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Thu Feb 23 2023
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Sherre Gilbert came into the limelight because of the tragic incident surrounding her family. She is the sister of Shannan Gilbert, who died mysteriously disappeared on May 1, 2010, and her dead body was recovered on December 13, 2011. The case remains to be solved to this day. She has also lost her mother, Mari Gilbert, who was killed by her sister Sarra Gilbert.

Sherre is still seeking the truth behind what caused her sister's death, Shannan. While most people who have been through tragic events like this prefer maintaining silence, she is active in the media. She ensures people never forget about her sister's death with the hope that justice will be served one day.

The Death Of Shannan Gilbert

Sherre Gilbert's sister, Shannan Gilbert's death became the talk of the town when it happened. She mysteriously disappeared on May 1, 2010, in Gilgo Beach, New York. It wasn't until December 13, 2011, her dead body was recovered in a Marsh at Oak Beach.

The investigation of Shannan death only brought up more disturbing things, as ten more dead bodies were discovered. Nine of those bodies were of women, and one of the men was dressed in female clothes. 

Shannan Gilbert is posing for the picture as her head is slightly tilted, she is wearing a pink top.
Sherre Gilbert's sister, Shannan Gilbert (Source: New York Post)

The death of Shannan was initially concluded as a tragic accident, but many people didn't buy the story and believed there was more to it. Their doubts were further helped by the 911 calls released to the public. 

Also, Shannan used to work as an escort, and the other 10 dead bodies discovered were in the same line of work. The case is still a mystery, as no one knows what happened that night.

Shannan Gilbert Sister Sherre Relationship Status

Shannan Gilbert's sister Sherre Gilbert is a married woman. Her husband remains to be identified, but she shares a son with him. Her husband has provided a bit of comfort for her with everything that has gone on in her life.

Sherre's husband has maintained his distance from the media and isn't vocal about Shannan like his sister's wife. But he is there for his wife in her fight to find the truth behind Shannan's death.

Who Killed Sherre Gilbert Mother Mari Gilbert?

Sherre Gilbert's mother, Mari Gilbert, was killed by her sister, Sarra Gilbert. When Sherre was yet to heal from her sister's death, her mother got killed by her sister Sarra. It must have been a torturous death for Mari as Sarra killed her by stabbing her 227 times. 

Sarra also slammed her mother, Mari, with the fire extinguisher. This horrific event happened the same day Corbin Bleu married Sasha Clements, i.e., on July 23, 2016.

Sarra Gilbert has her hands tied by the handcuffs as police are bringing her to the court.
Sherre Gilbert's sister, Sarra Gilbert, being presented to the court (Source: Times Herald-Record)

Sarra has been suffering from mental health problems for a long time. There are many popular stories as to why she killed Mari. One popular one is that she had no idea what she was doing because of her mental illness problems. Another popular one is that she was resentful toward her mother because of her past treatment.

Another believable story goes back to the time when Sarra previously took the life of someone. It was a puppy, as Daily Freeman reports that Sarra was arrested for drowning a puppy. It was Mari who got her arrested and also took hold of her son at the time. Some people are convinced that she took her mother's life as revenge.

Sherre Was Molested As A Child By Her Mother's Boyfriend

Well, it is true that Shannan Gilbert's sister Sherre Gilbert was molested as a child by her mother's boyfriend. Sherre and her sister Sarra was a victim of molestation as a child. Her mother's then-boyfriend was a man with ill intentions. 

Things like that can be traumatic for any child. At the same time, many people investigating the Gilbert family story are convinced that this traumatic childhood experience was the reason for Sarra's mental health problem. But Sherre had said that her sister started suffering from mental illness only two and a half years before she killed Mari. 

Where Is Mari Gilbert's Daughter Stevie Gilbert?

Unfortunately, Mari's Daughter Stevie Gilbert's whereabouts remain to be known. While Sheree Gilbert has been vocal about finding the real culprits of her sister, Stevie has preferred to stay out of the media, and no one knows where she is and what she is doing now.

Stevie, Sarra, and Sherre Gilbert are standing in the back while Mari is sitting in front of them in the picture.
Stevie Gilbert (left) with Sarra, Sherre, and Mari Gilbert at the press conference. (Source: The Washington Post)

Mari was a mother of four daughters. Shannan was killed, Sarra was in jail, Sherre was fighting for her sister, and Stevie stayed away from all of this. She hasn't revealed the reason behind her decision to this action.

Sarra Had An Abortion At Fourteen 

Sheree's sister Sarra had an abortion when she was fourteen. It's the same age Kurt Johnstad had when he made his debut in 300: Rise of an Empire. The baby's father, who got her pregnant before she even turned legal age, remains to be identified.

Getting an abortion at such a young age can be a traumatic experience. It was for Sarra as her relationship with the family deteriorated even though Sheree only tried to help her. This also had an impact on her education. Two years later, at 16, she quit her studies and dropped out of school. 

Shannan's Death Gave Rise To The Long Island Serial Killer

Shannan Gilbert's death gave rise to the Long Island Serial Killer. When Shannan's dead body was discovered 19 months after she first disappeared, investigating her death led to the discovery of 10 other dead bodies. Most of them were escorts like her, which led to the rise of the long island serial killer, who people believe is the killer behind all of them.

Mari Gilbert looks sad as she is sitting holding the flowers in her hand.
Mari Gilbert at her daughter, Shannan Gilbert's Funeral (Source: The New York Times)

The killer remains to be discovered. However, many people believe that it is not one person. It is so because of the released 911 calls of Shannan the day she disappeared. In the call, Shannan can be heard saying they are trying to kill me. 

The use of the word they are what led to everyone being convinced that the long island killer is not one person. However, it remains to be known if the Long Island serial killer is responsible for Shannan's death.

Mari Put Sherre's Sister Shannan In Foster Care

Mari put Sherre's sister Shannan in Foster Care as a child. Shannan was only seven years old when her mother decided to put her in foster care. The Cinemaholic has also reported that Mari was not always there for her kids.

Mari had bad relations with her kids, but the death of Shannan brought them together. Much isn't known about her relationship with Sherre and Stevie, but Sarra, who killed Mari, also hates her mother.

Netflix's Lost Girls Is Based On Shannan's Story

Netflix's Lost Girls is based on Sherre's sister's Shannan story. The show revolves around Mari, the mother taking matters into her own hands to find the culprit of her daughter Shannan after losing faith in the story. 

Thomasin Mckenzie plays the role of Sherre Gilbert, and people were pleased with how she portrayed the sister's role, who joins hands with her mother to give justice to Shannan. The rest of the cast members were also applauded for giving justice to the characters.

Lost Girls was met with mixed reviews. Many didn't like it for being melodramatic. But it brought up many factually correct things. Some of the main ones are that police taking almost an hour to arrive at the location after Shannon's call, Mari joining hands with the family of other victims whose bodies were discovered, and Sarra taking her mother's life.


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