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Hailing from Canada, Scarlet Nygard is a famous celebrity daughter. Her claim to fame is for being one of the kids of the famous Finnish-Canadian fashion designer & entrepreneur Peter Nygård. Her father, Peter, was one of the influential North American fashion moguls who recently suffered a terrible fall from grace. 

Her father is currently in the headlines due to his detention in jail. He was accused of using his influence and power to target young girls from impoverished backgrounds and sexually assault and distribute them.

How Much Was Peter Nygard's Net Worth? 

Peter Nygard was reportedly worth $900 million at the height of his fame. He was considered one of the most influential figures in North American apparel design. His company Nygård International was pretty successful. He had many real estate properties, one famous being his opulent home in Lyford Cay that burned to the ground in 2009. 

Peter was famous for having "pampering parties" for young models and his friendships with the rich and famous such as Prine Andrew of the UK,  Sean Connery, George Bush Sr., and even Oprah Winfrey.

A Nygård clothes shop
A Nygård shop. (Source:

In 2020, after the accusations and charges of rape, sexual assault and harassment, child sex trafficking, tax evasion, and abusive labor practices, Peter Nygard was jailed. 

After that, his company Nygard International declared bankruptcy in Canada and the USA. Not much is known about his company subsidiaries, but reports suggest the company was liquidated and sold.

Relationships Status: Scarlet Was Once Married

Scarlet Nygard is a private person with no information about her private life or dating history, like Nikane Madeira and Eli James Lo Truglio. It is alleged that she was married once to Isaac Bakker in 2017 and now goes by the name Scarlet Bakker.

Scarlet Bakker with husband
Scarlet Bakker with her ex-husband, Isaac Bakker (Source: Instagram  @the_bakkers)

On the other hand, her sister Bianca Nygård got married to Ryan Murray. She has a child with her husband. She has a clothing line in Nygård International and used to be a fashion executive. She loves to be in the Bahamas with her family.

Her other sister Alia has also tied the knot and is a married mother of three boys with husband Derek Deneault.

Early Life Details 

Scarlet is the daughter of Peter Nygård and Angelica Szczepaniak. Her parents were not married at the time of her birth. In fact, Angelica was a regular socialite and model.

Scarlet is of Finnish and Polish ancestry. She was reportedly born in America but is a Canadian national. She was reportedly born after 1970 and before 2005, and sources allege that she is no longer a minor.

Half Siblings Of Scarlet

Peter Nygård has about ten children. Most of them live a private life from the media, but some of them are Åliå Nygård, Bianca Nygård, Kai Zen Bickle, Mika, Jessar, Trey Nygard, Zanaya Wilson Nygard, and Xar, to name a few.

Alia Nygard with husband Derek Deneault and Father Peter Nygard
Alia Nygard with husband Derek Deneault and Father Peter Nygard. Source:

In addition, all her siblings share the same father, but no one else has Angelica Szczepaniak as their mom. Peter was together with Angelica till 2010.

Grandparents Info

From her father, Scarlet is the granddaughter of Finnish-born immigrants, Eeli and Hilkka Nygård. They were bakers in Finland who migrated to Canada in 1952 to escape the instability of the Cold War.

Their experience in Canada was quite harsh. They initially stayed in Deloraine, Manitoba, and later moved to Winnipeg. Their house was a converted Coal bin. Eeli and Hilkka raised their two kids as well as they could and opened a bakery after years of drudgery.

Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson: Scarlet's Aunt

Scarlet Nygard had an aunt from her father's side, Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson. Born in Finland, Liisa moved to Canada with her parents and obtained a Canadian Education. She was married twice, first to  Russell Nichol and later to Dennis Ralph Johnson after her divorce.

Liisa has two daughters, Angela Dyborn and Allison, and two sons named, Kris and David. She was also a stepmother to Denis's children. Scarlet lost her aunt to breast cancer after years of struggle. Liisa was an entrepreneur with a home sales business called Pirjo Liisa Fashions. She was a fan of gymnastics and fashion.

Career Outset

Scarlet is reportedly a college graduate who started working in her father's company, Nygard International, as an intern with her good friend Paulina Tulikorpi. She was listed as a director in the company in 2019. 

However, such records were changed after Tiina Tulikorpi allegedly replaced 2021 and Scarlet. The company has now been liquidated and sold, so it is unclear what Scarlet is currently pursuing.

How Was The Relationship Between Scarlet's Parents?

Scarlet is the only child born into the relationship between Peter Nygard and Angelica Szczepaniak, a Polish-origin model. Her mother was a casual girlfriend of Peter, and their relationship was ongoing for over a decade. 

Peter Nygard and Angelica Szczepaniak
Scarlet Nygard Parents Peter Nygard & Angelica Szczepaniak (Source: Flikr)

Scarlet lived with her mom when she was young. They lived in a Toronto estate, and Peter was very active in their lives as her mom never filed for support.

Scarlet Nygard Bond With Her Father

In the 2018 celebration of Nygard Company, Scarlet called her father one of the most inspirational figures in her life who taught her the importance of resilience. She named him as her mentor and expressed how lucky she was to be his daughter.

She was one of the people mentioned in the dateline interview about her father but has currently taken time off social media and made no statements.

Breast Cancer In The Family

Both Scarlet's aunt Liisa and Grandmother Hilkka suffered from breast cancer. While both parties had gone into remission, cancer resurfaced and was the cause of death in her aunt. 

Her family took part in charities and contributed heavily to breast cancer awareness. Scarlet may have a higher chance of the disease. 

Physical Appearance

Scarlet has a slim figure and is a lovely strawberry-blonde girl. She is very youthful looking. She is of average height and loves fashion. Similar to Joseph Sikora, Scarlet is of Polish descent.

Scarlet Bakker in White shirt
Scarlet Bakker Source: Instagram  @the_bakkers

Scarlet Nygard Father's Legal Issues

Peter Nygard faces many accusations and has been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, tax evasion, sexual assault on minors, and other crimes. He always had legal issues and was often accused of such conduct, but none of the previous charges stuck. In fact, such charges were as old as 1968. 

Even the famous Finnish violinist Linda Lampenius, now Linda Brava, had made such accusations but was instead countersued for defamation in 1999. Later, Linda was forced to post an apology in one of the biggest Finnish newspapers,  Ilta-Sanomat,  in 2001 after she ran out of funds to fight the lawsuit.

Now, Peter is facing serious jail time and has even lost his company. He is even accused of hiding his money in shell corporations and shelling out big bucks for his high-profile lawyers.

Her Half-brothers Allegations

One of the sad aspects of the recent legal troubles was that two of Scarlet's brothers made allegations against their father. Peter was accused of hiring a known escort, his own girlfriend, to sexually assault his two sons when they were minors.

Court Proceedings

Peter Nygard was represented by Canadian lawyer  Brian Greenspan on his Ontario hearings in 2021 and is currently represented by Jay Prober. Jay himself has come under fire for making disparaging comments to the victims.


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