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Sat Apr 22 2023
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Skyler Bri became famous by the name Ski Bri, a social media sensation. Bri is among the most well-known content creators on the OnlyFans platform. 

In addition to Bri's social media career, she is a model and adult content creator. She has been able to amass a massive following on her Instagram platforms. 

About The Net Worth Of Ski Bri

Ski Bri has made an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has accumulated this amount of money through her social media and modeling career with other works. 

Bri has added money through her work as an OnlyFans model. Also, she may have added money through her collaborations with different YouTubers, including Adin Ross and Simplistic

Ski Bri has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million as of now.
Ski Bri has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2023. (Source: Instagram @ realskybri) 

In addition, the public personality Ski earns money through her Instagram handle doing brand promotions. She has 1.7 million followers on her Instagram with the username@realskybri.

Also, Ski is a Twitch streamer available with the username@the realskybri having over 24k followers. She can earn money through memberships and donations. 

Is Ski Bri Involved In A Romantic Relationship?

Ski Bri famous as an Internet personality doesn't have a romantic relationship with anyone. She is enjoying her single life without engaging in a serious romantic relationship. 

Bri is a public figure but loves to keep her personal details especially low-key. She hasn't commented or shared any details to confirm her relationship with someone. 

While seeking through her Instagram handle, no posts could be found hinting at her relationship. She prefers to keep her romantic life details away from the limelight and public eye. 

There is a video on Youtube where Ski Bri and Noah are married. However, they were officially not married and it was some kind of challenge video posted on his Youtube platform.

Did Ski Have Any Past Relationships?

There were rumors that Ski Bri and Jake Paul dated each other. However, it is not confirmed whether they had a romantic affair going between each other. 

Ski and Paul's relationship rumors began after she shared her Instagram story with Jake. In the story, they were seen kissing each other on the beach. 

However, it wasn't confirmed from both sides they were actually dating each other. They obviously hooked up with each other but it wasn't a committed relationship between the two. 

People also speculated about her relationship with Adin Ross. As Ross used to feature Adin on his Twitch streams but confirmed he is not dating Ski in some podcast. 

Know About The Tattoos Of Ski Bri

Ski is a social media personality known for her tattoos. She has several tattoos on her body, including Twitch Streamer Adin Ross's tattoo on her arm and Jake Paul's tattoo on her neck.

Apart from those two tattoos, Ski has several minimal tattoos on her body. She often shows off her tattoos on her social media posts and content.

Ski Bri has amassed an estimated net worth of $ 1 million.
Ski Bri has several minimal tattoos on her left and right arm. (Source: Instagram @ realskybri) 

In addition, Bri revealed Jake Paul's name tattoo on her neck on the podcast of the Youtube channel TheSync Clips. In that podcast, Ski said she will laser down the tattoo. 

Speaking of Adin Ross's tattoo on her arm, she showcased the tattoo on Adin's youtube channel. Ross's tattoo on her arm sparked a lot of attention as well as controversy toward her. 

The Physical Appearance Of Ski

Ski Bri is not just known for her tattoos and vibrant personality, but also for her good physical appearance. She has an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches, similar to Mimi Ndweni.

Ski has a slim body with an approximate weight of 53 kg. Her blue-colored eyes and long, blonde-colored hair add to her stunning appearance, and she is of white ethnicity.

Ski Bri stands at 5 feet 8 inches.
Ski Bri stands at 5 feet 8 inches. (Source: Instagram @ realskybri) 

With Bri's enticing smile and stunning face, Ski Bri is both beautiful and endearing. Her light skin tone further accentuates her features and adds to her overall charm.

Bri is a talented and beautiful individual with a unique personality and style. Her good physical appearance makes her an influential figure on social media.

Ski Bri: Early Life And Education Details 

Ski Bri was born to her parents on February 21, 1999, as per the research on her social media. Bri keeps the names and professional careers of her parents hidden. 

She was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania but spend most of her childhood in Ocean City, Maryland. She has only shared minimal details about her early life keeping most details private.

For Ski's primary education, she attended a regional private school. She then moved on to a renowned high school for further studies but the institution's name remains undiscovered. 

The Controversy Of Ski And Shy Glizzy

Ski Bri made grave allegations against rapper Shy Glizzy for his inappropriate behavior towards her. She shared in the No Jumper Podcast, the incident happened at the music video shooting for the song White Girl.

According to Bri, Glizzy pressured her into taking an unknown drug. She also alleged that Glizzy exposed himself and asked for oral s*x if she doesn't do it then she will not be paid. 

The controversy summoning Shy Glizzy's inappropriate behavior towards Ski Bri.
The controversy summoning Shy Glizzy's inappropriate behavior towards Ski Bri. (Source: TMZ)

These allegations spread like a fire towards the treatment of models and performers I'm music industry. She was supported for opening up about her incident to the public. 

On the other hand, Shy Glizzy denied the allegations made against him. This incident only remained as a conversation and wasn't dragged toward the courts but Glizzy's had a little stumble after this in his music career.

Bri's Life Before Fame

Ski Bri didn't start off her career directly through social media. She worked for Target Retail Company for almost two years starting on February 3, 2018, and leaving in 2020. 

After leaving Target Retail Company, Bri dedicated full-time to her social media career and modeling. Also, she became to pursue a career in OnlyFans. 

Moving forward, Bri's career grew even more when she was featured in a Youtube video of Simplistic and Adin Ross. Also, she was linked with Jake Paul giving her more rise to prominence. 

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