on Instagram under the handle @sarahtitherkaplan, where she has over 1K followers.

Sarah maintains a Twitter profile with the handle @sarahtk. Additionally, she has a sizable fan base on this website. In November 2008, she signed up for Twitter. 

Moreover, her bio reads Nancy's daughter. Good with words. Great with wolves. •Actor•Filmmaker•Horse Girl.

Sarah Stands At A Good Height

Actors Anonymous actress Sarah Tither-Kaplan has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) which can be considered a good height. On the other hand, her body weight is 64kg. 

 Sarah Tither-Kaplan is photos clicking photos for her IG feed
 Sarah Tither-Kaplan is photos clicking photos for her Instagram feed. Image Source: Instagram @sarahtitherkaplanis 

She has green eyes and reddish-brown hair which have made her more good-looking and beautiful. However, she has not revealed her body measurements on any media for now.

Career Overview

Sarah is a multi-talented personality who is involved in the film industry as an actress, producer, director and screenwriter. 

She started her professional career with the short movie Empathy and Cake in which she was an actor, director, producer and as well as writer. 

After that, Sarah produced twelve shorts movie and directed eight short films and movies. Also, she was the screenwriter for eight movies.

Relationship Status

It is not clear if Sarah Tither-Kaplan is dating someone at the present or not. Also, there are not any official records of her being in a relationship with anyone in the past.

It seems that the Upstart actress Sarah doesn't want to bring out any sort of information regarding her love life on media for the time being. Neither there are any rumors regarding Sarah's relationship that have hit the headline of media.

IMDb Profile

Sarah has got an IMDb page in her name and has earned twenty-two credits as an actress. Further, she has also got twelve credits as a producer and eight credits as a director. 

Sarah Tither-Kaplan posing for a photo shoot.
Sarah Tither-Kaplan posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: IMDb

She has been engaged in this field for more than half a decade. Within a short period of time, she successfully established her name in the Hollywood movie industry. 

Furthermore, her IMDb profile consists of his biography, awards & nominations, filmography, and some photos too.

Movies & TV Series

In 2022, Sarah appeared in twenty-two short movies, films and TV series of different genres. 

In the given table, there are some famous movies, TV series and short movies about Sarah.

S.N.Movies, TV Series & Short FilmsRolesReleased Years
1.Making a Scene with James Franco Bernie Sanders 2015
2.Upstart producer2017
3.Frenemies Liz2021
4.Retrograde Future Haley2014

Pet Lover

Retrograde Future actress Sarah is a very caring and loving person when it comes to animals, mostly dogs. She has many dogs as pets; however, she mostly shares her pic with her pet dog which is a Rottweiler breed.

According to her IMDb profile, we came to know that she is also a professional dog trainer, just like Claudia Karvan. Not only that she has been involved in this field for a long time.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan kissing her dog
Sarah Tither-Kaplan kissing her dog. Image Source: Instagram @sarahtitherkaplan

Furthermore, she is also emotionally connected with her horse. She is often seen with horses and describes herself as a horse rescuer on her Instagram handle.

Made Her Screen Debut In 2013

Me Problems actress Sarah made her on-screen debut in the 2013 film Empathy and Cake, as Samantha, in which she also played Samantha. Following that, she had an appearance on the famous show All Together Now.

Retrograde Future, Making a Scene with James Franco, and Beware of the Leopard are some of the works she has been involved in. Sarah has been actively working in the film industry for more than a decade.

Hobbies and Interest 

As per Sarah's Instagram post, she is obsessed with swimming as she is also seen most of the time on the sea and the beaches. 

Sarah Tither-Kaplan is clicking a photo wearing a bikini
Sarah Tither-Kaplan is clicking a photo wearing a bikini. Image source: Instagram @sarahtitherkaplana 

Furthermore, she loves travelling to different places along with her pet. Basically, we can say that she is a traveler.

Sarah In Retrograde Future

Retrograde Future is an American short movie that was released in the year 2014. The director of the movie is Rene Rodon. In this movie, Sarah played the role of Haley.

The short movie Retrograde Future follows the story of a couple whose relationship is being tested by the stresses of their past history. An ex-girlfriend of Oscar appears in front of them which increases the disturbance in their relationship.

Moreover, the main cast of the movie is Eddy Acosta who played the role of Oscar, and Keith Boos who played the role of Harrison. Similarly, other stars cast are Adam P. Cray, Eric Delgado, Gabriel Dominguez, etc.


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