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Journalist, Author (1957)
Wed Feb 01 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Scott Pelley

Wife : Jane Boone
Scott Pelley married Jane Boone in 1983.

Scott Pelley, a former anchor of CBS Evening News, is a famous Television journalist and author. He is the author of the inspiring book Truth Worth Telling: A Reporter's Search for Meaning in the Stories of Our Times.

Scott is widely known for contributing to the oldest and most watched television news magazine, 60 minutes. Along with this, he has also been a correspondent for other TV series and documentaries like 48 hours, Reporting 9/11 And Why It Still Matters, and Frontline.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Scott Pelley?

Hosting the news report for CBS news for more than three decades, Scott has earned a decent amount of money. As per authoritative sources, his salary was $2 million when he was working for CBS news. 

As of now, the estimated net worth of Scott Pelley is $17 million.

Scott Pelley's  $2.5 million condo in New York
Scott Pelley's  $2.5 million condo in New York (Source:

He owns a condominium on New York City 15th street. The flatiron condo is worth around $2.5 million. At present, he and his family are residing in that condo, enjoying their lavish lifestyle.

Why Did Scott Leave CBS?

After serving more than thirty years on CBS news, Scott was dismissed in 2019. He asserted that he lost his job because of complaining too much about the Hostile Work Environment to the management.

Scott stated on May 26, 2019, to CNN news the reason why he left CBS. He told:

“Having exhausted the possibilities in the news division, I went to the chairman of the CBS Corporation, who listened to me very concerned for an hour, asked me some penetrating questions about what was going on. I didn’t hear back from him, but in the next opportunity in my contract, I was let go from the Evening News".

Relationship: Single or Married?

Scott Pelley is a married man who is married to Jane BooneAfter meeting her in Dallas, a city in North Texas, and having an affair for a long time, they decided to tie their knot on August 19, 1983.

Their wedding ceremony was held at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, and lived there for almost twenty years.

Scott Pelley and his wife Jane Boone
Scott Pelley and his wife Jane Boone (Source: Twitter @ScottPelley )

Their love bond has bound the couple for almost forty years. Likewise, they are hoping to celebrate their golden jubilee soon.

About Scott's Wife: Jane Boone

Jane Boone is a former reporter for Channel 5, a UK-based television network. She completed her graduation in Broadcast Journalism from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 

After that, she started to work for Channel 5 for several years. Currently, she is retired and chilling her life with her family.

Scott Pelley's wife Jane Boone
Scott Pelley's wife Jane Boone (

She was born and raised in the USA. She married Scott when she was twenty-three. Jane has stated that she had never dated anyone before Scott. 

Does The Couple Share Any Children?

The lovey-dovey journalist duo Scott and Jane have two children, Reece Pelley and Blair Pelley. Both the son and daughter are fully grown.

Scott Pelley with his wife Jane Boone and children Reece Pelley and Blair Pelley
Scott Pelley with his wife Jane Boone and children Reece Pelley and Blair Pelley (Source: Instagram @scottpelley1 )

Reece Pelley (born in 1992), their son, is 6 feet 6 inches and graduated from Fordham University School of Law. Scott often calls him a proud father.

Childhood & Early Life 

Scott was born on July 28, 1957, in San Antonio, Texas, USA, and raised in Lubbock. His parents, John Pelley and Wanda Elmer, were from an upper-middle-class family in the USA.

The 60 minutes correspondent like Bill Whitaker, Scott, went to Coronado High School for his graduation. After that, he joined Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication and completed his major in Journalism.

Start To End of Scott Journalist Career 

Scott started his career in the Television industry as a journalist in 1975 at KSEL-TV when he was eighteen. His reporting of Mexicans living in a jungle turned out to be the watershed moment in his career. 

Because the reporting caught the eyes of CBS news, he got the call to be a host on CBS news after that.

                  Scott Pelley interviewing former US president Barrack Obama                       (Source:

In 2004, Scott Pelley joined 60 minutes. After joining 60 minutes, he was at the peak of his career. He interviewed global leaders like George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, Ben Bernanke, Donald Trump, and more. In 2019 he left his job as an anchor on CBS news.

Passion: Photography & Traveling 

Scott has stated that photography is his passion. He frequently uploads photos showing his photography skills on his social media. He loves to have photographs of nature and animals.

Bengal Tiger photographed by Scott Pelley
Bengal Tiger photographed by Scott Pelley (Source: Instagram @scottpelley1)

The passionate photographer also claims that he and his family is fond of travelling and exploring the uncovered corners of the world. 

Scott said he took his son Reece to Antarctica for a tour when he was just eight. Travelling through nature's beauty with a camera is one of his favourite things to do. 

Awards & Nominations

Anchoring and hosting news for over three decades, the veteran journalist Scott has won more than forty awards. To be exact, forty-four wins and ninety-eight nominations.

 Scott Pelley receiving Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism (Source:

Outstanding Writing (2017), Best Story in a Newsmagazine (2018), Outstanding Feature Story in a News Magazine (2014), and Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism (2016) are some of his few awards from his massive collection.

Ernie Pyle: Hero of Scott

Being engaged with War Reporting, Scott has reported several wars, including the invasion of Iraq in 1991, the 9/11 attack of 2001, etc. 

He respects those correspondents who report from war scenes. Scott claimed that Ernie Pyle is his hero and inspiration. He also tweeted about Ernie Pyle after visiting his statue at Indiana University.

I met my hero, war correspondent Ernie Pyle, at Indiana University. I was there to help open the new Arnolt Center for Investigative Reporting. If you’re studying journalism, check out Pyle’s “The Death of Captain Waskow.” It’s all you need to know about combat reporting.

 Scott Pelley with his idol Ernie Pyle statue (Source: Instagram @scottpelley1)

Social Media Presence

Scott is active on social media where he has 3k followers on his Instagram @scottpelley, and over 64k on his Twitter handle @ScottPelley

Moreover, both of his handles are verified. He joined Twitter in May 2011.

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