Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Actress Jane Powell Has Died At 92.

Sat Sep 18 2021
By   Orish Thapa

It has been confirmed that the actress, Jane Powell, who is best known for appearing in MGM musicals such as Royal Wedding and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers during the 1940s and '50s, died from natural causes at the age of 92.

On Thursday, her longtime family friend and spokesperson Susan Granger confirmed that the star passed away of natural causes at her home in Wilton, Connecticut. Powell lived in the Wilton with her late husband Dick Moore, an actor/publicist who passed away in 2015.

Royal Wedding and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, star Jane Powell has died at 92 from natural causes.
Jane Powell, the star of golden-era Hollywood musicals died at the age of 92.
Photo Source: Daily mail

In 1943, Powell nabbed a contract with MGM, starring first in their 1944 musical "Song of the Open Road," She took the name of the character she played - Jane Powell, a child star who runs away.

Powell would star alongside Walter Pidgeon, Jose Iturbi, Xavier Cugat, Jeannette McDonald, Wallace Beery, Carmen Miranda, some of Hollywood's most notable stars and musicians. In 1954, she earned positive reviews for her performance in Stanley Donen's Oscar-nominated "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."

Born in Portland, Oregon, as Suzanne Lorraine Bruce, She began singing on local radio as a small child, and as she grew, her voice developed into a clear, high-pitched soprano. Jane performed virtually in her whole life, starting about age five as a singing prodigy on the radio in Portland, Oregon. On-screen, she quickly graduated from teen roles to the lavish musical productions that were a 20th-century Hollywood staple.

Powell appeared opposite the legendary Fred Astaire as a sibling dance act for the 1951 MGM film Royal Wedding.
Powell with legendary Fred Astaire for the 1951 MGM film Royal Wedding.
Photo Source: DailyMail

In addition to her film career, Jane appeared in numerous stage musicals. She appeared in productions of "The Sound of Music," "Oklahoma!," "My Fair Lady," "Carousel," and "South Pacific." Her Broadway debut was in 1973 in a revival of "Irene" and, in 2004, played a role in "Bounce" that composer Stephen Sondheim wrote specifically for her. 

However, she could not be successful in her married life as she was famous and successful in her career. Powell married five times in which her four marriages turned into a divorce. Her first marriage was with former figure skater Gearhardt "Geary" Anthony Steffen (she had a son named Geary Anthony Steffen III and daughter Suzanne Steffen)

Powell's other three marriages were with Patrick Nerney, from which they had a daughter named Lindsay. Her third husband was James Fitzgerald and David Parlour. Meanwhile, Powell met her fifth husband, Dick Moore, when he interviewed her for his book about child actors. Dickie Moore, he had been a well-known child actor in the 1930s and '40s and gave Shirley Temple her first screen kiss in "Miss Annie Rooney" (1942). Moore, head of a New York public relations office, and Powell married in 1988. He died in 2015.

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