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TV Personality (1972)
Sun Feb 12 2023
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Shirlene King Pearson is an American TV star who rose to fame from the show Little Women: Atlanta. The woman is the cast member and the show's producer. She is more popular by the name Ms. Juicy Baby. 

The Texan woman was born on January 5, 1972, in Corsicana, Texas. In this article, we will be providing insight into the life of such an inspiring woman.

How Much Is Shirlene Pearson's Net Worth?

Shirlene Pearson is a massive name in television. Her TV career has brought her a lot of fame and success. Her monetary value is just as impressive as her personality, with the actress amassing a wealth of $500 thousand.

She is wearing a glittery silver dress.
Shirlene Pearson at an event (Source: People)

Most of her wealth comes from the highly successful Little Women: Atlanta. She arrived at the show in her second season; the rest is history.

Who Is Shirlene Pearson's Husband? 

The famous TV reality star Pearson thought she had found her true love, but it wasn't meant to be for her. She sadly had no choice but to end her marriage of fifteen years.

Her husband's identity is unclear as there isn't any information available on it. Her current relationship status also remains undisclosed, but many believe she is not seeing anyone.

Body Measurements: Ms. Jucy Is A Dwarf:

One of the first things you will notice about Ms. Juicy when you look at her is easily her height. She is tiny. But what is the reason?

She is wearing green top and denim jeans.
Shirlene Pearson getting her photos clicked at the event (Source: Page Six)

Well, it turns out she has growth hormone deficiency. More specifically, she has pituitary dwarfism. Her condition is why the TV personality is just 4 feet (121 cm) tall. 

Shirlene Pearson Has Suffered A Stroke: Is She Still Alive?

Little Women: Atlanta actress Pearson had her fans worried when the news came out that she had been hospitalized. She suffered from a stroke and had to stay in an ICU. According to Page Six, her stroke also involved a Brain bleed.

Pearson was discharged a while later, and she took to Instagram to thank her fans for all the love, support, and prayers they had shown for her.

The hospital bills were expensive and only seemed to be increasing. So, her sister, Tanya Evans, set up a fundraiser at Gofundme for the treatment of her sister. The target amount to meet was the same as Kailyn Lowry's net worth, i.e., $25 thousand.

The Death Of Her Friend Ms. Minnie

Pearson reached one of the worst phases of her life when her friend and fellow cast member of Little Women: Atlanta, Ashley Ross, aka Ms. Minnie, lost her life.

She lost her life in a car accident. The incident happened on April 26, 2020, when she lost control and collided with another car coming from the opposite direction. She was unconscious on the spot and pronounced dead later.

Ms. Minnie's funeral procession was televised on Little Women: Atlanta. The fans were all tears and sympathetic towards Ms. Minnie's mother, who had to bury her child.

Fans of the show had only seen her and Minnie fighting, so Pearson addressed it, saying they were excellent friends outside of the camera and all the fighting was only for the sake of the show. She said:

As far as me and Minnie goes, I look at it as just like everybody else. It’s a job. So we had to do what we had to do for the sake of a job but not to belittle us or question our integrity. We knew what it was at the end of the day but we also have to bring entertainment to everyone. There’s times that we had to show our true feelings. And no real relationship, whether it’s friendship or not, get along at all times. But we have differences. But other than that, we was very cool, very close.

Holds An IT Degree: 

Did you know that Pearson went to College? Not only did she go, but she graduated too. She attended DeVry University. For someone who made a career in the entertainment field, you are most like assuming she did her degree in arts and theatre (as is the case with most celebrities). 

You will be shockingly pleased to learn that her degree comes in IT. She studied at the department of technology, where she received her bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems.

Sadly, many people perceive people who work on reality television as not being good in education and hence, do these shows to put themselves on the map with the hope that some movie director would give them a call. Pearson deserves all the accolades for breaking this common stereotype. 

Pearson Once Got Wounded In The Fight

Shirlene Pearson fans will probably recall the incident when she had a cut on her forehead while getting involved in a fight. But, Pearson was not involved in a physical altercation. The wound happened when she tried to break the battle between the Little Women: Atlanta cast members.

She is seen grabbing a friend to stop fighting in this blurry image.
Shirlene Pearson trying to break a fight (Source: Daily Mail)

A war broke out between Abira Greene and Amanda and Andrea Salina. In the hope that things wouldn't escalate, people around tried to break the battle, including Pearson. During that time, she got her head smashed by a glass and left a massive cut on her head.

It was unintentional, but she got hurt in the process. The cut was deep, and as per TMZ, she had to be taken to the hospital and had her wound stitched. 

Learn More About Pearson's Life Through Instagram

Ms. Juicy is on the Internet. The fans of the actress can learn more about her life through her Insta page @msjuicyrsms. Usually, celebrities use their social media to escape away from their hectic life and have fun and show the version of life the fans don't necessarily associate them with. 

Although Pearson has fun on her Insta, she mainly motivates people through inspirational quotes and clips. Her Instagram is filled with quotes and famous speeches that would inspire the mass to improve their life.

A Part-Time YouTuber: Shirlene Pearson YouTube Channel Name

Besides her television works and updating her Insta page, Pearson is also a YouTuber. Her YouTube channel is called The Real Ms. Juicy Baby. She joined the platform on November 18, 2019.

Pearson uploads diverse kinds of videos. It includes podcasts, interviews, singing, and even horse riding. She even has her show on her channel, The Juicy Box.

There was a time when she used to upload videos regularly on her channel every week. But she has been inactive on her YouTube channel for a while. It is unknown if she lost all motivation to do YouTube, hence, quit, or if her tight schedule has consumed most of her time. 

The Time She Became A Meme

Pearson has made it to the world of memes. Her one incident was turned into a meme template. The template was once super popular in the meme community and was overused to the point that some people hated it.

The meme template involved her and an internet star Quenlin Blackwell. The meme shows Pearson with a visibly confused reaction while Blackwell is trying to explain something. These are two completely different incidents combined and turned into a meme.

She is on a sofa wearing a blanket.
Shirlene Pearson's face which was turned into a meme (Source: Know Your Meme)

However, the meme that made everyone laugh doesn't have a similar backstory. People discovered its origins when both Blackwell and Pearson were featured in BuzzFeed's popular Youtube show I Accidentally Became A Meme

Blackwell talked about all the hate she has received that got so bad she almost took her life. People were all sympathetic and happy for her as she is currently doing fine with her life.


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