Sky Copperfield

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Sometimes if a new member is added into a reputed family, It becomes headline news. However, Some like to keep it secret until the right moment comes. Sky Copperfield is the daughter of the famous Illusionist David Copperfield.

Sky Copperfield was born on February 11, 2010. Although she is born in a reputed family, her family did not reveal her birth until News York Times reported it in August of 2011. Sky's father, David Seth Kotkin, is an American Magician, and her mother, Chloe Gosselin, is a French Model.

Relationship Status of Sky Copperfield

Sky Copperfield is currently in her Primary level of education. Her first love is her parents. She is single as of now. Although Sky is not involved in any relationship, her parents share a fantastic love story.

Sky Copperfield with Chloe Gosselin
Image: Sky Copperfield with his partner, Chloe Gosselin
Source: Eonline

Sky's Parents share twenty-eight years of age difference between them. They are currently living in Las Vegas. They have been together for the last decade. Media came to about the presence of Sky after they were spotted in a photo-shoot.

Sky's Parents are in a relationship for a decade

Sky's Biological Parent's are in relationship for over a decade. They met for the first time in 2010. After since they have been in a unbreakable bond. Soon after the two went public with their relationship. They had their first child, Sky, in February of 2010.

In 2014, they had their official engagement. They had a private engagement ceremony. Only a few family members and close friends attended the ceremony. They are yet to disclose about their wedding.

Sky's Father Relationship History

Along with being a famous Magician, David Copperfield is famous for his relationships. He did his engagement with his first wife, Claudia Schiffer, in January 1994. They first met in 1993 at a Berlin Celebrity Gala.

David Copperman with his first wife
Image: David Copperfield with his first wife, Claudia Schiffer
Source: Daily Mail

Claudia is a famous German Supermodel. After being in a relationship for more than six years, In 1999, the pair broke up. After separating from Claudia, He remained single for some time and started dating Chloe.

How rich is Sky Copperfield?

Like other celebrities Children, Lily Collins and Jude Malcolm Yeun, Sky Copperfield inherits most of her parent's net worth. Sky is very much small to be involved in economic activities. She will surely become successful in the upcoming days.

Watch The Personal History of David Copperfield!

Sky's Father David Copperfield has a net worth of $1 Billion. He has accumulated most of his net worth through his successful career of working as Magician. He has won 21 Emmy Awards for his shows around the world. As per sources, He has an average salary of $60 Million to $80 Million annually.

Houses and Art Collections

Sky's Father, David Copperfield, owns eleven islands in the Bahamas. He owns his first Island back in 2006 for $5 Million. AS of now, He has built a ultra-exclusive resort costing him another $40 Million. In addition, He owns $18 Million Villa in Nevada.

David Copperfield house in Los Angeles
Image: $17 million Mansion of David Copperfield in Las Vegas
Source: Forbes

In 2016, He bought a lavish Mansion in Las Vegas for $17.55 Million. He performs more than 500 shows worldwide annually. David owns some of the most expensive magic memorabilia. Some sources claim its worth more than $500 Million.

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