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Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Sidney Tilton

Boyfriend : Jacob Eason
Sidney Tilton and Jacob Eason are in a relationship.

If you are an Instagram addict, you must have probably heard about Sidney Tilton. She is an American internet personality who became famous as an Instagram model and star. But did you know that the social media personality is in a relationship with quarterback Jacob Eason?

Yes, the Instagram star Sidney Tilton is currently in a relationship with the American Football quarterback Jacob Eason. So, if you like sports, you could not have missed it. However, the couple refrains from publicizing their relationship details and has kept them under the covers.

Sidney Tilton And Jacob Eason Relationship Details

As aforementioned, Sidney is in a relationship with the football quarterback Jacob Eason. The couple is believed to have started dating back in 2017. Although the beginning of the relationship is yet to be uncovered, their relationship is confirmed. 

Sidney Tilton with her boyfriend Jacob Eason.
Sidney Tilton with her boyfriend, Jacob Eason. (Source: Instagram@sid_tilt)

The internet personality Sidney and American quarterback Jacob have never officially discussed their relationship. However, they can be seen on each other's social media hanging around and having normal relationship time. More importantly, they have been together for five years and are continuing their relationship. 

Brief Bio On Sidney's Boyfriend 

Sidney's boyfriend, Jacob Eason, is an American football quarterback born on November 17, 1997. Born as Jacob Henry Eason, he was brought up in Lake Stevens, Washington, to his parents, Tony Eason and Christine Eason. His father, Tony, also played college football at the University of Notre Dame.

Jacob attended Lake Steven High School in Lake Steven, Washington. In the 2016 high school class, he was rated as a five-star recruit by Rivals and was also ranked as the best pro-style quarterback and player overall.

Jacob entered the NFL Draft in 2020 after getting into the University of Washington for his senior year.

Sidney Tilton's Net Worth And Her Parents Lavish Lifestyle

Sidney Tilton net worth is $1 million, which she amassed from her her career as a social media influencer, brand model, and ambassador. And, with all this fortune, she has been living a carefree and lavish lifestyle traveling to various places.

Sidney Tilton chilling in her car.
Sidney Tilton chilling in her car. (Source: Instagram@sid_tilt)

However, through her "Vlogmas" vlogs, it is pretty obvious that the girl has crazy rich parents. Last month, her family went on a vacation to the British Virgin Islands on their private jet and private boat. Moreover, they spent a week there. It can be seen that she had an expensive lifestyle that every girl dreams of.

On the other hand, her boyfriend, Jacob Eason, has an estimated net worth of over $5 million. Moreover, he was previously on a contract worth $207,000 for a year with the San Francisco 49ers.

Sidney And Jacob's Height Difference

Everybody who knows Jacob Eason as a player knows he stands at a massive height of 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm). So, you must be wondering how tall is his partner, Sidney.

Though the exact measurements of Sidney are not revealed, she should stand at the height of around 5 feet 7 inches. From the pictures of them together, they have a cute height difference. And they look perfect for each other.

Sidney Tilton and Jacob Eason standing next to each other
Sidney Tilton and Jacob Eason standing next to each other. (Source: Instagram @skinnyqb10)

Despite having a huge difference in height, Sidney hasn't failed to provide her fans with cute couple pictures. Since the pair makes such a cute couple, they are also taken as couple goals by some of their fans. 

Early Life And Family Background

The quarterback Jacob Eason's girlfriend, Sidney, is a Zoomer (the term for people from Gen-Z) and was born on March 30, 1999. As mentioned above, she is an American national from Los Angeles, United States. 

Sidney was born in a Christian household of five. Her parents are Larry Tilton and Kim Reid Tilton. She has two brothers, and she is also the only daughter of her family. Her brothers are Chase Tilton and Jack Tilton.

Education Journey

According to sources, Sidney finished high school at Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs, Georgia. She reportedly enrolled at the University of South Carolina after graduating high school. 

Sidney Tilton cheerleading for her university's team.
Sidney Tilton cheerleading for her university's team. (Source: Instagram @sid_tilt)

Assumingly, she has already graduated from college. She used to be a cheerleading squad member during her college days. Moreover, she also holds a degree in public relations and business administration and management. 

Sidney's Boyfriend Jacob Was Cut From Panther's Practice Squad

Sidney's boyfriend, Jacob Eason, joined Panther's practice unit in late August 2022. Soon after, he was seen serving as the team's backup on the occasion during the season. However, a few months later, he was cut from the Panther's Practice Squad in November.

After Jason was cut, Brett Hundley was again the backup quarterback, with Sam Ehlinger being the NO. 3 QB. The team's coach, Frank Reich, said this about the cut;

“With Brett, we just feel more comfortable with him being the backup. He hadn’t been here (during the offseason). We feel like he (now) knows the system. We’ve gotten to know him a little bit. We kind of knew him coming in but now are comfortable and we feel like that’s the right answer and an experienced guy as the backup.

And not even a few days later, after being cut from Carolina's squad, Jacob was claimed by the Seattle Hawks. 

Social Media Presence

Sidney is a social media influencer who emerged as an Instagram star. She is a fashion, skincare, and lifestyle influencer and has a pretty prominent presence in her field. Sidney is available on Instagram under the username @sid_tilt. Moreover, she has a pretty considerable amount of followers, over 66k followers. 

Sidney Tilton on her social media.
Sidney Tilton on her social media. (Source: Instagram @sid_tilt)

Similarly, Sidney is active on Twitter as @sidneytilton. However, she doesn't have much presence on Twitter compared to her Instagram handle and has only over 1k followers.

Last Month Was Sidney's Vacation Month

Last month, in December of 2022, Sidney was on vacation with her family and Jacob for a whole week as a "Christmas Vacation." Moreover, she was on about for the whole week sailing the British Virgin Islands.

Sidney also did a "Vlogmas" as her daily Christmas Vlog from a week before Christmas. She has also shared her wardrobes, clothing stores, beauty routines, nail routines, and many more on her vlogs. For those for her fitness content, fret not because she has also posted her workouts during the vacation.


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