Smokey Nagata

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Car Engineer (1964)
Tue Jan 18 2022
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Smokey Nagata 'Kazuhiko' is a legend among the car community. He is mostly known for founding the most popular automobile tuner and parts manufacturer.

He is also known as the car guy and a legendary racer. He is one of the top vehicle engineers in Japan. 

Childhood of Nagata

The car guy was born in Hokkaido Japan in the year 1964. He grew up there with his parents. His father was already involved in automobiles.

He grew watching his father engaged with automobiles and it might be the reason for his obsession with it. 

Smokey Nagata
Smokey Nagata with his Top secret. Source: sound Cloud 

Personal life of Smokey

The legendary racer is now the world's topmost car engineer in the world. He has invented many drifts that competes with other invention and it has also been used in many events.

He is also known for underground car racing and he is also the CEO of Top-Secret Co, LTD. He is also known as drift king.

The real name of the underground car racer

Smokey Nagata's real name is Kazuhiko. He is from Japan but he kept his name smokey Nagata while he engaged in the field of car engineering.

England incident

Nagata has once arrested in the wetland of England shipping his Toyota supra by producing over 1000 horsepower with the goal of 200mph in A1 expressway.

He was compelled to pay a fine of $216 and was forced to live in the country. He was banned to drive for 28 days in England.

Smokey Nagata
Smokey Nagata in a thinking pose. Source: YouTube

Memorable Builds

The famous car racer and a maker of Toyota Supra's memorable builds include VQ30 Nissan 350Z, VK45 Skyline CV35, and his famous build V12 Toyota supra.

The Net worth of Nagata

The underground car racer Smokey Nagata has a net worth of $5 million net worth. He generates income from his career in car engineering.


The drift king Smokey Nagata is once rumored to be dead. He is not dead and still alive and still obsessed with automobiles, cars, and their drifting in Japan.

He is on his mission to bring revolutionary changes in the cars and their modified version.

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